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All you need to know about getting involved in the Esc community.

Escape Communities

Why do local Escape Communities exist?

Escape the City has been helping people in London to find work they love for the past six years. What we have found is that the problem of unfulfilling work is not confined to London, it’s a global problem that needs a global solution. Almost half of our members are based outside of the UK, so we are creating Escape communities in order to reach 1,000,000+ people and help them to do work they love no matter where they are in the world.

What does a local Escape Community consist of?

Escape communities are online and offline forums designed to help our members to transition from the old and outdated world of work, to the 21st Century Career. Currently our Escape Communities are made up of three different parts: our local Facebook groups, designed to facilitate online communication and collaboration between members; Escape Mondays which are a combination of inspiration, activity and networking, a Monday morning meet-up connecting people and helping them to take small steps towards action; and our intensive Tribes programmes which guide people towards make brave career changes. As our global activities continue to grow, so will our activity. Keep an eye out, we’re looking to bring a host of new Escape initiatives to people around the world!

Local Escape Community Organisers

What does the local Escape Community Organiser role consist of?

What is the role of the organiser?

Volunteer Organisers are expected to:

  • Organise Escape Mondays in their local area
  • Own pre-event and post-event communications
  • Manage the community in your local area – both online and offline
  • Send out a monthly newsletter to Escape members in your area
  • Liaise with Escape HQ and act as the point of contact in your city

The role is to work with the rest of the organising team to find a venue, manage communications to all of the attendees both before and after each event, run the events on each Escape Monday, and send out a monthly newsletter in your language detailing local opportunities, events and interesting articles to Escape members in your area. Can’t make it to all the events? We get it, things come up. As long as you have at least two organising team members at each event, that’s absolutely fine. Being a Volunteer Organiser should be a rewarding (and fun!) experience. It’s also a commitment. Our job is to help you make sure you’re ready to take on the responsibility of being a Volunteer Organiser in your town or city. If you’re thinking about becoming an organiser, below is a list of responsibilities for you to review.

  • Create an Escape-like experience

Big ideas, honesty, and inspirational storytelling are just a few qualities that make a great Escape event. You’ll be expected to capture the spirit of Escape the City in your event by sparking connections and inspiring ideas that change lives.

  • Excite & inspire your community

Keeping the attendees happy is essential for a successful event, and the little details matter. From the moment your guests receive invitations, to the minute they walk out of the event, they should feel like they’re experiencing something positive and inclusive. Think of your community’s needs every step of the way.

  • Work as a team

A group of organised, impassioned people can make one powerful event – they just need the guidance and support to make it happen. We know that it isn’t always easy to work as a group, but everyone has something positive that they bring to the table. Every person on your team should feel like they’re part of a caring, trusting and accountable community. Be an advocate for them, and their support will follow.

  • Follow rules & guidelines 

We get it: rules can be a pain. But there’s a reason they’re part of Escape activities – to make your job easier. The better you know the rules and guidelines throughout your journey, the less you’ll have to deal with annoying details to correct later on. We promise.

  • Put in the work (and passion)

Organising the Escape community is a commitment, so make sure you have the time and dedication to do the work needed to create great events and content. This is meant to be a fun experience for organisers and participants alike, so make sure you enjoy yourself!

What does the work consist of?

Being a part of the organising team means that you’ll be responsible for the following activities:

  • Organising the event
  • Owning pre-event and post-event communication
  • Running the event each month
  • Managing the community in your local area – both online and offline
  • Sending out a monthly newsletter to Escape members in your area
  • Liaising with Escape HQ and being the point of contact in your city

What doesn’t it consist of?

Being a Volunteer Organiser means being our point of contact on the ground in your town or city, but it doesn’t mean you’re a full blown employee of Escape. Our mission is to reach 1,000,000 people to help them do work that they love, we’re a small team based in London which means we really need your help to get out there and help as many people as we possibly can. These leadership positions in your Escape community are not an opportunity to make personal profit or gain. We encourage you to create opportunities for yourself, build up meaningful connections and work together. This position is not one to be used as an advertising platform for personal products or services. We encourage all of our Escape members to hustle but Escape Mondays are not the time or place to be advertising any coaching services or paid products.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for entrepreneurial go-getters who are interested in building out the Escape community in their local area. You don’t necessarily need to have organised lots of events in the past, but what you should have is a load of enthusiasm, a willingness to put yourself out there, and be happy to work with the rest of the organising team to put on great events. This is a learning experience, and we expect you’ll learn a lot along the way, but at a minimum you should be organised, enthusiastic and proactive.

