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The Startup Tribe is a 13 week part-time programme which will give you the tools, mindset, community and accountability to start testing and building your business ideas.


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Tribe Objectives

So many people talk about starting businesses, but so few act on their ambitions. It’s understandable: startups can seem scary, expensive, risky and extremely hard. The Startup Tribe is designed to…

Demystify the startup process for you.

Together with your Tribe, you will be guided through all the key areas you need to know about to build an early-stage business. You’ll progress through a combination of learning and doing.

Help you move from thinking to building.

If you have an idea, through the course of the Tribe you will build and launch your prototype. If you don’t have an idea, you will explore a bunch of ideas, and choose one (solo or in a group) to experiment with.

Empower you to start your own business.

Although it takes more than 12 weeks to build a business, the Startup Tribe will massively accelerate you in this process, equipping you with the tools & community to take forwards as you continue to build.

“The Startup Tribe has been a fantastic experience and I have met some incredible people… I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Escape and these words never ring truer – best money I have ever spent.”

 Alby, Startup Tribe 2015

“Amazing value for money. I have saved myself the investment already in wasted time spent researching tools and products. And this is before even going into how valuable the content was and the effect it had on my confidence.”

 Josh, Startup Tribe 2015

“At the first meet-up; I was still a little skeptical before we started, whether or not spending money on the course was the best use of my money since I was bootlegging & not working another job. All concerns vanished when I felt the energy in the room, heard about people’s accomplishments & aspirations and knew this community alone was more than worth the money.“

 James, Startup Tribe 2015

“As soon as I started I felt that it was so worth the money – I realised our Tribe leader was absolutely brilliant as were the teachers. When you compare how much money you can spend (waste!) when starting up, it’s actually a great investment both for yourself and your business.”

 Abi, Startup Tribe 2015

“Last year I did my GMAT exam and was on the verge of applying to the Executive MBA programme at LBS. I am so glad I didn’t as that would have been a complete waste of money compared to the Startup Tribe!”

 Adela, Startup Tribe 2015

“How would you put a price on it? When I look back at the journey I have been on over the past 3 months, it’s amazing. When I look forward to what I can build from the knowledge and confidence I now have, I can’t even imagine how insane the next 2 years will be.. let alone the next 10.”

 Ed, Startup Tribe 2015

“Yes, it was a great investment. What it has given me is a platform to launch my business. More so, it has given me access to a network via Alumni whom I can lean on and share resources and tools.“

 Deepak, Startup Tribe 2015

What You’ll Learn

The course is split into three sections covering 12 main principles to building a business.

You will be guided through a learning and doing experience covering areas such as: Idea Generation, Customer Development, Sales, Tech, Business Models, Finance & Funding, Prototyping, Marketing and many more.

Part 1: Lay The Foundations

Set clear expectations and intentions for your entrepreneurial journey. Pick directions and ideas that are right for you based on your circumstances and resources.

Part 2: Learn By Building

The best way to figure out what will work is to start doing. Learn new techniques for speaking to customers, developing business models & building prototypes.

Part 3: Make It Work

Understand what it takes to turn a project into a viable business. Get clear on what Years 1 & 2 of building a startup look like (sales, marketing, funding, team, & legals).

Explore Success Stories


Pippa used to work at The Science Museum in London until she founded Pip & Nut, super healthy nut butters.


Jamie has a background in equity exotic brokerage and is now the founder of his own wine brand, Guns and Rosé.


Charlie left a job in PR to start MOJU Drinks, 100% raw and cold pressed juice for the people.


Sanne left corporate law to start FRAEMd, an online art platform providing an intuitive tool for the first time art buyer to find original art (up to Eur 10.000).


Ed left big city law and went freelance to give him time to start sitterstars, an online childcare agency focussed on helping parents find trusted baby sitters with unique talents whilst reducing their childcare costs.


Anthony has moved away from management consulting to set up Stashbee – a community marketplace where people can book secure storage in the homes, lofts and garages of trusted homeowners who live nearby.


Jane left corporate law to start Haleo, a clean food business focused on promoting healthy eating and wellbeing through education and community.


