Employer Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are in reference to prospective Employers and Agents using Escape the City Ltd

The following Terms and Conditions are in reference to prospective Employers / Agents (You / Your) using Escape the City Ltd escapethecity.org (the Site / We / Us / Our). The following Terms and Conditions affect your legal rights and obligations. They form a legally binding contract between you and the Site. We ask you to accept these terms of use when you use the site for advertising job listings, we also take it that you agree to these terms of use when you access and use the site generally. These are our terms and conditions for use of our service, and these apply whenever you access the website.

By submitting job listings or engaging Escape the City’s search services you will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change and update these Terms and Conditions.
Please see Section 8 for our Privacy Statement.

1. Recruitment Services

By approving and submitting a job opportunity to Escape the City (escapethecity.org) or engaging Escape the City’s search services the Employer thereby commits to these terms and the associated charges.

  1. Job Adverts
    Job adverts are listed on the site for a specified period of time in exchange for a listing fee agreed between the Employer and Escape the City Ltd.
    The advert is published ‘live’ on the site once the payment has cleared. This payment is non-refundable. Escape the City will commit to reasonable extensions of the job listing to attract further attention. The length of the extension is Escape the City’s decision.
    If (for whatever reason) a job listing goes live before the payment has been processed the Employer is still committed to completing the payment (regardless of whether the listing is then removed).
  2. Search Services
    The search services involve Escape the City searching for a shortlist of candidates on behalf of the Employer. The Employer commits to paying a pre-specified fee (agreed in writing via email) if they successfully hire an Escape the City member for the position.
    The terms of this agreement specify that the Employer has committed to paying the pre-agreed commission fee if an Escape the City member who has viewed the job listing then successfully applies for the job, is offered the job, and accepts.
    Once a successful hire has been confirmed (job offer accepted) the payment is due immediately and the Employer will be invoiced by Escape the City via email.
  3. Filtering Applicants
    By engaging Escape the City for either a Job Advert or the Search Services the Employer has given Escape the City permission to filter candidates on their behalf. Where relevant Escape the City will use this mandate to only pass the Employer relevant candidates. The fact that Escape the City can filter on behalf of the Employer forms part of the Member terms and conditions.
  4. Tracking Applicants
    The Escape the City team will usually manage the application process for these positions and will pass on a shortlist of candidates to the Employer. However, sometimes Escape the City members will apply directly to the organisation without mentioning Escape the City despite having seen the listing on escapethecity.org. We ask all our candidates to mention Escape the City in their cover letters.
    Escape the City’s systems provide access to a list of names and email addresses of those Escape the City members who have viewed the job listing. Escape the City can provide this list on request to the Employer for crosschecking in the unlikely event of a dispute.
    Agreeing to these terms and conditions in relation to a job listing or a search agreement is legally binding and should be seen as constituting a contract between the Employer and Escape the City.
  5. Conduct of Escape the City Members, Applicants and Hires
    Although we will of course work to ensure the accuracy and integrity of applications, Escape the City is not responsible for the conduct of people using the site to apply for jobs.
    We are unable to guarantee the accuracy or truth of applications or the conduct of people using the site to apply for jobs, although we will block / ban people who are found to be using the site in a misleading fashion.
    Escape the City is not responsible for the behaviour or conduct of Escape the City members who are hired as a result of a job listing or a search. We are providing an introduction service, however we cannot be held legally responsible for any negative results from the introductions.

2. Use of the Site

All employers must abide by the following rules in relation to their access and use of site:
You must only make lawful use of site You must not use or access the site in a way that causes, or is likely to cause, the site to be damaged, its performance to be impaired or access to the site to be interrupted or hindered. You may not use or access the Site, or any materials displayed on the site, for any commercial purpose without prior consent. This includes, but is not limited to, posting or sending to other members advertisements, commercial messages or solicitations for products or services. You are responsible for any photographs, text or other materials that you may upload to the site for sharing with other members. You must not upload any materials, or make statements through the site, or post links to other websites which contain materials, which are inaccurate or misleading, defamatory, disrespectful, insulting, abusive, obscene, sexually explicit or vulgar or which tend to incite racial or other hatred or infringe the proprietary, data protection, privacy or other rights of any person or are otherwise illegal. The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in this site belong to escapethecity.org or its licensors. You may view and print materials on the site and make reasonable personal use of those materials, including reasonable copying. You may not use framing techniques to display this site, any part of it or any other proprietary materials of escapethecity.org. You may create hyperlinks to the escapethecity.org home page as long as the link does not use our logos or graphics and does not refer to escapethecity.org or any person or website associated with escapethecity.org in a manner which is false, misleading or derogatory.

