Escape Accelerator

A 6-week evening career-change programme in London.



Limited to 30 participants. Early bird* applications close: Tuesday 28th February.


*Early bird applications receive a £100 discount.



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Do you love your job?

Making a change at work can feel scary – especially if you don’t know exactly what you want to do next. Even if you do manage to make a change, how can you be certain your new role will be any more fulfilling?

You’re not crazy and you’re not alone.

What is the Escape Accelerator?

The confidence and tools to make a change in your career.

What do you get?

  • 6 evening sessions
  • 1 kickoff Saturday
  • 1 demo day finale
  • 1-2-1 mentorship
  • Weekly challenges
  • A transition toolkit
  • Cohort of fellow escapees
  • Private community online
  • Access to Escape events
  • Invitation to Escape Club

What will you learn?

  • Career change pitfalls to avoid
  • What makes you tick
  • Your innate strengths & interests
  • The ingredients of fulfilling work
  • How to think entrepreneurially
  • How to find new opportunities
  • How to transition intelligently
  • How to build your Escape fund
  • How to quickly test new careers

“I gained a lot of clarity and purpose through Escape.

It was an experiment in waking myself up – working with different people than I would usually connect with, challenging my thinking.”

July 2016

“A huge new perspective to change my life and career path. Met amazing individuals.”

April 2016

“I love the way it covered so many things: forced us to open up and work together and give back to each other.”

Kuli, Nov 2016

“Normality, and a chance to learn myself, and more than a little bit of Hope. Also a good kick in the butt.”

Meredith, April 2016

Success Stories

Here’s a selection of Escapees who’ve come through our various programmes led by our Escape experts.

Julie escaped over 12 years as a senior media executive, into a role that gives her space to explore entrepreneurship on the side. Read Julie’s full story here…

“Before I escaped, I was a senior media executive navigating politics, pressures, overtime and restructures for over 12 years. I felt undervalued, unfulfilled, not living my full potential, depleted, and stifled.”

Matt transitioned from a full-time consulting job to found his own coaching company.

“Taking action was pivotal for my mindset shift. I shifted from often thinking; “Oh god, what if I fail?” to now thinking, “let’s treat this as one glorious experiment, where I will fail, learn and be okay.”

Lamia escaped 5 years as a management consultant to take a sabbatical to explore a vast array of curiosities, including cartooning. Read Lamia’s full story here…

“I felt as though I was drifting in my job, with no real control. I was a management consultant for one of the Big Four. I joined the firm as part of a graduate scheme, but 5 years on, I was still there.”

Adrian escaped over 4 years as a tech consultant to a non-for-profit organisation called One Acre Fund, in Malawi. Read Adrian’s full story here…

“Before I escaped I was existing more than living. I felt like I had failed; like I’d blown my shot at a dream life, and was stuck in a bum job that while outwardly looked successful and impressive drove me insane.”

Laina escaped teaching for her own photography project. You can check out her website here and read her full Escape story here…

“I knew I had so much to give to the world, but the system was letting me down. Working 60-70 hour weeks left me feeling miserable and disempowered. I was being undervalued and overworked, and I was suffering.”

Adam escaped sports journalism to work full time on his latest project, Ambigo – connecting communities around the world to help people achieve their ambitions. Read his full Escape story here…

“I felt proud of where I had got to in my career because I was living out my childhood dream of travelling the world commentating on sport, but had reached a stage where it was no longer fulfilling because my personal priorities had changed.”

By the end of your Escape experience you will:

Address what’s stopping you.

Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Not enough time, money, skills, confidence… the obstacles between you and fulfilling work. You’ll identify yours and make a plan of attack.

Get clearer on what truly matters to you.

We each have a unique set of values, interests, dreams and curiosities that hold clues to our future direction. Together we’ll unlock and chase after these.

Move from thinking to doing.

Real-world challenges will help you get out of your head, challenge your comfort zone and start to take small, bold steps – even if you’re not 100% sure where you want to go yet.

Create new opportunities for yourself.

We’ll dissect the behaviours and tactics that successful career changers and entrepreneurs use to create exciting new opportunities on their own terms.

People have graduated from Escape programmes


Finished feeling they had the tools they need to create the career they want.

30 places per intake


Early bird* applications close: Tuesday 28th February


*Early bird applications receive a £100 discount.

Complete Curriculum
Our curriculum covers the following key principles you'll learn in the room and online:
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Kickoff Weekend: Coming Together, Setting Intentions & The Future of Work

Coming Together: Who are you and why are you here? In this kickoff weekend you’ll meet your fellow Escapees and unite over your shared drive to pursue fulfilling work.

Setting Intentions: What do you want to accomplish by the end of these 6 weeks? You’ll set intentions and goals for our 6 weeks together.

The Future of Work: The way we’re working isn’t working – and it’s not just about your individual feelings of being unfilfiled at work. The world is rapidly evolving and we’ll explore what that means for you and your career.


Week 1: Career Change Myths, Career & Life Audit, and the Ingredients of Fulfilling Work

Career Change Myths: We’ll debunk common career change myths – like the “Find Your Passion” myth that says you must first find your one true passion before you get started.

Career & Life Audit: How can your likes, dislikes, skills and strengths help inform my future path? We take stock of our past – jobs, careers, likes, dislikes, strengths, superpowers, and skills – to unlock clues to your future.

Ingredients of Fulfilling Work: We explore the ingredients of fulfilling work and identify which ingredients are personally missing for you to understand how much of a career change you might need to make.


