Here are some reactions we have received:

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“First time I’ve ever seen that website and in the 3 minutes I’ve just spent reading it, it is one of the best things I have ever seen! BRILLIANT! Absolutely fantastic idea and so obvious.

“Right, time to drop what ever else I was doing for the rest of the day and read the entire website and have a think about it.

“I am signed up! Let the revolution commence…” “THESE GUYS SPEAK THE TRUTH!It’s as if they’ve been listening to me moaning for the past 6 months!”

“Click here to read two great emails we received last week – thought they deserve a post of their own.”

“It’s a fantastic idea. While it’s really reassuring to find a lot of people all in the same boat it’s rather depressing to think of all these poor tortured souls!”

“I heard about you guys through a friend and have been inspired ever since! I think what you are doing is fantastic and I can’t wait to hear more. I would love to come and meet some of you guys on a Wednesday. Can’t make it this week but hope to make it the week after. I will check the site for updates.”

“Thank you so much for such an inspirational site – the first one I have found where I really felt that other people could be sympathetic, rather than condemnatory, about the desire to do something more fruitful with your life than punch grey buttons in someone else’s glorified slot machine.  Thank you!  I look forward to using it lots!”

“I’ve just subscribed to the site (from seeing a friend was a fan on FB)

“Love the concept – all looks great – sounds familiar – after working in the city since uni and feeling more and more frustrated I quit my job to join a start up company – unfortunately it’s not worked out quite as I hoped but a great experience nevertheless!

“I wanted to wish you guys luck”

“As I sit on the train to work I realise that Esc is certain to be a massive success, because people need something which can help them escape the mediocrity of worthless city jobs.  When we were younger we were told we could make a difference and do something worthwhile with our lives.  There are too many people not doing that.”

“I would just like to say that you guys have created an incredible product. Because it is not new to me and that I have seen it grow from an embryo, an idea, a conversation etc, I dont think I have been in a position to admire it as a “bang in your face brand new thing”. But having heard responses from other people, seen responses and reactions of people I have spoken to, introduced it to and generally admired it with people, and seen the current product FOR MYSELF I can seriously say that I am totally all over ESC! I love it!!!”

“i read that Steve Jobs piece you had on the blog. awesome. sent it to a few others too who bloody loved it. I have “Don’t stand still” highlighted in bright yellow…”

“I have been working in London for the past 3 years and have recently ‘escaped the city’ and i have no regrets about my choice – i was working as a PA and then in PR and realised it wasn’t where I wanted to be in 5 years time – so I made the leap in the big recession mania of January this year – I am starting training and working as a teacher in Hampshire in Sept and i couldn’t be happier – i am also starting up my own buisness! So i totally understand about ‘escaping the city’. x”

“I have an overwhelmingly good feeling about this idea. Well done!

So, how can I help? (Obviously I’ve read your email.)

Talk at your event about:

a) leaving the city to start up your own business

b) leaving your own business to start up a charity business?!

Everything EsctheCity stands for appeals to me.”

“I love the concept of this venture. Very original. Maybe you can help me figure out way of leaving Dubai and setting up something by myself. I would be eternally grateful.”

“I was just sent this through, looks very interesting. Very keen for the first talk/Party!!!!”

“I had no clue that you were going on to do your own thing, definitely very motivating. Can’t wait for the launching party.”

“great stuff . supper next week some time? Be good to speak to you more about this – can i help with Arabic/middle eastern stuff?”

“Desperate to escape my corporate position, unfortunately, quite like having a decent salary…If you come across any cool jobs which you also get money from, let me know!!!”

“I thought I’d mention that I have just hung up my boots and am working out my notice period before flying out to live in India to work in microfinance. I just wondered if this could be incorporated into your website somehow. I would be happy to write articles on my venture.”

“you have done an absolutely superb j0b. WELL DONE YOU! Very inspirational and bursting with energy!”

“Great work pal. Loving the website and entire concept. Done my bit and forwarded it on to 100+ people and also to two pals of mine who are currently out in (Congo National Park & Africa) doing wild life conservation projects & the other runs a charity. May be good opportunities etc.”

“I was forwarded on an email from you. You recommended for people to get in touch if they had interesting tales of escaping the city. Although i never spent much time in the city working, i knew escaping it was top of my priorities and i now work for an environmental organisation called the Rainforest Alliance in Guatemala.. well done for setting this up, i think its great!”

“Looks wicked – really impressed.  You have galvanised me already.”

“wow – really impressed by all this!

“And you plugged the Rwanda project – thank you!!”

“Of course, I’d be happy to be profiled. Things a bit busy at the moment, but no doubt could squeeze in a talk in future too.”

“Fantastic idea, many questions but really good concept.”

“Ed told me about Esc a month or so ago – sounds like a great idea and great thing to be doing.”

