Frequently Asked Questions

How does Escape work?

Escape the City is a community first and business second. Our site attracts the most talented corporate professionals from around the world and inspires them to find fulfilling work. Escape The City acts as a job board; we let StartUps, Social Enterprises, Small Unique Orgs and cool SMEs advertise exciting, extraordinary jobs on our website. We do charge a small for the listing, and you can choose to purchase our ‘add-ons’ which help boost your job’s performance and increase the promotion of your brand.

We don’t have any hidden charges, and if you hire someone through us there is no additional fee. We do ask that you let us know though, as we love collecting success messages and helping companies find their next excellent hire whilst helping our community ‘Escape’ boring traditional jobs!

Escape has a diverse community of members, all of whom are looking for their next adventure. If you want to find out more about our member demographics, look here. It’s a great place to hire marketing, sales, business development and analyst folk in London, across the UK and across the globe. If you are unsure if your role would suit please contact Mel at

Who is your audience?

Our audience is unique in that it consists of talented, ambitious and highly qualified professionals that are looking for a new challenge or direction. They come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds such as consultancy, sales and marketing, project management, business development, finance, education and law – just to name a few.

Click here to see a further breakdown of our audience.

Location breakdown:
45% UK
15% USA
10% Germany
10% Rest of Europe
5% Canada
5% Russia
5% Rest of World

Industry Breakdown:
Tech & Internet
Financial Services

Function Breakdown:
Project Managment
General Management

What are the prices?

For a clear explanation check out our pricing page here.

Our prices start at £180.00 for a single listing for a month but are subject to special offers, discounts and bulk buys. We also have several additional promotion features you can purchase, please see here for more details.

Do you have any discounts in place?

YES! We currently offer an exclusive discount for startups, less than two years old, social enterprises and not-for-profits of 20% site wide.

Volunteer listings are always free but are exclusively for not-for-profit organisations.

We don’t allow pay-to-volunteer roles on the site unless in exceptional circumstances due to lack of interest. However feel free to contact Mel ( should you wish to discuss this.

If you are posting an internship it is only £50 but if you are in the UK this MUST be paid minimum wage as basic due to UK law. Unfortunately we do not offer agency discounts at this time. If you are posting on behalf of a non-profit you will still receive their 20% discount however.

What types of roles/industries are successful on the site?

Typically anything with potential for personal growth in an interesting company is welcome! Roles in sales, business development, marketing, finance, education, managerial or high level positions all perform well on Escape. We look for interesting jobs with great companies, have a look here to see who is currently advertising with us.

Pure technical roles tend not to perform too well on our site. We have a list of great sites here if you want to find a dev, CTO or similar.

Technical support roles and Data Scientist roles however do perform well on our site.

If you’re unsure or have any questions just ask Mel at

How do I post a job listing?

To post a job on Escape the City is fast, easy and completely in your control! All you have to do is head to this page, type in the name of  your organisation as you would like it to appear and click ‘select’ – then follow the step-by-step process. Do try and fill it in thoroughly, the more information you can put in the listing, the better understanding candidates will have of who you are and the stronger your brand presence will become.

The payment is taken at the end, using our payments provider Stripe, so have your credit/debit card handy. We do not issue invoices unless in exceptional circumstances.
If you’re really struggling give us a call on +44 (0)203 514 5530 or email us on

What about tech or niche positions?

We typically accept most roles but unfortunately we do tend to find that more niche, technical based roles such as developers, SEO experts etc do not quite match our audience and in all honestly, we struggle. We also find it more difficult to fill experienced senior teaching roles, retail, F&B service based roles and niche creative positions. If you are unsure at all please email us.

I have credits on my account (job and £) how do I use these?

When you make a bulk buy purchase your account will be credited with job credits. This means you will be given the option to use your credit to post a full-time, salaried position for free. Once you have confirmed you are happy with your advert you can select to use the job credit which will automatically bring the cost of your single listing to £0. This only counts for full-time roles, not internships and is only valid for the actual job listing. These credits never expire so even if you come back in a year it will still be sat in your dashboard happily awaiting your return.


To use your £ credits you don’t have to lift a finger. They will automatically deduct from your total the checkout.

Any questions just holler (


Can I edit my advert once it is live?

