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If you’re serious about making a big change in your career, starting a business or going on a big adventure and are ready to build a career on your own terms, then you might be who we’re looking for.

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The NYC Founding Members Program is a 12-week journey designed to accelerate your escape into fulfilling work and build the foundations of a community in New York City. You’ll be a part of a pioneering group of people who are doing things differently. You’ll set intentions, commit to small actions every week, and hold each other accountable. Imagine the power of 100 individuals moving into work that matters to them. We’ve seen the power of this in London and can’t wait to see it in NYC.

Why should I become a Founding Member in NYC?

You’ll play a key role in building a thriving Escape community in NYC.

We’re on a mission to help 1 million people pursue more meaningful work and we’re looking for incredible people (like you!) to kickstart the Escape movement in NYC.

You’ll get a weekly dose of inspiration from Escape heroes.

You’ll get access to private storytelling sessions with entrepreneurs, artists, career changers, adventurers, and other Escapees who are successfully building careers on their own terms.

You’ll be part of a community of likeminded peers.

Making a big change is tough, but it’s completely possible when you’re surrounded by the right people. You’ll join 99 other people who are committed to making bold career changes.

You’ll take small steps and make big leaps forward.

You’ll set intentions, commit to small actions every week, and hold each other accountable. Together you’ll make powerful moves forward in a direction that matters.

Being a Founder Member is for people who…

have a track record of being doers.

know what they want to do but need help with the process.

are honest about their excuses and are ready to move past them.

are prepared to step outside their comfort zones to create new opportunities.

feel stuck but are determined to make a change.

want to help build a thriving community in NYC.

are prepared to work hard to become excellent at something.

are unsure of their direction but are ready for more fulfilling work.

doers in NYC

weeks together

collective mission

Explore Success Stories

From a few of our Founding Members in London.


Henry escaped accounting and started the first ever Uganda Marathon, becoming one of the biggest fundraising events in Ugandan history.


Monica worked in banking and coaching, and went on to become co-founder of Tandem Bank, a bank built for the 21st century which recently crowdfunded over £2m.


Charlie left a job in PR to start MOJU Drinks, 100% raw and cold pressed juice for the people.


Varun escaped investment banking in NYC and began work at Hubble, the online marketplace for office space in the UK, as well as blogging for the Huffington Post.


Pippa used to work at The Science Museum in London until she founded Pip & Nut, super healthy nut butters.


Madoc left working in a charity to start Secret Adventures, a company that takes people on unusual off grid adventures designed to generate a sense of exploration and wonder, in London and beyond.

Life as a Founding Member

Every session on the Founding Member program will be different, but the ingredients are the same: lots of learning, even more doing; equal parts fun and challenge; and a good balance of helping others and being helped. It’s an environment where friendships thrive as quickly as new businesses and career changes do.

Dates + Tuition

The Founding Member program will take place from

2nd August – 25th October 2016

The Founding Member program is designed to fit around full-time employment.

You will be required for two Saturdays – 6th August and the 22nd October.

You will be required every Tuesday evening from the start of the program to the end (7pm – 10pm)

Should your application be accepted, a fee of $495, is payable upfront.

Your Leadership Team

Our educational excellence is a community effort. When you learn at Escape, you can always rely on an in-house team of experts to provide guidance and support, whenever you need it.

Escape Leaders

You will have a program leader & an assistant who have credible track records in successful career changes, coaching & group facilitation.

Qualified Experts

You will periodically hear from a variety of teachers, entrepreneurs and guest speakers with useful advice and deep specialty experience.

Experienced Escapees

You will get to meet escapees who will share their knowledge and help you to learn from their experiences.

“Being a founding member gave me the confidence to pursue a more fulfilling career and life.  The two biggest things that I gained from the experience were the mindset and resilience to embrace the unknown and the support of a fantastic community.  Without those two things, I would probably still be stuck in my old career, not knowing how to make a change.”

 Cecily, Founding Member, London

“It was so refreshing to learn that there were others – many others – in the same situation as me, people who were smart and creative and saw the world as I did; people who just knew there was something better out there, and just needed the support around them to start identifying what that something was for them.”

 Nativ, Founding Member, London

“It was a great experience with lots of experiments and explorations. The Esc team was very supportive in providing the opportunity for everyone to get involved, contribute and implement new ideas. Being part of the community was also great as you realised you were not the only one and everyone was so supportive and willing to help each other.“

 Jessie, Founding Member, London

“​Wonderful, as expected met amazing people; it was a very supportive community, friendly and free of judgement; we were all there because we were looking to live our dreams, were ready to put the hours and do the work, and humble enough to ask for help and support where needed​. ”

 Moni, Founding Member, London

“Like the greatest party on earth. No egos, amazing warmth, conviction and compassion towards and for others. Listening to the open mics made me realize what an ‘a**’ I was thinking how my life was in turmoil. The stories of those much younger than me, moved me and pretty much help me grow up. I made great friends, great connections and so many helped me as I set out to help my daughter with her digital business. Lawyers, UX experts, partnerships, developers, powerpoint experts, cooks, they all played a part in helping me help my daughter.

It was a chance of lifetime to being create something and watch it grow and nuture. Watch out NYC this will become infectious.”

Sunil, Founding Member, London

Launching August 2016…

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