Weekly Summary

As we progress we’ll be updating this page with all Escape Tribe resources, slides, and challenges from week to week.

Week 1 - Introductions, Tribe Bonding & Escape to the Woods

Welcome to The Escape Tribe. We’re so excited to have you with us – finally!

Hopefully you’ve all started to connect on the Facebook group and began reading your Escape guidebooks.

  • To see the main points from Rob Symington’s talk, click here.
  • To see our agreed rules of the road, click here.
  • To complete week 1’s reflection survey, click here.

And check out the following blog posts on the Escape to the Woods Festival:

Week 2 - Getting Unstuck w/ Rob Archer

Rob Archer & Getting Unstuck:

It was great to introduce you to Rob Archer this week. Thankfully, he’ll be joining us quite a lot over the coming weeks.

The Edge Challenge:

This week we introduced to you the Edge Challenge.

The Edge Challenge is the first in a series of challenges we’ll give ourselves to start moving in new directions and experimenting with different mindsets.

The crux of it is to identify things that are at the edge of your comfort zone – and beyond it – and start doing them. They do not have to be directly related to your career transition, but something that challenges fear’s power over you and allows you to feel the fear and do it anyways.

What does it consist of? For the next 3 weeks you do something the makes you uncomfortable, something that is at your ‘edge’. Some examples might include taking an acting class if the last thing you want to do is get on stage in front of people, go rock climbing if you’re afraid of heights, wear something splashy if you don’t want to stand out, or let a friend take over holiday planning if you have a hard time letting go of control.

When we come together on our first Tribe weekend on the 26th & 27th of September, you’ll share the things you’ve been working, how it has felt and what you’ve learned.


To complete week 2’s reflection survey, click here.

Week 3 - Barriers to Change w/ Joseph Lui

In his talk, Joseph Lui…

  • Challenged four career-change myths: 
    Myth #1 Career change isn’t natural – it is quite disruptive. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.
    Myth #2 Career change needn’t be drastic: “You may just be one millimetre off” Tony Robbins
    Myth #3 There is no immediate moment of triumph, and most other people aren’t going to “get it”
    Myth #4 You don’t have to have a plan before you move on: take the first step in a direction that you broadly feel is okay.
  • Addressed six common barriers to change: Time (lack of time to work on this stuff), incentives (carrots dangling in future), status (status matters and it keeps us in place), risk (not knowing what to do instead, “at least I know how bad this is”), investment (“I’m already this far in”), and money (in most scenarios there is going to be a dip).
  • Explored our definition of wealth: Some examples you said were, experiences, space and time impacting people positively, financial freedom, time with loved ones, and health.

Here are the resources:


To complete week 3’s reflection survey, click here.

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