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You may have noticed that we’re living through a revolution in terms of how people are building their careers. Back when we started Escape the City in 2010 our idea was pretty fringe – almost blasphemous. Now, only 5 years later, it has become increasingly obvious.

What is going on? Why are so many people unhappy at work?

More and more people want to build careers that don’t just provide them with security and a clear path but also impact, autonomy, enjoyment, and wellbeing. The problem is that the infrastructure of most jobs and organisations is still stuck in the old way of doing things.

We are pioneering a new way of building a career. I wanted to reach out to you because it’s about this time of year that people tend to start thinking about what they’re planning to do in the new year. We’ve got a few things planned for 2016 which I’d love to tell you about…

OBJECTIVE #1: Escape the City communities finally go global:

250,000 people have signed up to Escape. 50% of these people aren’t in the UK. We are in an incredible position to kickstart a global movement around the idea that life is too short to do work that doesn’t matter to you. If you like what we do, we would love you to be involved.

  • Join your local Escape the City Facebook group – here
  • Volunteer to organise your local Escape Mondays – here

Our aim by the end of 2016 is to have Escape the City communities in +1000 cities and towns around the world. Imagine thousands of like-minded people coming together online & offline to help each other make brave career transitions and/or build meaningful businesses.

Picture going anywhere in the world and accessing an open-hearted local community of people who are helping each other find direction, swapping job opportunities, sharing inspiration, collaborating on meaningful projects, and building a better future together…

OBJECTIVE #2: Our London Tribe programmes prepare to spread:

Every 3 months at The Escape School in London we start working with 2 groups of 50 passionate people. The Escape Tribe is for career changers seeking new direction. The Startup Tribe is for aspiring entrepreneurs keen to begin their startup journeys.

Over 500 people have been through a Tribe at Escape the City in the past year. Everyone who graduates from these programmes is invited to join The Esc Club – our extremely powerful alumni network – for ongoing & long-term support and guidance.

We are currently recruiting for January’s Tribes. Applications close on Monday 23rd November. If you’re in London or planning on being in London from January to April 2016 and are determined that 2016 is going to be a year of brave change – we’d love to speak to you.

  • Find out more about joining a Tribe in London in January – here
  • Express your interest in joining a Tribe in your town/city – here

We’d love you to join our Tribe…

There’s no doubt about it — change is hard. Making a big career transition or launching a new idea into the world can be a lonely journey. We’ve learned it’s a lot less lonely, a lot more doable, and much more exciting with a group of likeminded allies who are on a similar journey.

If you share our belief that the world will be a much better place if more of us figure out how to build careers and businesses on our own terms, we’d love you to get involved in spreading the Esc love around the world – in whatever capacity makes sense for you.

Got a question? Please just drop me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Lots of love,

Rob & Dom

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