You are more than welcome to make changes to your advert once it has gone live. Just log back into your account and you will be taken to your employer dashboard. Click on the role you would like to edit and choose ‘edit’ from the drop down menu. Make any changes you wish and then click save – et voila! Your changes will go live on the site.

Can I set a deadline date for applications?

We have  two dates connected to each job.

The first is the EXPIRY DATE. This is the same for all roles that come to the site and represents the paid 30 days your job will be live for. You will have to set the DEADLINE DATE yourself; which means writing it  into the body of your advert. We don’t have a box for you to put this in and you will have to expire the role yourself once the deadline has passed. You can do this really easily by clicking ‘manage’ on the drop down menu on your role and clicking ‘unpublish’.



What is my 'employer profile' and how do I update it?

Your employer profile is a permanent page that lives on our website, but is only searchable to candidates when you have filled the profile out to 100% completion. If you sign into your employer dashboard you can ‘edit profile’ and ensure you fill in the boxes with interesting content about your organisation and what you can offer our Escapees. Your profile will clearly indicate whether you have achieved a full status as there is a % completion bar that will show in green when you are good to go! Naturally, the better your profile, the more likely you will be to attract great candidates!

How can I submit feedback?

We are a small team who strive to deliver a great service and apologise wholeheartedly in the rare cases that we don’t.

We love feedback and we are constantly working to improve our platform and services. Please let us know how your experience with us has been – the good, bad and ugly.

What can I do next?
You can submit feedback via the ‘Feedback’ tab on the left-hand side of every page on the site. You can also email us directly – or email Mel at

How can candidates apply to my role?

We have two options for you to choose from when asking candidates to reply to your advert:

  1. Escape Applicant Tracking System

This means that candidates will upload a cv and write a bespoke cover letter that will be saved to the job they have applied to in your employer dashboard. It is a really quick, effective way to get candidates to apply and means that we can help track the success of your ad. You will need to log into the site to view your applications and you can download and manage them all from the dashboard. We have a great ‘yes, no, maybe’ feature and bulk messaging app that will allow you to accurately sort and connect with your chosen candidates.

  1. ‘Custom Application Method’

Please choose where and how the candidates should apply and specifiy on the advert. This can be to a workable/greenhouse email, to a private email address or you can direct them via hyperlink to your website. Just ensure you are clear and concise. We are unable to manage how many applications you receive in this method so you will just have to touch base with us so we can help if you need.

Can you help me make my job listing stand out?

Yeah, of course. We want you to make the most out of your Escape experience. Firstly, we have a list of helpful Escape tips here (go grab a coffee and a biscuit at this point). If you want the shortened version please check out our blog post on how to attract the best candidates to your listing. We also have, more generally, some great resources that we have collected about hiring here. Please contact Mel at if you would like specific recommendations.

Can I advertise for volunteers?

We offer free listings to non-profit organisations/registered charities listing volunteer opportunities. Many of our members are looking for chances to do work with a positive impact – both short and long-term. We try to avoid promoting unpaid work unless it is for a charity as we believe people should be rewarded for doing their job.

NB: We don’t currently accept pay-to-volunteer opportunities unless in unique circumstances and we have a strict no-unpaid-internship policy.

If you are looking for volunteers with professional backgrounds and experience, we’d love to help! Please proceed via the links below.

What can I do next?

Still need a hand?
Email us:

What are the add-ons and how do they work?

We have a variety of ‘add-ons’ to maximise how many people view and apply to your listing. Please see here for details on the packages and prices. Please click here if you would like to see examples of each. You can pay for these at the checkout. If you would like to purchase a single item outside the standard or premium packages, you will need to log into your dashboard, click ‘manage’ on the job you would like to add inventory to and then select whichever item you wish to add. Then you will be taken through to the checkout once more.

What if I don't find anyone I want?

We love connecting great employers with our fantastic community of skilled job seekers searching for an Escape! If in the unfortunate event we can’t help you do this, we do offer a money-back guarantee. We try to be in touch each week that you advertise with us and will do our very best to ensure we deliver, but if things are not going as well as you had hoped feel free to touch base with us; there will be lots we can do to help and support you.


How can I share a success story?

We always LOVE to hear from our employers who have made a fantastic hire. We want to share successful escapes with our members so if you have a story you would like to share please click here. Let’s all celebrate and share the steps we are taking to achieve our mission; building a better world by helping people find meaningful work.

Thank you.

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