Lay The Foundations

Set clear expectations and intentions for your entrepreneurial journey.
Pick directions and ideas that are right for you based on your circumstances and resources.

Learn By Building

The best way to figure out what will work and what won’t is to start DOING.
Learn new techniques for speaking to customers, developing business models and building prototypes.

Talk To Customers.

Who are my customers and what do they want?

Access Principle #5

Find Your Supermodel.

How do I develop the right business model?

Access Principle #6

Keep. It. Simple.

How can I clearly communicate my offering?

Access Principle #7

Start Small. Launch Ugly.

How can I cheaply build and launch v1 of my startup?

Access Principle #8

Make It Work

Understand what it takes to turn a project into a viable business.
Get clear on what Years 1 & 2 of a Startup look like (sales, marketing, funding, legals).

Build Your Tribe.

How do people hear about my startup?

Access Principle #9

Race to (1st) Revenue.

How do I find and secure my first customers?

Access Principle #10

Get Traction. Get Action.

What are my investment & finance options?

Access Principle #11

Drive a Lean Machine.

What should I focus on for the next 12 months?

Access Principle #12


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