The Startup & Career Change Accelerators

10-week long part-time courses to take your career in a new direction alongside likeminded escapees & coaches.


Join the 1,000+ alumni starting businesses and changing careers.

Have you always done what you ‘should’ do? Fallen into something that isn’t really you? Feel like a small cog in a big machine?

Escape the City was created to solve this problem. The problem of interesting, ambitious and intelligent people being stuck in careers that lack the meaning and excitement they need.

And because sitting alone with a laptop trying to figure out what to do with your life can feel hopeless, we created 10-week long Accelerator programmes and built a community of 1,000+ awesome people doing something different to make the process a lot more fun and a lot less daunting.

If you want to make an exciting career change or you want to build a business of your own – you may be who we’re looking for…

The Startup Accelerator

A 10-week part-time course (designed to fit around a full-time job) in which you’ll combine content, action, and community to get your business off the ground.

This is your entrepreneurial apprenticeship.

Next intake: 22nd September – 28th November 2018

The Career Change Accelerator

A 10-week, part-time course (designed to fit around a full- time job) in which you’ll not only learn the smart way to change your career – you’ll actually do it.

Join us and our 1,000+ alum doing something different.

Next intake: 29th September – 4th December 2018

Which Accelerator Programme is right for you?

Events & Workshops

We regularly run events and workshops to on all aspects of career change. We invite some of the most inspirational speakers to share their stories.

How To Design A Career You Love

An intensive 2.5-hour workshop to learn how to take control of your career & find ways of doing work that you will love. You will leave inspired to make a career change happen, with the beginnings of a plan, a commitment to action and a long list of new ideas.

Thurs 24th May, 21st June, 26th July, 7-10pm,
Work.Life Bermondsey, London

How to Start a Business on the Side

A 2.5-hour workshop introducing the tools and tricks to launch your idea without quitting your job. You will leave inspired to start making serious steps with your business, the beginnings of a plan, a toolkit to help, and connections with entrepreneurially minded escapees.

Tues 19th June, 10th July, 6:30-9:30pm
Work.Life Clerkenwell, London

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