Welcome to Escape the City

We are on a mission to help 1,000,000 people find work they love.
Why? Because 1,000,000 people doing work they love will change the world.

About Us
Life is short. Do work that matters to you.

Unfulfilled and ambitious, we wanted to escape our corporate jobs. We looked for a service to help us find genuinely exciting new opportunities. There wasn’t one… So we built our own.

We have built Escape as the bridge between the old world of work and the new. We’d love you to join our community of +250,000 talented professionals building careers on their own terms.

What We Do

The most exciting job opportunities around the world, delivered to our community.

Intensive programmes for people who are serious about making brave career transitions.

Inspired career change & startup stories written by the community for the community.

Our Story

The Spark

Jan 2010 – Dom and Rob – two friends working together in the corporate world in London. We wanted to ‘do something different’. Finding exciting alternatives was hard. We set out to build a solution.

A Tribe

We wanted to build a community for all the professionals worldwide who felt the same way as us – unfulfilled and desperate for more meaning in their work. It would be a community first and – if it worked – a business second.

Starting Small

We started out at a kitchen table with a simple blog and our now famous Monday newsletter – The Top 10 Opportunities (to do something different). People liked it. It started spreading. We were onto something.

Going Global

June 2011 – Within months we were getting emails from people around the world saying “we need this here!”. Mikey joined us and ran a successful pilot in New York. We started organising Escape Meetups in cities around the world.


May 2012 – We knew the potential for our idea was big and we needed more resources to build it. We rejected VCs and turned to our community. 395 members invested an incredible £600k. A world record at the time.

The Escape Manifesto

June 2013 – we published our first book. The Escape Manifesto was the book we wished we had read on our commutes to and from our corporate jobs. A call to action for people wanting to make big career changes.

Success Stories

It is no exaggeration that there are thousands of people around the world who are now building completely different careers with Escape’s help. This and this is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

The Escape School

Sept 2014 – We opened The Escape School in London, 100 metres from the Bank of England. We saw the power of community in the incredible outcomes people are having through our Tribes.

Our Team

Dom Jackman - Escape the City

Dom Jackman


Escaped Management Consulting. Head of Strategy and Growth. Lover of all things startup & adventure.

Rob Symington


Escaped Management Consulting. Loves: Motorbikes, Africa, Double Decker Buses, MUFC. Headmaster at the Escape School.

Mikey Howe

Founding Partner

Escaped Banking. Piloted ESC in New York now back in London leading on Product, Growth & Engagement.

Chris Bushell


Escaped Banking. Looks after all the technical Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, software engineering, Lean and gadget geek.

Skye Robertson

Strategic Projects

Escaped the US. Politics geek & street food fanatic. Previously led @StartUpBritain. Schemer, strategist, doer.

Matt Trinetti

Tribe Leader

Escaped Consulting. Ohio boy. Moved to London to build the Escape School. Sharing the love at GiveLiveExplore.

Becca Warner

Community Manager

Escaped Market Research. Personal growth, wellbeing and startups are my jam. Founder of Kakawa cocoa infusions.

Tessa Blencowe

Chief Story-Teller

Escaped marketing. Tessa looks after all things content & comms. She is a lively, adventurous, curious, little Aussie. Founder of @_ClotheSwap.

Mel Fisher

Employer Happiness Officer

Escaped Pharmaceutical Sales. Loves people, kickboxing & travel. Plans to be best connected recruitment guru in town by 2020.

Janette Kilner

Venue Manager

Escaped Teaching. Loves books (real ones), cooking in batches, and the odd bout of OCD tidying to keep the ship afloat!

Sophie Miller

Tribe Leader

Escaped International Relations. Canalboat dweller, Before-I-Die wall erector, Escape School builder, feminist, UK-US fusion.

Ben Keene

Tribe Leader

Escaped the Beach. The original Tribe Builder. Founder @Tribewanted. Met his wife, Suze, speaking at our launch party.