Principle 7: Keep. It. Simple.

Brand & Value Proposition

How do I create a clear, compelling brand?

Why is this principle important?

We live in a noisy world and it is getting noisier. You don’t need everyone to care about your brand but you do need the people you care about to care. Your challenge is to develop a truly remarkable proposition and then clearly and compellingly communicate it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What should you focus on at this stage?
  • Understand the core ingredients of an idea that gets noticed.
  • Learn best practice copywriting techniques for startups.
  • Create the building blocks of your value proposition.
  • Develop and practice your startup’s elevator pitch.
Core Concepts

Understand value proposition best practice

Tune into your customer’s worldview
“We are for these kinds of people who live these kinds of lives” – this is where you need become an expert in empathy. Put yourselves in your customers shoes – how does this sound to them?

Figure out what you stand for
Values: what is your business going to be practising day after day? Quality of product, service, responsible decision making, fairtrade supply chains etc..

Vision: What is the world that you want to build? ‘A world without Malaria’ ‘1 million people doing work they love will change the world’ ‘The tastiest cakes in England’

Mission: What is it your are doing and for whom? ‘To build the most effective anti-malarial yet’ / ‘To help 1m people to find work they love’ / ‘Building a bakery for the most refined taste-buds in the country’

Tribe: Who are the early adopters, the pioneers, the true fans – who are going to bravely jump and become part of your journey early on?

Craft your opening value proposition

Be remarkable
‘Purple cow’ – how will you stand out?
Is it the brand, product, or delivery that makes you different?

Do it in a sentence or a picture
Get it down and tight. The right image can tell a 1000 good stories.
Elevator pitch practise makes perfect. Get others to pitch your idea back to you

Battle imposter syndrome
Fake it till you make it (pre-selling your idea is the best way to test demand)
Be honest about the stage you are at – early adopters and customers buy into authenticity.

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