We’re on a mission to connect people
with exciting non-corporate opportunities


What we do

When we wanted to change jobs we looked for a service to help us

find genuinely exciting new career opportunities. There wasn’t one…

So we built our own.

The most exciting jobs in the world

Entrepreneurial, Positive Impact, Exciting, Overseas / Exotic jobs


Escape Education

Inspiring talks, courses, guides to inspire and encourage people to make the leap.


A genuine community

Inspired escape stories written by the community for the community.


About us

We’re creating what we needed when we wanted to escape

Our story so far

When we wanted to change jobs we looked for a service to help us

find genuinely exciting new career opportunities. There wasn’t one…

So we built our own.

The Spark

Jan – 2010: Dom and Rob – two friends working together in the corporate world wanting to ‘do something different’.  But finding exciting alternatives was hard. We set out to build a better solution.

A Tribe

We wanted to build a community for all the professionals worldwise who felt the same way as us. It would be a community first and – if it worked – a business second.

Starting small

We started out at a kitchen table with a simple blog and the Monday newsletter – Top 10 Opportunities to do something different.  People liked it. It started spreading.

Going Global

Welcome Mikey Howe  – Within months we were getting emails from around the world saying “we need this here!”. We realised Escape could be massive if we built it right. July 2011 Escape was launched in NYC.


May 2012 – We knew the potential for our idea was big and we would need more resources to build it. We rejected VCs and turned to our community. 395 members invested an incredible £600k A world record.

The Escape Manifesto

June 2013 we wrote and published a book. The book we wish we had read on our commutes to and from our corporate jobs. A call to action for people wanting to make big career changes.

Success Stories

There are thousands of people around the world who are now doing completely different careers because of us. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

The Future

Our vision is to be the automatic choice for any talented professional planning a career move. We want to be THE place that smart people find their next exciting opportunity.

The Team

Meet the folks behind the movement.

The people on a mission to help you escape and do something different.

Dom Jackman - Escape the City

Dom Jackman


Escaped Management Consulting. Pixel pusher product guy. Lover all things startup / adventure.

Rob Symington


Mission: Exciting alternatives to unfulfilling corporate jobs. Loves: Motorbikes, Africa, Double Decker Buses, MUFC.

Mikey Howe


Escaped Investment Banking. Established ESC NYC now back in London looking our lovely escape employers.

Chris Bushall


Escaped banking. Looks after all the technical Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, software engineering, Lean and gadget geek.

Stefan Ritter

Chief Front-End Developer

Escaped Austria. Gets excited about all thing HTML5, backbone, design and rock climbing!

Adele Barlow

Escape Educator

Wannabe therapist, startup nerd. Lives and breaths The Escape School. Huffington Post Blogger & book writer.

Matt Trineti

Escape Educator

Escaped Management Consultancy. Traveler & book writer and now The Escape School.

The Future

We’re busy building the tools to help the world Escape jobs that don’t fulfil them.


Escape is evolving…

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