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Tools & Guidance

To help you get clarity on what’s stopping you and how you can start moving forward, we’ve collated what we’ve learnt from helping thousands transition into new areas of work, and created a free eBook ‘Top 5 Career Change Myths & How To Avoid Them’. You can download it here.



There are so many awesome people doing brilliant things, and even more feeling stuck and alone. Our events bring the two together to give you inspiration, tips and connections; making change a lot less lonely and a lot more fun. Check out what we have coming up.

Career Change Accelerator

Figuring out your options and then maintaining motivation to make a change is hard, but it’s a lot easier with the guidance and support of those who’ve done it. Our 10-week Career Accelerator, will teach you how to find direction, take action and create exciting new career opportunities for yourself. Find out more.

Escape's Career Education

It’s time to take the first steps towards a career you love, because life is too long (or too short) to do work that doesn’t matter to you.

The Career Accelerator

A 10-week, part-time course in which you’ll not only learn the smart way to get your career change off the ground – you’ll actually do it. Our curriculum is built from the very best knowledge of prominent career change experts.

Next intake: 12th May-17th July 2018


Our February intake sold out. Register your interest for Spring’s cohort and be the first to hear when applications open.

Online Career Change Course

Follow our 9 steps to get unstuck and kickstart your career change with our free online course, taking you through the steps you need to take to reinvent your career.



Career Change Events & Workshops

How To Design A Career You Love

Join us for this intensive 2.5-hour workshop to learn how to take control of your career & find ways of doing work that you will love.

You will leave this workshop inspired to make change happen, with the beginnings of a plan, a commitment to action and a long list of new ideas.

Thursday 15th Feb, 15th Mar, & 19th Apr, 7-10pm


Work.Life Bermondsey


Our alumni stories


Julie used to work as a Social Media Manager in London until she decided to take the leap and start her own business WeSleep.

Before I escaped, I was a senior media executive navigating politics, pressures, overtime and restructures for over 12 years. I felt undervalued, unfulfilled, not living my full potential, depleted, and stifled. To make matters worse, I felt completely unsure of how to begin exploring alternative professions, or how to progress my career in a way that could bring more happiness to my work and life.” Read Julie’s story.


Scott worked for one of the world’s largest social network companies, but was tired of living someone else’s life and wanted to begin forging his own.

“This evening I’ll be participating in a leadership vision and goals-setting retreat for my new organisation. I’ll be setting the targets, the broader direction for the organisation, and the metrics by which to measure our success. One of my key aims post-Escape was to work in an impactful role for an organisation I was proud to be a part of, and here I am.” Read Scott’s story.


Lamia has a background in management consulting and is now illustrating a children’s book, pursuing her passions and making waves.

“The prospect of a ‘career’ felt long and dreary. I was feeling far removed from any of the passions I had when I was younger and felt too frightened to do anything differently. I also had no idea what else I could do – no idea what else was out there. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t feel excited about anything, and I really didn’t want to disappoint my family members – I had what we all deemed ‘a good job’.” Read Lamia’s story.

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Get tips, advice and inspiration for your next move on our blog.

6 ways to minimise your financial risk


Making a big career change can seem like stepping off some kind of financial precipice. You’ve built up knowledge and skills in one area, and making a change could mean reducing your income and losing stability (if temporarily).
There’s no magic, get-rich-quick solution here. The key is less exciting and much more practical: it’s to de-risk.

Top 5 Career Change Myths That Keep People Stuck


By connecting the dots backwards on hundreds of successful career changes; our own, past Career Change Accelerator members’, and the escape role models we’ve studied religiously, we noticed that many of their paths defied conventional career change wisdom. Below are five common career change myths people commonly fall for. As you read, pay attention to any myths that resonate with you.

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