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13th April 2017 – Kicks off 1 pm
Off Quay, East India, London

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We are inviting selected businesses that best represent our Escape Factors to come and meet 1,000 of our community members at the festival. Connect with other forward-thinking businesses, grow your brand presence, align your business with the future of work and learn about what our motivated members are looking for…

This event is for you if…

You are a growing brand that fits one of our 5 Escape Factors

You'll have 3 or more roles open in April

You want to tell the story of your brand, your mission.

You want to meet a curated group of intrinsically motivated and socially-minded people.

“A great cause to serve, a brilliant idea to follow, lot of things to learn and great people to share a working life with.”

Francesco. M.
An Esc job-seeker

Why is our Festival different?

We believe in genuine connections

All of our attendees must apply for a ticket. We review their profile, ask them questions about their job-hunt and ensure that we create the right mix of career-changers, graduates, job-seekers, experts, and entrepreneurial visionaries in the room. We are proud of our community and are ensuring that we drive the most value on the day by qualifying who will be coming.

700 guaranteed job-hunters.

Our Escape Factors are:

Designed to tell the story of your brand and your culture. Our Escapees are able to identify what is missing in their current work.
By sharing your Escape Factor we are easily able to support you in finding the people who best fit your culture and your mission.

Positive Impact
An organisation that contributes positively to the overall wellbeing of a community through their product or service.

An organisation that has a lean and creative approach to their work. They develop quickly, love new ideas and bold execution through fostering high-risk and autonomous environments.

Exciting Brand –
A fast-growth, established and reputable brand, well known for its consistent quality and the delivery of its brand promise.


Off the Grid –
An organisation that is located in a country or region that requires a significant, drastic cultural or lifestyle change. Think, totally remote.

Innovative Product
A brand that fundamentally built to disrupt or reinvent an established industry through innovative developments or entirely new approaches and products.

“I’m looking to meet progressive companies that want to make a positive impact and need a hardworking and efficient person involved!”

Sarah. S
ACF job-seeker

A curated experience

We are accepting applications for organisations of all shapes and sizes to apply to attend the festival. With only 40 spaces available we have just 8 opportunities for each of our Escape Factors so we are being selective in the organisations we wish to showcase. No other careers-festival will curate your experience quite like this one.

Get accepted into our community and get recognised as an escape-to brand.

Get the profiles of your roles pre-matched to attendees before the event starts*

Meet our serious 21st Century Careerists who have purchased tickets to come and see you.

Keep all of your connections free of charge – we just want to share your success

Final application deadline is March 20th.

To be considered for a place – apply now.
We are offering places as soon as an organisation meets our criteria.
With only 8 spaces per area, we are expecting to be full shortly.

What do I need to bring?

Escape is providing every employer with exhibition space and a chipboard stand to decorate. We want to see pictures of your team, your office, your recent away day, comments from customers and supporters, stories from your employees, interesting branding and your business plans for the year. Share the roles you have vacant and provide a little giveaway so candidates will remember you – no trashy pens or tragic roller banners allowed! Bring two team members – your branding – and bags of energy. It is all about the connections and conversations.

What is the plan?

Arrive at 11 am in the morning for an hour of set up – just to decorate your stand. Then enjoy a lunch time workshop and meet and greet with the other amazing brands. 1 pm doors open and over the course of the next few hours, meet our candidates. Take time out to chill in the cafe, sit on a panel or workshop*, enjoy a game or grab a drink and listen to our keynote talks in the evening.

We wrap up at 9.30 pm.

Have any questions or wish to see our prices?

We have two simple and easy pricing options – Premium and Standard –  to support all levels of businesses on the day. Contact our Partnerships Manager Mel to see whether the festival is right for you and get booked in. –

call her directly 07419 117 009

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