How long am I expected to organise them? And how often?

We ask that each Volunteer Organiser make a minimum commitment of six months. You will be a part of an organising team and will be expected to work with them to organise an Escape Monday each month for at least six months. After the initial six months if you’d like to continue get in touch with the Escape Team. Escape Mondays take place one Monday each month, if you find this isn’t enough, please contact the Escape Team to discuss the frequency of Escape Mondays and whether we might look at a fortnightly session.

What else will I be able to do?

There may be further opportunities to work with Escape as we continue to expand across the Globe, however putting yourself forward as a Volunteer Organiser does not necessarily mean that you will automatically be in charge of running Tribes or any other Escape products. You will be approached and considered as well as any other contacts we might have in your given area. Tribes are a labour-intensive programme and we will choose the right people to run it according to their skills and experiences.

What can I call myself?

If you’d like to add your title to your email signature, or use it when liaising with potential space providers or media, go for it! You will be able to call yourself a Volunteer Organiser in your city, or as part of the organising crew. You should not call yourself a co-founder of Escape the City in your city or suggest that you are an Escape employee.

What are the benefits of taking on this voluntary role?

What’s in it for me (benefits)?

Volunteer Organisers are our eyes and ears on the ground, helping to build genuine communities around the world. As such, they become a part of the Escape family! Some of the benefits you can expect to receive as a Volunteer Organiser:

  • A network of enthusiastic doers in your area
  • Access to Escape HQ
  • Becoming a part of the Escape family
  • First access to top jobs and employers in your city

The Escape Team will be on hand to support you from planning to execution. We will provide you with all of the materials you need to run a successful event and with your communications and marketing plan, including access to Mailchimp, your local Facebook group, and Eventbrite, so that you will be able to fully manage your local Escape community. Should you find yourself in need of extra help, please reach out to the Escape Team who will be able to help you.

How do I join my local Escape Community Organiser team?

If you’re interested in joining your local organising team, please do fill out this Typeform and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We are a tiny team trying to make big things happen so it may be a little while until we get back to you. Please be patient, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

Facebook Groups

What are the objectives of the Escape communities on Facebook?

These groups exist to bring the Escape the City community together. Building a career on your own terms is hard and takes time. Your barriers will include lots of real-world forces (money, time, opportunity, skills, risk) and – much more dangerous – the negative voices in your head (fear, lack of confidence, worry). Realise that “Escape” doesn’t mean opting out… it means *opting into* challenges that you choose for yourself. It’s about creating your own definition of success and protecting it from those who want you to conform to values that aren’t your own. The Escapee’s Journey never ends. You may transition from one job to another, one city to another, one startup to another… but, if you are committed to building a life on your own terms, you are continuously pushing the edge of your comfort zone, growing as a person, and fighting to avoid becoming part of someone else’s agenda (rather than authentically living your own story). Those who are further along this journey stay connected with the community because they want to help and because they can always learn something. We hope you will do the same.

How can I use the Facebook Group?

Specific uses for this group might include:

  •  Ask for help with your goals or plans.
  • Offer support (skills, advice, introductions).
  •  Share opportunities (exciting local jobs, etc).
  • Post inspiration, events & interesting stuff.
What are the rules of the road for these groups?
  • This is a safe space – we practice positive appreciation. Debate by all means, but treat each other with respect and gentleness.
  • Please interact: welcome new members, reach out to people you have things in common with, build the community.
  • Please only post things that that you feel are relevant to the Escape concept and the objectives outlined above.
  • Self-promoting posts are fine as long as they are relevant and you’re not abusing this as a free advertising channel.
  • Repetitive posts and spam will be removed and, after a warning, the poster banned.
  • All members should remind gently anyone they see not adhering to these guidelines.
What do I do if my town / city isn’t listed?

We’re working hard to get Facebook Groups active in cities across the globe. We currently have 100 active Facebook groups and will be expanding to more very soon, if you can’t find your city’s group on the Communities page please do register your interest here and we’ll try to get one up and running as soon as we can.

Escape Mondays

What is the point of Escape Mondays?

Escape Mondays are Monday meet-ups designed to help kickstart the week in a positive and meaningful way. Too long have we spent our Sunday nights dreading Monday and the often somber week that follows, we’re taking back Mondays and getting excited about them again.  Escape Mondays are a springboard off of which attendees can meet new people, get some much needed inspiration and take the next steps in their Escape planning.

What happens at an Escape Monday?

