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We run a community-powered magazine on Medium for the Escape Club. There are so many amazing stories in this community – let’s liberate them! Any Triber is welcome to write an article for this publication (we have produced some helpful writing guidelines here). The objective of this Medium collection is to share your stories-so-far, your lessons learned – to use the advice, inspiration and guidance you have gained from your experiences to help other Tribers on their journeys.

Guidance for submitting a story

  1. Login to Medium (or create an account).
  2. Write your article (you can save drafts if you want).
  3. Hit publish (when you’re ready).
  4. Tweet it @tribealumni.
  5. Be added as a contributor to our shared publication.
  6. Add your story to the publication (guidance below).
  7. See your post added to our growing collection!

Once you are a contributor you can skip steps #4 and #5 and you can simply submit your articles directly to the publication.

How do I add a story to the publication?

  • Go to your post
  • Click the “…” button on the menu (see screenshot)
  • Click “Add to publication”

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.05.35

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