James escaped banking and consulting and is now the founder of Sett Surf, a skincare product to help surfers with irritated surf rash.


Henry escaped accounting and started the first ever Uganda Marathon, becoming one of the biggest fundraising events in Ugandan history.

Your Outcomes

By the end of the Startup Tribe you will:

Have generated, tested, prototyped, and launched your own startup ideas.

Understand the reality of the entrepreneurial path.

Have clarified your startup motivations and set realistic goals.

Have managed your personal risk and made a sensible transition plan.

Have learnt the key entrepreneurial tools, techniques and strategies.

Have developed a robust entrepreneurial mindset and resilient habits.

Have learnt how to overcome resistance and how to prioritise effectively.

Have made progress through brave action at the edge of your comfort zone.

Have met a community of people at similar stages in their startup journeys.

Have developed your entrepreneurial optimism and confidence.

Your entrepreneurial apprenticeship

The Startup Tribe is a learning-by-doing community experience that will teach you how to build a startup. This is your entrepreneurial apprenticeship. It’s not about building a rocketship overnight, it’s about developing a powerful new toolkit, network and mindset to help you identify and execute exciting opportunities over the next few years as you transition into entrepreneurship.


We learn best by doing. Concepts are important but it’s only when we implement new ideas that we truly understand them. The Startup Tribe is a safe environment where you’ll be able to test your ideas and gain valuable feedback quickly.


Communities give us confidence, hold us accountable, teach us about ourselves, and help us cement new ways of doing and seeing things. This is a community experience for committed, passionate people who are excited to learn about entrepreneurship.


It has never been cheaper or easier to start a business. With the right tools and guidance we can all build exciting and impactful businesses. This course will guide you through the latest tools and help you to figure out what your personal toolkit should look like.

People have graduated from the Startup Tribe.


Thought the Startup Tribe was a good investment.


Would recommend the Startup Tribe to a friend.

Your Leadership Team

Our educational excellence is a community effort. When you learn at Escape, you can always rely on an in-house team of experts to provide guidance and support, whenever you need it.

Tribe Leaders

You will have a course leader and an assistant who have deep experience of starting and running successful businesses.

Industry Experts

You will regularly hear from experts in different parts of the course. These are people who have been there and done it.

Experienced Mentors

You will also get to meet previous Tribe members to learn from their experiences.

Previous Speakers Include

We’ve got a lot of friends across the whole spectrum of businesses. You’ll get to meet many of them throughout your course.

Jim Cregan

Jimmy Cregan is Founder of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. Jimmy discovered a taste for iced coffee in Australia and brought it back to the UK as a humble bedsit business. The business has blossomed into a booming brand stocked across the UK and has reported turnover approaching £2m. Watch Jimmy in action #KYCU.

Michael Acton Smith OBE

Michael Acton Smith is Founder of Moshi Monsters,, Firebox, MindCandy. He is one of the UK’s most renowned entrepreneurs.

The Daily Telegraph described him as “a rock star version of Willy Wonka” and The Independent said he was “a polite version of Bob Geldof”

Emma Jones MBE

Emma is a small business expert, author, and founder of business network Enterprise Nation.

Emma is the best-selling author of Spare Room StartUp , Working 5 to 9 , Go Global , The StartUp Kit and Turn Your Talent Into a Business . She hosts the popular one-day business class StartUp Saturday in London.


Ed Smith and Richard Wilkinson

Ed and Richard self-taught themselves chocolate manufacturing & graphic design to build Doisy & Dam. Starting with only £2000 they’re now stocked all over London and are thought to be the next Green & Blacks.

Grazia magazine said: “Delicious dark chocolate with superfood ingredients and the prettiest packaging we’ve seen.”

Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie

Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie is the founder of Mallow and Marsh, the gourmet marshmallow company. She caused a stir by famously turning down two ‘Dragons’ on Dragon’s Den. Her gourmet marshmallow brand graces the shelves of confectionary aisles across the UK.

Oli Barrett MBE

Oli Barratt is Co-founder of (brands and causes), . He was named one of GQ’s Top 100 Most Connected Men in Britain 2015.