3. Submitted Content

Escape the City lists exciting, interesting and unconventional job opportunities. We reserve the right to refuse to publish submitted opportunities for any reason. We reserve the right to edit or change any content listed on the site.
Employers are solely responsible for the content submitted. We accept no responsibility for the content of advertising material, including, without limitation, any error, omission or inaccuracy therein.
Content must be submitted in line with Section 2 of these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to delete any information posted on the Site that is in any way improper or inappropriate, at any time and for any reason.

4. External Links

We often link to other websites that are not operated by escapethecity.org. You should be aware, before clicking on those links, that escapethecity.org is not responsible for the content, privacy practices or any other aspect of those other sites.

5. Your Obligations & Responsibilities

You accept that, following any contact with potential employees:
It shall be up to you (the Employer) and any “potential employee” to agree how to progress matters further; That you shall act in good faith and in a business-like and courteous manner; and That you shall keep strictly confidential all confidential information disclosed Where Employers are Recruitment Agents: You shall comply in all respects with the Employment Agencies Act 1973 (and all regulations made thereunder) and all statues, rules, regulations, codes of practice and legal requirements to which you are ordinarily subject in respect of its receipt and processing of CV’s and related matters.

6. Escapethecity.org Obligations & Responsibilities

To provide the Services with reasonable care and skill To maintain Services on a 24 hour by 7-day basis (subject to periodic essential maintenance activity) to support Client’s online recruitment requirements. Refunds: We never publish listings that do not suit our community. If, for whatever reason, the listing fails to deliver expected results please do get in contact with us. We sadly can not offer refunds..

7. Company Details

Escapethecity.org (Escape the City Ltd) is a company incorporated in England (UK) and is registered with Companies House (www.companieshouse.gov.uk) with its registered office at: 21 Bradbourne Street, London SW6 3TF, +44 203 239 8585. Registered number: 7036498.
Please direct any questions or comments to team@escapethecity.org

8. Privacy Statement

By registering with, using or accessing escapethecity.org, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy statement. If you have questions or concerns regarding this privacy statement, please contact us: team@escapethecity.org

What personal information does escapethecity.org save?
Any information submitted through the opportunity upload process Any CV and or covering letter that is sent when applying for a job is sent to the applicable employer. A record of this is kept on escapethecity.org. The CV and covering letter WILL NOT be passed on to third parties.

By registering with, using or accessing escapethecity.org, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy statement. If you have questions or concerns regarding this privacy statement, please contact us: team@escapethecity.org

What non-personal information does escapethecity.org keep saved?
Non-personal information: Individual identification numbers, known as an “IP addresses”, of the computers used by visitors to the site. IP addresses are automatically logged by escapethecity.org web servers. They are used, together with further information about visits to the site, to note a visitor’s interest in the site and for statistical purposes. They do not allow us to identify the visitor unless he or she chooses to submit personal information to the site.

What does escapethecity.org do with saved personal information?
escapethecity.org uses personal information collected through the site to authenticate users, to provide services through the site, to tailor and improve those services and to administer our member relationships. escapethecity.org may also use contact details collected through the site to send members [updates, newsletters or other communications] regarding escapethecity.org and the services available through the site. A member can choose not to receive these communications at any time.

In what circumstances does escapethecity.org share personal information?
We treat personal information collected through the Site as confidential and will never share it unless you have expressly given us permission to do so.

Escapethecity.org has appropriate technical and organisational security measures in place to prevent other disclosures of its members’ personal information, other unauthorised or unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage.

Users should be aware, however, that the Internet is by its nature not a secure medium and we cannot therefore give an absolute guarantee of security.

Access to and correction of personal information
Employers can alter or remove their data at any time by emailing team@escapethecity.org. Employers also have rights of access to, and correction of, information that escapethecity.org holds about them, and in limited circumstances they also have rights to object to processing of information about them, under data protection law. A member wishing to exercise any of these rights should Contact Us via team@escapethecity.org.

Changes to this privacy statement
We may change this privacy statement from time to time.

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