“Amy just sent me your email about EsctheCity and it sounds really interesting.”

“well done this is exactly what most of us need – a kick up the arse to stop moaning and get on with getting a new and more exciting job!”

“Looks great so far. Really inspiring”

“Great idea and great email.”

“Your website is awesome, I’m hoping to Esc in the new year so will be plugging into the site alot. Good luck with it. I hope to feature on there at some stage as an EscapE succes, we can all dream…

“Plus, I love the Double Decker Bus page – you’re right everyone should have something similar.”

“i have just started at my law firm and already am feeling really, truly depressed; no jokes, this is no way to live and i haven’t even closed off my first week! so i have nothing of any worth to add to your survey since i would technically be escaping on arrival: not particularly admirable…”

“Thanks for the update – and the announcement message looks good too. Onwards and upwards!”

“i just filled out your survey, may i say congrats on such a great idea, and i love the website.”

“sounds like a great idea! Glad you left your city job.  I have a friend who just left his and has gone to South Africa to do a Safari course.  Not sure if thats what you’re after.”

“Fantastic idea!! Maybe you will manage to eliminate the imposter syndrome that currently influences the city!! Although currently Sparky Mark Hughes has the world record for best imposter (pretending to be the manager of a title challenging club) having taken the title off Rafael Benitez last season when he finally realised Liverpool were not a BIG club.”

“This is the coolest.”

“Great website, it looks really good! Congratulations on getting it all set up.”

“Just to say been sent the recent email re Rwanda.  Not for me but love your idea-well done!  I hope it is a success for you and will be sure to visit your site myself. Terrifying how many people feel this way!”

“really very interested in what you’re doing and generally having a good chat about it all. That kigali job sounds fantastic. Thinking of upping and going to italy with no specific career path in mind.”

“Incidentally, I think your idea is fantastic, and you are finally providing an ‘official voice’ for everyone out there who feels the same way that you and I do! I wish you the best of luck in getting this really off the ground.”

“congratulations on being bold and setting up this new company.”

“Definitely keen to come and chat – great concept. I can certainly tell you what not to do..”

“I would LOVE to escape the city. I’m unfortunately not even in a well-paid city job but struggling away in publishing bored to death most of the time! One day soon I’ll get out of here….”

“Love your work… You’ll be hearing from me in the next couple of days.

“May well be a story you’ll want to follow – corporate junkie Esc-ing from another city.”

“Can’t wait until the website goes live, it’s a very exciting time for you.”

“The reason for my waffling is that having read through your email and spent some time on your site I, 1) think that what you are doing is brilliant and will hopefully open the eyes of more people of our generation, and 2) think that I am living the ethos of what you are doing, and would love to lend a hand in any way I can – be it an article on your site, helping with a talk etc.

“And as I say, if there is any way I can help please let me know. I love what you are doing and strongly believe in the message you are preaching.”

“EsctheCity sounds fantastic, I will definitely be subscribing and forwarding it on to all my mates.”

“This looks AMAZING. I’m so impressed.

“Sitting, as I am, in the office at 9.30 at night, your website is making me want to throw my computer out the window and run away to Africa or Australia or anywhere other than the City! And I actually like my job! I can only imagine what people who are frustrated and bored are thinking when they get on to the website.

“I have forwarded your email around…I’m just waiting for an email from my boss asking why I am sending my colleagues an email asking them to escape the city!!”


“The site is awesome and something I have been thinking about doing for some time – but that is the difference between planning and action! Good on you.”

“Came across your site via Al Humphreys – a friend and fellow adventure nut. I just thought I would touch base with a big hi-five for a great concept and also offer my services or ramblings if they might be of interest to you. I rowed across the Indian Ocean this summer and am now looking at what I do with my life from here on.”

Saw your article from glamping website.. interesting and inspiring stuff.”

“When Nick presented me with the opportunity to write a piece for your site, I was enthusiastic. I truly believe you’ve created a great avenue with Esc. and I hope to use it myself. Congratulations on all of your success and I am very excited to see where the site takes you. It is very creative and I hope through the site, you can “Do what you love”…”

“I truly hope this website takes off because I believe it has a great vibe with amazing information. It really focuses on a niche, and for our generation, I believe this niche is growing.”

“Firstly my warm congratulations on a great site and what looks like a burgeoning community. I think a lot people underestimate the guts required to take the step you have and I really do take my hat off to you. I haven’t got there quite yet but I do love reading through your website and seeing that others have.”

  • Rob Symington

    Hi everyone.
    Here are some excerpts from emails we have received during the first 2 weeks of Esc.
    Please let us know what you think…
    All feedback very much welcome.

  • Gareth Simmons

    This idea speaks the mind of virtually everybody I know. Looks very promising!

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