Ready to do something different?

Making a career change can feel daunting, but we have courses, events, tools, & resources to help make it happen.



To help you get clarity on what’s stopping you and how you can start moving forward. Check out our online course.


Giving you inspiration, tips and connections; making change a lot less lonely and a lot more fun. See upcoming events.

Career Change Accelerator

A part-time, 3-month programme to find direction, take action and create exciting new career opportunities. Find out more.

Feeling unfulfilled?

If you’re feeling a little uninspired by your job, we’ve got the thing for you.

We’ve designed a quiz to give you some insights as to where your work might be falling flat, and will share some tailored advice as to how you can improve your career fulfilment. What you do with it is up to you!

Articles & Resources

Read inspiring articles and stories that will help kickstart your career change journey.

Nonna’s story: Finding more meaningful work

  Nonna completed the Career Change Accelerator in Spring 2018. Formerly in the banking industry, she’s now an innovation consultant in the insurance industry working for a social enterprise.  What were you up to before Escape? At first, my choice of career in the UK...

read more

Ready to do something different?

We’re launching a new membership to help talented people build 21st century careers online with a community of peers, employers, and mentors. We’re looking for 100 founding members to help us build this new community.

If you’re looking for a virtual space to learn, contribute, and connect with likeminded people, you might be who we’re looking for…

Events & Workshops

We regularly run events and workshops to on all aspects of career change. We invite some of the most inspirational speakers to share their stories.

How to Build a Freelance Career - Online

Build a freelance career with our online crash course. This 2.5 hour online workshop is designed to help you navigate the world of freelance careers. If you’re curious about entering the world of freelance but aren’t sure how to get started or make it work for you, then this workshop is for you.

Thurs 6th Aug, 7 – 9.45pm.
Online Workshop


How To Design A Career You Love - Online

An intensive 2.5-hour online workshop to learn how to take control of your career & find ways of doing work that you will love. You will leave inspired to make a career change happen, with the beginnings of a plan, a commitment to action and a long list of new ideas.

Weds 23rd Sept, 7-9.30pm.
£25 – 30
Online Workshop


The Career Change Accelerator

Kickstart your career change in 3 months.

A London-based programme designed to give you the structure, guidance, and accountability to stop thinking about a career change and start making it happen – even if you have no idea what you want to do.

Our next intake runs from February – April 2021, and it fits around a full-time job.

Register your interest now to kickstart a career that matters to you in 2021.

Absolutely mind blowing!

I went into the experience feeling drained and stuck, ready to quit my job and run away. I’ve left the career accelerator course feeling absolutely energized and positive about the future, ready to tackle whatever it may bring!

A fantastic and worthwhile investment

The Career Accelerator is special, you really get to test out your career dreams and it has a strong bias not just for reflection but for putting curiosities into practical action. Put your heart into it – and it will stretch you – and your mindset and world view will shift, and along with it your sense of the possible.

Excellent experience

I’ve just completed the CCA. All I can really say is that if, having read the course description you feel this might be exactly what you are looking for if only its as good as it sounds, then you’re in luck because it is absolutely as good as it sounds! For me personally it exceeded every possible expectation.

Career Change Tools

From easy to use beautiful CV templates to betting on yourself to achieve your goals. These easy to use ‘tools’ will help you progress in new directions and stand out in new industries.

Online Course

Our Online Career Change Course follows 9 crucial steps that will teach you how to make small but bold steps in an exciting new direction – even if you don’t know exactly what you want to do yet.

You can work through the curriculum in your own time, from anywhere in the world. Enter the coupon code ESCAPE for free access.

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