Escape Mondays are a combination of inspiration, activity and networking. All events take between an hour to two hours, during which you’ll take part in a number of activities hand selected by Escape HQ and hear from an inspirational speaker or two. These activities are designed to connect attendees, help them to support one another and to help each other find the contacts they need to be successful in their escape or business.

How can it help me?

Escape Mondays are designed to:

  1. Demystify the process for you. Your Escape Monday community and you will hash out ideas, talk through problems you might be facing in your escape and hopefully demystify the escape journey for you. You’ll progress your plans through a combination of discussion and action so that you feel you know how to move forward and feel supported along the way.
  2. Help you move from thinking to doing. If you have an idea, you will take small steps towards making it happen. If you don’t have an idea, you will explore a bunch of ideas, and speak to others about how to find work that you enjoy and how to take small steps to make big changes.
  3. Empower you to take the next steps. It takes more than a morning to build a meaningful career but Escape Mondays will accelerate you in this process, equipping you with the community and accountability to take forwards as you transition.
What are the rules of the road for these events?

The rules are pretty simple:

  • This is a safe space – we practice positive appreciation. Debate by all means, but treat each other with respect and gentleness.
  • Please interact: welcome new members, reach out to people you have things in common with, build the community.
  • Self-promoting discussions are fine as long as they are relevant and you’re not abusing this group as a free advertising channel.
  • Repetitive spammers will be banned.
  • All members should remind gently anyone they see not adhering to these guidelines.

Can I sell my products/services at an Escape Monday event?

In short, no. One of our guidelines – and a principle that’s really important to us – is for our community to have a safe space to express their personal position. We feel strongly that this group is not used as a means of individual gain or business. We encourage people to make meaningful connections but the group is also a safe space for our members and this includes no pitching.  We understand that you may be genuinely offering to help but it’s really important that we have clear, unanimous principles. We kindly ask you to please consider your intentions and the appropriateness of your rhetoric before offering personal services in the group. If you are in doubt over what is acceptable please do get in touch and we will happily discuss this with you.

What do I do if my town / city isn’t listed?

We are working really hard to bring Escape Mondays to cities all over the world, if you’re in an area where there isn’t currently an Escape Monday happening be sure to let us know that you’d like one. Once there is enough interest in your town or city and an organising team in place, we’ll run them. Please do be patient, it may take some time. The more people we have in your area asking for an Escape Monday, the better. So do share with your friends, colleagues and family and ask them to vote as well.

International Tribes

What are Tribe programmes all about?

Our Tribes programmes are intensive community programmes which help people to make brave career changes, either transitioning careers or starting up businesses. The Escape Tribe is your chance to access the time and headspace to understand what you really want out of your life and career, to reflect on your strengths, interests and options, and to gain new skills, confidence, allies, inspiration and accountability as you begin actually creating your career change. The Startup Tribe is an intensive introduction to startups and entrepreneurship. No classrooms here. This is about learning by doing. It’s about shifting mindset through community. It’s about unlocking your entrepreneurial potential with a small band of likeminded souls.

How do I request a Tribe in my town or city?

We are working on expanding Tribes beyond London in 2016, please fill in this short form to hear more. Please do be patient, we will respond to you as soon as a Tribe is coming to a city near you but this may take a few months.

How do I express my interest in leading a Tribe?

So you’re interested in running a Tribe? Great! Here is some more information for you to consider:

What is a Tribe Leader?

A Tribe Leader is the main facilitator of our Tribes programmes, they act as a teacher, mentor and organiser for all Tribe activity. This means finding a location where Tribes can take place each week, running sessions for up to 20 participants each week of the duration of the programme and finding suitable external speakers or coaches to supplement their own knowledge. It is a part-time role, but a big responsibility, so you will need to be organised, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial in your approach.  

Who is the ideal candidate?

We run two different versions of Tribes: the Startup Tribe and the Escape Tribe. For both, we are looking for impressive individuals who have lived experience teaching and facilitating others. For the Startup Tribe we are looking for entrepreneurs or individuals with significant experience either running a business or working with early stage start-up and established businesses. For the Escape Tribe we are looking for individuals with credible experience in the careers advice space, you may have worked extensively as a careers advisor or as a careers coach.

When can I expect to hear about the full role description and when will the application process open?

  We are a small team trying to make big things happen, we’re moving as quickly as we can but the process may take a little while. We have plans to launch international Tribes in mid-2016, as soon as we’ve identified the best suited locations for our Tribes programmes to launch in, we’ll be in touch with candidates in those areas. Please do be patient while we pull everything together, we will get back to you as soon as we can but realistically this may be in a few months’ time.

Does this role sound appealing to you?

Please let us know here.

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