Escape Into Entrepreneurship: The Accelerator


A 6 week evening programme to accelerate your startup.


Limited to 30 participants. Early bird* applications close: Tuesday 28th February.



*Early bird applications receive a £100 discount.


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Ready to start your own business?

Ask yourself: Where do I begin? How can I test my idea? What about money? Most importantly, what if I fail?

These questions stop most wantrepreneurs in their tracks. They don’t start. They talk, scribble and dream but their startup fails without ever beginning…

In 6 weeks, let’s generate, test and prototype your startup idea.

What is Escape Into Entrepreneurship?
An intensive introduction to early-stage startups for those eager to stop thinking and start building.

What do you learn?

  • Idea creation & testing
  • Customer profiling
  • Branding & value propositions
  • Tech & prototyping
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance & funding
  • Startup management

What do you get?

  • 6 evening sessions
  • 2 weekend sessions
  • Mentorship
  • Weekly exercises
  • A startup toolkit
  • Community
  • Exclusive startup Slack channel
  • Discounts to Escape events

“An inspiring and practical experience – a time when you will make concrete steps towards getting out of your own way and making your startup dream a reality.”



“A complete priority for anyone feeling there is more for them and they are in any danger of not reaching their potential on their current path.”



“It will help you clear your head, get shit done, and have fun along the way.”



“A great crash course that will help with mindset and provide the tools required to generate, analyse and execute on an idea.”



“An opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn the nuts and bolts of what it takes to turn an idea into reality, and have lots of fun along the way!”



Success Stories
Here are some of the businesses which have launched from our programmes:

British sparkling spring water infused with organic and misshapen fruit and vegetables to add a subtle dash of flavour.

Secure, convenient, and traceable key management service for property managers, Airbnb hosts – and busy Londoners.

The healthiest and tastiest juices available to everyone. Packed with vegetables and fruit, Moju is in stockists across London and online.

Naturally nutritious nut butters made from just roasted nuts and a sprinkling of sea salt. Now stocked in Selfridges, Sainsburys, Whole Foods, Ocado and more.

Conflict coaching & dispute resolution for startup co-founders

Fun, novel remote gifting alternative to the usual flowers and chocolates. Helium balloons to make you smile, delivered across the UK.

A community marketplace where you can book secure storage space in the homes, lofts and garages of trusted Storage Hosts.
Natural surf rash relief donating a portion of profits to SurfAid.
London’s only Social Enterprise delivering wonky fruit & veg boxes to homes & offices, fighting food waste and helping local growers.
A platform to search sitters in your local area using the latest technology, any time day or night.
A platform connecting artists with art lovers of all kinds, as well as galleries who are eager to discover new talent.

Bespoke vitamin plans, delivered to your door every month.

By the end of Escape Into Entrepreneurship you will have:
Generated, tested and prototyped your startup idea
Clarified your vision & set tangible goals
A community of peers at a similar stage in their startup journeys
Evolved your understanding of entrepreneurship
Learnt key business tools, techniques & strategies
Developed your entrepreneurial optimism & confidence

Escapees have graduated from our programmes


Finished feeling they had the tools needed to create the career they want.

30 places available

Early bird* applications close: Tuesday 28th February

*Early bird applications receive a £100 discount.

Complete Curriculum
Our curriculum covers the following key principles you'll learn in the room and online.
Read the full curriculum now
Startup paths

Walk your own path. What is the right business for you to start?

We dive straight into the different types of startups and the routes that people take into entrepreneurship.

The clearer you are about the most viable businesses for you, the more you will save yourself difficulty down the line.


Idea generation

How do you generate genuinely exciting business ideas?

We experiment with new techniques for generating creative business ideas, we’ll test ideas for viability and we also focus on generating ideas that are right for our strengths, interests, and resources.


Customer development

How do you figure out who your customers are?

This principle is about prioritising the customer: Who are they? How do they behave?

We focus on identifying the customer segments we want to serve, figuring out how to reach them.


Brands and value propositions

How do you communicate a compelling offering?

Your challenge for this principle involves developing clear value propositions, practising your elevator pitches, and diving into the art of startup copywriting.

Your mission is this: how will my idea get noticed amongst all the noise?


