Ever dreamed of working from anywhere?

We’re really excited about our upcoming location independent workshop on September 25th, 2012 at the Hub Westminster. Join the class here. Even if you can’t make it (or if you want to warm up for the class…) check out our resource picks from around the web. 

 Awesome clip – check out The Wireless Generation on Kickstarter here.

“Vagabonds, nomads, and long term travelers are nothing special. We have no super powers or secret Swiss bank accounts. I used to think these types of people were special – unique for what they were doing. They had found the secret to breaking free form the cubicle I was so chained to. I was jealous. I was envious. I was determined to live this romantic life of travel, globetrotting around the world and having amazing adventures that you only read about.”

– Nomadic Matt

The speakers on the 25th will be:

Lea Woodwardhttp://locationindependent.com/

Making it Anywhere: http://www.makingitanywhere.com

Some picks from Lea’s site

A Comprehensive Guide to Staying Connected Globally for Location Independent Digital Nomads

Building a Profitable Location Independent Business: A Checklist

Failing your way to success

Some other helpful resources


The (brutally honest) guide to figuring out if you’re ready to become a lifestyle entrepreneur

The Secret to Long-term Traveling

Losing the wonder of travel

The Life of a Traveler

How to make career-related connections while away

More from Lea’s site

Read more here:

When it comes to establishing your online presence, it’s pretty simple. You need:

  • A website of some sort, and possibly a blog depending upon what your business is.
  • Profiles on the social media tools which are most relevant and useful to your business (i.e. the ones where your paying customers are).
  • A mailing list, which is the foundation of most online businesses who want to sell effectively and efficiently.

As for resources to help you build the above, these are the starting points, I’d recommend:

  • Read all you can about copywriting and writing for the web – Copyblogger.com is a good start.
  • Get up to speed on social networking – SocialMediaExaminer.com & Kiss Metrics’ blog is a good start.
  • To earn a living from a blog, read all you can about blogging – Problogger.net is a good start.
  • For freelancing, start with FreelanceSwitch.com
  • For software development, check out Rob Walling from SoftwareByRob.com
  • For the practical nuts & bolts of how all the tech tools fit together, that’s exactly what we built the Skills Library for

And for the specific resources available to help you upskill, the following list should keep you busy enough:

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