Week 2: Values & Purpose, Peak Moments, and Strengths & Skills

Values & Purpose: We’ll explore values and what lights us up to gain a better understanding of what truly matters to us. We become more deliberate about our direction of travel and use our values as a compass to guide us.

Peak Moments: We’ll uncover the moments when you felt most alive in work and in life to better understand what truly matters to you and what might be missing in your life.

Strengths & Skills: People who have the opportunity to use their natural strengths every day are “six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs.” We’ll uncover your unique set of strengths, talents & skills.


Week 3: Getting Unstuck, Growth Mindset, and Mental Resilience

Getting Unstuck: What’s keeping you stuck and how can you move forwards despite not feeling ‘ready’? We dive into the psychology of stuckness to identify how to trick ourselves to keep moving forward despite discomfort.

Growth Mindset: We’ll explore how to trick ourselves to keep moving forward despite discomfort, embrace the beginner’s mind, and embrace a growth mindset to keep learning and moving forward.

Mental Resilience: We tap into the power of habits to help us maintain resilience, build mental toughness, and move forwards with our plans.


Week 4: New Idea Generation, Dreaming Big, and Chasing Curiosities 

New Idea Generation: We’ll uncover our inherent creativity, learn how to quickly generate new ideas for ourselves, and approach our career change with unconventional and new ways of thinking.

Dreaming Big: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? How would you spend a year if you didn’t need to work? We’ll tap back into unrealised dreams and unlock our potential.

Chasing Curiosities: What are you innately curious about? We embrace the attitude of an explorer and give ourselves permission to run toward new ideas, interests and directions we’re curious about.


Week 5: Blockers, Skills & Resources, and Building Your Escape Fund

Blockers: Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Not enough time, money, skills, confidence…Blockers are the obstacles between you and fulfilling work. You’ll identify yours and make a plan of attack.

Skills & Resources: You’ll take stock in your skills, assets, and other resources to understand your personal situational and how much you’ll need to sacrifice and how quickly you can transition.

Your Escape Fund: How can you sustain yourself and manage career change logistics? We dive into the financials, logistics, and nuts & bolts of escaping, explore creative ways to earn money, and begin to build our escape fund.


Week 6: Entrepreneurial Mindset, Creating Opportunities, and Career Experimentation

Entrepreneurial Mindset: How can I create value for others and approach my escape entrepreneurially? We’ll take a page from our Startup curriculum to teach you how to act like an entrepreneur.

Creating New Opportunities: We explore tools to create opportunities for ourselves, identifying how we can show our value, and what it means to build a career in the 21st century.

Career Experimentation: How can you quickly and easily test your way to a new direction? We begin testing our way into a new career, and prioritising action and learnings over outcomes. We learn how to launch mini-projects and experiments to learn about your future direction.


Demo Day Finale: Launch Your Escape Project, Celebration, and Sustaining Your Escape

Launch Your Escape Project: You’ll pick a direction that excites you and launch your own Escape project to test your assumptions and learn about your new potential path.

Celebration: We’ll celebrate everything we’ve learned and accomplished over the past six weeks.

Sustaining Your Escape: Now that you’re equipped with the tools and community to keep you moving forward with purpose, we’ll make plans to sustain your Escape over the longterm.

Programme led by…

Matt Trinetti

Matt escaped IBM consulting to become a writer, traveler, publisher and entrepreneur. He joined Escape in 2014 to help launch The Escape School in London and build the Escape and Startup Tribes programmes. He’s a TEDx speaker and writes for Quartz, New York Observer, The Huffington Post and on his blog

Cost & Dates


The programme tuition fee is £950. Payable upfront or in two instalments.

Early bird applicants are eligible for a £100 discount.

Payments are not requested until after you have been through the application process and offered a place.


The next Escape Accelerator 6-week programme takes place:

Saturday 25th March – Saturday 6th May 2017

You will be required every Wednesday evening from the start of the programme to the end (6:30pm – 9:30pm).

As well as the following weekend days (10am – 6pm)

  • Kickoff: Saturday 25th March
  • Demo day: Saturday 6th May

Our programme is designed to fit around full-time employment.

  • Career Change Education, Tools, Workshops
  • 1 Kick-off Saturday
  • The Escape Guide to a New Direction
  • 25-40 Escape buddies to hold you to account
  • 6 Three hour evening sessions
  • 2 expert Escape Leaders to show you the way
  • 6 Escape challenges
  • 6 group mentoring sessions
  • 6 Escape hero guests
  • 1 Demo Saturday
  • Exclusive online community
  • Escape Club membership
  • Discounts for Escape events during your accelerator

Limited to 30 participants.

Early bird* applications close: Tuesday 28th February


*Early bird applications receive a £100 discount

Apply nowSend me more info


All Accelerator sessions will take place at:

Work.Life – London Fields,
1E Mentmore Terrace,
E8 3DQ


Graduate into The Escape Club

Your journey doesn’t finish after 6 weeks. It’s only just beginning. After the programme you’ll graduate into The Escape Club. A group of 800+ previous escapees on the same journey as you.

The Escape Club is a private network for all Escape alumni. We are full of brave escapees, ambitious career changers, & aspiring entrepreneurs. Building a career on your own terms takes time. This community is here to support you throughout your journey.


Ongoing access to all Escape materials & other information


Community stories & the ability to showcase your progress


Monthly Escape gatherings and bigger retreats & festivals


Structured ways of connecting with each other online


Introductions to and connections with Esc employers


Call Mia at: +44 (0) 203 514 5530


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