We want to shout about people who are doing interesting, exciting and inspirational things with their lives. We want to show people that you needn’t feel stuck. That there are real people out there achieving great things. And that, if they can do it, so can you.

Esc Hero #1: ‘Don’t ever aspire to be average’

Justin Miles: South Pole Expedition

Esc Hero #2: ‘Definitely weird being back at work’

Tom Henry: Mongol Rally

Esc Hero #3: ‘Get out of your comfort zone’

Roly Bagnall: Microfinance, India

Esc Hero #4: ‘If your instinct is telling you to do it. Do it.

Ben Benton: Clothes company, Entrepreneur

Esc Hero #5: ‘There must be more to it than this?’

Henry Brydon: London to Sydney Cycle

Esc Hero #6: ‘A bit of passion goes a long way’

Hannah Springham: TV Director and Entrepreneur

Esc Hero #7: ‘I’ve always wanted to run my own business’

Richard Burton: Hoodie-selling Kite-Surfer

Esc Hero #8: ‘Seeing what you can achieve with your bare hands

Nick Weston: 6 months in a tree-house

Esc Hero #9: ‘Take the plunge and go for it – me and my burrito bar’

Frank Yeung: Bye Bye Goldman Sachs

Esc Hero #10: ‘I decided I would row solo across the Indian Ocean’

Sarah Outen: First woman to solo row Indian Ocean

Esc Hero #11: ‘Combining communications and development to achieve social change’

Philippa White: Social entrepreneur, Brazil

Esc Hero #12: ‘Running a Fijian island tribe from kitchen tables in East London’

Ben Keene: Social entrepreneur, writer, nomad

Esc Hero #14: ‘Hard is working in a job you don’t enjoy’

Tim Moss: Helping you undertake and overcome your next great adventure

Esc Hero #15: ‘Identifying what I love doing. Then having to confidence to do it’

Rob Cousins: In February 2010 my new family and I are traveling to Nepal to work for a year or so

Esc Hero #16: My new job at Spotify: “I get out of bed with a bounce”

Aggie Jones: How I got out of a job that didn’t excite me to find my exciting new position at Spotify

Esc Hero #17: Jungle Dreams and Staying in the Black

Charles Montier: Keeping his head above water while planning for his next Jungle expedition

Esc Hero #18: From Financial Analyst to Nicaraguan renewable energy NGO

Brett Veerhusen: I’ve gained self-confidence by captaining a boat in Alaska and living in Nicaragua.

Esc Hero #19: How I escaped Fund Management for a Tech Start up

Flo Spelling: I was wondering “Is this really it? Is this what I’m going to do for the rest of my life!”

Esc Hero #21: Why I swapped London for an International Journalism MA in Cornwall

Zoe Graham: It is better get something wrong than block yourself from experiences for the sake of mind-numbing security

Esc Heroes #22: ‘3 Wise Handymen’ Cycle to Gibraltar

Dan Howie: If people say ‘you can’t’ do something, turn it round and ask yourself ‘why can’t I do it’?

Esc Hero #23: Leaving the law to start up greentomato

Tom Pakenham: Business ideas arise in response to a perceived need: starting a green taxi company

Esc Hero #24: The Inca Ride Team – 2000 miles along the Andes

Ed Lines: I spent 6 months riding horses through South America for charity

Esc Hero #25: I can run my businesses from anywhere in the world

Soul Patel: Read about the man behind www.smartmoneymindset.com

Esc Hero #26: Fijian Island living: ‘I was single, no mortgage, and no debts’

Stu Kimberley: I’m Project Manager for Madventurer based in Fiji

Esc Hero #27: Putting medicine on pause for a solo bicycle journey across six continents

Dr Steve Fabes: I’ve dreamt of doing a ‘round the world’ bike ride for maybe 8 years

Esc Hero #28: ‘I am attempting to become the next big thing on TV’

Em Bell: TV Presenter, Esc Heroine, and our very own tame Esc Hero interviewer…

Esc Hero #29: ‘I realized that the upside to resigning was infinite’

Kshitij Gheewala: Leaving Management Consulting to start rural village schools in Uganda

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