Tech and prototypes

Build fast, launch ugly. How can you cheaply build and launch v1 of your startup?

We learn about the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and figure out ways of getting the very first version of our offerings live asap (be it online or offline, a product or a service).

The only way to properly begin understanding your idea’s potential is to get it out there.



How do you find and secure your first customers? We look at sales funnels, metrics, product pricing, negotiation and customer service. If you haven’t done so already you’ll find and convert your first paying customers (or, at the least, your first pre-orders).



How do the right people hear about your startup?

The best brands don’t sell to customers, they grow a fanbase. In this challenge we’ll seek to grow a community of people who are authentically engaged with the problem you’re solving or the story you’re telling.


Finance and funding

How do you make sensible decisions for funding your business?

We explore creative ways to cover your costs and fund your startup. We’ll also look at what is required to raise external investment – digging into pitch decks, company valuations and funding legals.


Startup management

What should you focus on for the first 12 months?

We focus on the things that really matter in Year 1 – specifically around founder agreements, growth, metrics and momentum. During this time, we also discuss early-stage recruitment, team culture and legals.

Meet Some Of Our Leaders
Jonny Miller

Jonny Miller


Jonny co-founded the travel storytelling platform Maptia four years ago, that features stories from around the world whilst working remotely from five different continents. Jonny’s startup superpowers include: hustling for first customers, content marketing, building communities and hacking Kickstarter.

Emma Walker

Emma Walker


Emma is founder of Learn in London (a directory of courses and classes in the city). She is a freelance digital marketer who has worked for the likes of Picfair, General Assembly and the New Entrepreneurs Foundation. Emma’s startup superpowers: growing businesses online with little to no cash and tech prototyping and designs.

Ben Keene

Ben Keene


Founder of Tribewanted (crowd-funded eco- communities), Ben has led four Startup Tribes and is a business advisor at Virgin Startup.
Ben’s startup superpowers include helping people turn pub ideas into actual startups, building purposeful communities and hacking online projects together in a very short amount of time.

Henry Blanchard

Henry Blanchard


Henry escaped a career in accountancy to found the Uganda International Marathon, which supports education and employment projects in Uganda. Henry’s startup superpowers include: connecting people together, social enterprise, remote and flexible working and offering new perspectives to solving problems.

Cost & Dates


The programme fee is £950. You can pay this upfront or in two instalments over the course of the programme.

Early bird applicants are eligible for a £100 discount.

Please note, payment is not requested until after you have successfully completed the application process and been offered a place.


The next accelerator will run from:

Saturday 25th March – Saturday 6th May 2017

You must attend every Tuesday evening, as well as the following weekend days:

  • Saturday 25th March
  • Saturday 6th May

Please note, our programme is designed to fit around full-time employment.

  • The Escape Guide to Starting Up
  • Exclusive online community channel
  • 6 Three hour evening sessions
  • 1 Kick-off Saturday
  • 1 Demo Saturday
  • 5 Startup challenges
  • 5 Group mentoring sessions
  • 2 Expert Escape Leaders to show you the way
  • 5 Escape hero guests
  • 30 Escape buddies to hold you to account
  • Escape Club membership
  • Discounts for Escape events

Limited to 30 participants.

Early bird* applications close: Tuesday 28th February


*Early bird applications receive a £100 discount

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The Accelerator sessions take place at Work.Life in Camden.

Camden is one of London’s most culturally iconic postcodes, and Work.Life is right at its centre. Two minutes from Camden Town tube, the canal and Camden Market.

Address: Work.Life, 13 Hawley Crescent, NW1 8NP

The Escape Club

Your journey isn’t over after 6 weeks…

After completing the programme, you’ll graduate into The Escape Club, a private network for Alumni of our London programmes. Full of brave escapees, ambitious career changers and aspiring entrepreneurs, this community will support you as you continue your journey.


Ongoing access to all Escape materials and other information


Inspiration from successful Escapees and a platform to share your progress


Optional weekly Escape gatherings, as well as bigger retreats and festivals


Structured tools for connecting with each other online and offline


Exclusive introductions to and connections with Escape employers


Call Mia at: +44 (0) 203 514 5530


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