Welcome to The Escape Tribe

September – December 2015



1. Complete the Escape Tribe entry survey.

Please help us track your progress by completing this short survey (it should take you around 5 minutes to complete).

>>> Survey here.


2. Join our private Facebook group.

We have created a private Facebook group for the Escape Tribe. This is currently a Closed Group and it will switch to a Secret Group once everyone is in it. Have a read here if you would like to know the difference between Closed & Secret groups on Facebook.

This is the most convenient place for informal interactions, community shout-outs, asking for help, sharing resources, and updating the Tribe on your progress. Some of us at Escape have even re-joined Facebook to take part in this group, we’re hoping any non-Facebookers amongst you can do the same!

>>> Join our Facebook group here.


3. Post your photo and introduce yourself.

Putting faces to names and names to stories is really important. The sooner we can get to know each other, the sooner we can start helping each other towards our goals.

Once you have requested to join and have been accepted into the Facebook group, please post a photo of yourself directly into our Photo Directory. (The directory is only visible once you’ve been accepted into the Facebook group).

Please don’t post your photo on the group’s wall, upload it directly into the album.

In the photo description field (before clicking upload) please include a short introduction about you, your past, your current, and your future plans. You can review Sophie’s if you’d like to see an example.

What you share in your introduction is up to you but here are some suggestions for starting points…

– What are you currently doing with your life?
– What is the potted story of your career & life so far?
– What directions do you want to head in?
– What is your vision for yourself in 1, 2 and 5 years time?
– What are your superpowers? How can you help the other tribe members?

>>> Post your photo & intro here to the Photo Directory
>>> (See Sophie’s as an example)



4. Put these dates in your diary.

Tuesdays: Tuesdays from Sept 1 to Dec 8 (6.30pm-9.30pm)

Weekend #1 (Escape to the Woods): Friday Sept 4 to Sunday Sept 6.

Weekend #2: Saturday Sept 26 – Sunday Sept 27 (10am-6pm)

Weekend #3: Saturday Oct 24 – Sunday Oct 25 (10am-6pm)

Weekend #4: Saturday Nov 21 – Sunday Nov 22 (10am-6pm)

Closing Ceremony: Saturday Dec 12 (10am-6pm)

LOCATION: Unless noted otherwise, the location for most Tribe sessions is The Escape School, 1 Frederick’s Place, London EC2R 8AE (Bank is the nearest tube station, Exit 1).

GETTING INSIDE: We’ll buzz you in the first door and the code for the next door is 1234 (though please keep this to yourselves)


5. Start thinking about some rules of the game for how we’ll run The Escape Tribe

When we come together on Tuesday we’ll decide on some norms for what we all need to make this a space where we can learn, take risks and try new things. You don’t have to write anything down, but start having a think about how you’d like this group to be run.

Examples include,

‘Take responsibility for our own actions and our own outcomes.’

‘Be gentle with each other.’

‘Protect the rest of the group’s confidentiality in all ways.’


6. Do something different this week.

Shake yourself up a little bit before starting The Escape Tribe and do something out of the ordinary this week. It can be as small as taking a different route to work or as big as waking up an hour early to swim at Hampstead Heath, but do something to mix up your routine.

Pay attention to what feelings and thoughts you have while you’re doing it and afterwards. We’ll give you a chance to reflect on how this rocked your world in small or big ways after the first evening.

>>> If you need inspiration for what to do with yourself, check out some suggestions here

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