“A high-energy firecracker of a businessman who thrives on making connections” GQ Magazine (UK)

Hear from some of our course experts, mentors and speakers below.

Jason Briscoe

Serial entrepreneur, Jason Briscoe, has launched numerous startups, including his own design studio, The Workshop, home-buying platform, Area, mixtape subscription service, Unreel.FM and community workshop, The Give.

In this short film, Jason shares his startup story so far, along with some practical tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Victoria Stoyanova

Victoria Stoyanova is a community architect, who helps both startups and big companies thrive through building strong communities and culture. Victoria also runs the London chapter of CreativeMornings, a monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community taking place in 140+ cities globally.

In this short film we ask Victoria to share her top 5 learnings on escaping the unfulfilling for a more meaningful career.

Ed Fry

Ed Fry began creating websites and marketing online at the age of 15 from his bedroom. Each summer, he interned at Distilled, an online marketing agency, and eventually hustled his way to become the first employee of, (where he is now the general manager).

In this short film we ask Ed to share his thoughts for those who believe they are too inexperienced or unqualified to do more meaningful work.


The Tribe tuition fee is £2,300, early applications are eligible for a discount of £300.

We want to make our programmes accessible to as many people as possible so payment plans are available.

Payments are not requested until after you have been through the application process and offered a place.

Where your tuition money goes


The next Startup Tribe will take place from

28th January – 26th April 2017

The Tribe is designed to fit around full-time employment.

You will be required every Wednesday evening from the start of the programme to the end (6:30pm – 9:30pm)

As well as the following five weekends including Saturdays & Sundays (10am – 6pm)

  • 28th & 29th January – Kickoff weekend
  • 25th & 26th February
  • 18th & 19th March
  • 20th-26th March – Reading week
  • 1st & 2nd April
  • Sun 23rd April – Demo day

Life on the Tribe

Every session on the Tribe is different, but the ingredients are the same: lots of learning, even more doing; equal parts fun and challenge; and a good balance of helping others and being helped. It’s an environment where friendships thrive as quickly as new businesses and career changes do.

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Taster workshops

See if the Tribe is the right fit for you.

These free workshops are opportunities to get a feel for what a Tribe is like, and the great things that can happen when awesome, escape-minded people get together.

These are intimate workshops with Escape experts and places are limited to 40 per workshop. Reserve your place now.

Graduate into The Escape Club

Your journey doesn’t finish after 3 months. It’s only just beginning. After the course you’ll graduate into The Escape Club. A group of 500+ previous Tribers on the same journey as you.

The Escape Club is a private network for all Tribe Alumni at Escape the City. We are full of brave escapees, ambitious career changers, & aspiring entrepreneurs. Building a career on your own terms takes time. This community is here to support you throughout your journey.


Ongoing access to all Tribe materials & other information


Community stories & the ability to showcase your progress


Monthly Tribe gatherings and bigger retreats & festivals


Structured ways of connecting with each other online


Introductions to and connections with Esc employers

Get Answers

We love questions, almost as much as we love providing answers. Here are a few samplings of what we’re typically asked, along with our responses:

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Who is the Tribe for?

Are you tired of thinking about business ideas and ready to start building?

So many people talk about starting businesses, but so few act on their ambitions. It’s understandable: startups can seem scary, expensive, risky and extremely hard. There’s too much advice out there and so much of it is unhelpful.

Even if you think you’re ready to start something — Which books should you read? Who should you talk to? Which methodologies should you apply? It can be overwhelming and confusing.

We have built the Startup Tribe as an intensive introduction to early-stage startups. This is a programme for committed, passionate people who are excited to learn about entrepreneurship by rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty.

The Startup Tribe is for people who…

  • Are at the early stages of exploring their entrepreneurial ambitions.
  • May have an idea or two but haven’t built or launched anything yet.
  • Have a track record of getting things done and generally achieving.
  • Might be frustrated by their career and be feeling keen to explore alternatives.
  • Are determined not to look back on these years and regret not trying.
  • Are prepared to move from thinking mode to doing mode in order to learn.
  • Are attracted by the idea of moving forwards with a group of likeminded people.

Got questions? Our Tribes team are always happy to help




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