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Theme #12 – Startup Management

What should I focus on for the next 12 months?

Theme Objectives

In this phase of your Startup Journey you will:

  • Get clear on the growth trajectory that will give your business the best chance of success.

  • Address the main legal and administrative tasks needed for the first 1-2 years of a startup.

  • Learn about useful tools and services that will save you time and money as you build.

  • Understand the key components to early-stage recruitment and building a team culture.

The main reason startups fail is that they run out of money. In the first stages of your entrepreneurial journey you want to stay as small as you can whilst you find the way that works. You are not a mini-version of a big business, you are a startup – and that is a completely different beast. Don’t get distracted by all the noise – make something people want and find sustainable ways of getting them to pay for it.

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