Guest blog post guidelines

Thanks so much for agreeing to write something for our blog. This is our main channel for escape news and community highlights.

Please send your final post to Please remember to include a suggested Headline/title and one picture of 250px wide.

It is where we feature escape stories, videos and images. We showcase how different people are using Escape the City – successful escapes and lessons learnt.

We post daily and are always on the lookout for interesting stories to tell or experts with useful perspectives to offer.

Our typical reader

  • A corporate professional in their 20s or 30s (but often older).
  • High achievers in the mainstream who are considering more exciting and unconventional career paths.
  • We want to help them find exciting jobs, start businesses or go on big adventures.
  • Anything that you can share that will help them make that transition is helpful.

Our typical guest contributor

  • An escapee: Maybe you’re not featured as a Hero on the site yet (you should be!) – but you’ve made the Escape and you’ve learned some useful tools that you’d like to share with others.
  • An escapee-to-be: Aspiring Escapee – you’re currently in a day job, but want to communicate how you’re feeling. You could do an interview with someone who’s escaped, talk about the challenges you’re currently facing.
  • An expert: You have an area of expertise that would be useful for our members to learn about.


The best posts are heartfelt, honest, concise, and offer specific tips that help the reader to improve in some way.

Some other blogs from around the web:

Getting started

  • The final piece should be 500-700 words.
  • Divided into at least 3-4 paragraphs, as well as an introductory paragraph.
  • Each paragraph should have a heading.

Some suggested topics:

  • ‘What I learned when making my Escape’
  • ‘Why I haven’t escaped’
  • ‘What I wish I’d known…’
  • ‘An interview with…’
  • ‘Some helpful tips about (an adventure, startup, career change)’

Tips on picking a title

  • Start with a number: 5 lessons I learned… / 3 quotes I live by… / 6 people I met…
  • Pick objects from the story: ‘Mosquito nets, a missed plane, and spilled sunscreen’ – instead of ‘My Trip to Africa’…
  • Use a quote from the body of text: ‘I just wanted to get on the plane.’


  • Constantly ask the question – Why would someone want to read this?
  • Tell real stories – Events that have actually happened to you.
  • Explain the decision-making process – What did you feel/think/worry?
  • Share lessons – Often explicitly in a list at the bottom / halfway through.
  • Educate – Provide really useful information or pose provocative questions.
  • Make it relevant – Even though it is your story, make it about our reader.
  • Conclude strongly – Write it like a fable with a lesson at the end.
  • Keep it short – Break the text up with headers and bullets.

Include media

  • Photos, videos, links and quotes are great.
  • Please make sure pictures are PNG or JPG format, that they’re in color (not black & white), and as clear as possible.
  • Pictures for the body of the blog post must be 500px wide.

Final steps:

  • Please send your final post to and CC in
  • Include how you’d like to be introduced (e.g. ‘[Name] worked at an investment property firm before deciding to leave in order to [X]. Here, they talk about [X].’
  • Attach a cover picture 250px wide, which will introduce the blog post.
  • Attach pictures for the body of the blog post, which are 500px wide.
  • Bonus points if you send it through in HTML format, but we’re not expecting that.
  • Optional: if you’d like to make a YouTube video introducing your post (sample here) we can then put that on our Facebook wall.

Each week, the highest-viewed blog post is featured in our weekly newsletter, which goes out to thousands of people around the world.

We may edit small aspects of your post if there are any improvements. 

Thanks so much for this!

We’ll spread the word about the post via our various channels – Twitter and Facebook – please do the same if you can.

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