Learn to code

Here at Escape the City we often get asked about finding a technical co-founder or learning to code, so we’re proud to bring you links to the following courses. (N.B. We don’t do affiliate programs and are not being paid to endorse the following – we’ve either taken these courses ourselves or just rate them highly because of member feedback.)

Coding scholarship – deadline: August 22nd, 2013

Escape the City and global educational campus General Assembly have partnered up to help you learn coding and take that business idea by the horns.

For a limited time only, enter for a chance to win a scholarship for the upcoming Front-End Web Development Course and translate your idea into a real-world website. This ten-week program will give you hands-on experience in getting your website up and running, and equip you in all languages front-end including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Class starts on August 27th and meets in London on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:00 to 21:00.

The winner’s package: 

  • £500 scholarship for the course (equivalent to a 20% discount)
  • 1 Month VIP pass to all classes and workshops at GA
  • Free access to GA’s on-demand online collection of classes in design, entrepreneurship and technology

Applications are due Thursday, August 22nd, midnight – so don’t dally,  apply here

Experience General Assembly Online

GA Front Row offers high-quality online classes from top practitioners, designed to build fluency in digital marketing, user experience, web development, mobile design, product management, and more. Subscribers get unlimited access to all livestream classes and a growing on-demand video library, updated weekly.

Steer courses – August 2013

Javascript is a programming language used in billions of web pages to make them interactive and functional, and create better user experiences. Learn how to use Javascript and jQuery and create better websites on Steer’s first-ever 2-day course.


Data Visualisation is about presenting data in a way that’s interesting and beautiful, and making information easier for people to understand. Learn how to create interactive visualisations with real-time data and Javascript on Steer’s brand-new 2-day Data Visualisation course

Makers Academy

We run a very intensive, full time course in Web Development. Over the course of 12 weeks, we’ll take you from n00b to trained developer, using all the latest technologies like Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and more…


Coding is hard to learn. Most people learn when they’re kids, spending hours in their bedrooms fiddling around and making mistakes. That kind of time spent learning for its own sake is a luxury none of us have these days.


We have some of the best developers in the world, with years of experience both being developers and hiring developers, and we’ve worked with some amazing partners to boil down the fundamentals of what it takes to become a web developer, and we’ve compressed all that learning into the hardest, most intensive, and most exciting 12 Weeks of your life.


We call it the Makers Academy: learn to code in 12 weeks!