Outcomes from our first program in NYC

Last summer we launched our very first founding program in NYC. Below are some stories from those who helped us shape and grow our community in the big apple. If you’re in New York, join us

Helen“Before the program, there was a lot of fear of failure. Fear of wondering ‘what if I don’t like it after trying’? A fear of wasting time and not getting results. Now, I understand that it’s ok to fail, without failing I would not learn. And that’s ok. I’ve learnt to be resilient, not give up and to be kind to myself.”

Helen Su escaped investment banking to launch her own travel website. She balances her time with a role in financial technology and is also experimenting with the idea of a food truck and event planning business.

“The Founding Members program highlighted to me the importance of community and the support of Mattlike-minded people. I’m now in a position to help others on a larger scale – whether that’s the other 60 FMs or people they know.”

Matt escaped from IT as a data storage engineer to explore a freelance career in photography: including teaching workshops via Meetup.com

Sarah“I always felt like making change was so overwhelming and all-encompassing, but I realise now it’s better to regret those things you have done rather than those you didn’t do. I now have the confidence to look for opportunities to put my background in accounting and finance to use in ways that are making a difference.”

Sarah Johnson escaped after 10 years working in public accounting to undertake a temporary secondment with a non-profit working to alleviate poverty through impact investment.


“The FM program changed my life. It didn’t solve any problems for me or give me all the answers.Mo Instead, it gave me something much better – confidence in myself. There was a moment when I stopped thinking of reasons why I couldn’t do something and starting focusing on how to do it.”

Mo Ramchandani escaped software development to consult and coach on software products and run the outdoor adventures he’s always wanted to – including rock climbing and snow-boarding.

Alles“Escaping is what you put into it. I deserve balance and fulfilment and it doesn’t make me selfish or ungrateful. That makes me calmer about not knowing what’s next and means I can take calculated risks and know things can work out. I think I would still have ended up where I’m going without the program, but it may have taken longer and may have been way scarier.”

Alessandra Calderin escaped working full-time in recruitment to a career that was more aligned to her values, including pitching a part-time position, reading Tarot, and is training as a yoga teacher.

“When I was at work one day I just realized “I can’t do this anymore.” Change became a necessity. It wasScott absolutely invaluable to meet like-minded people and to get insight into my strengths, core values, and the things holding me back. I probably couldn’t have gotten there without Escape helping me imagine a life beyond my career.”

Scott Slater escaped his position as a software engineer at Facebook to start his own growth business.

Ariel“It’s meant a community of individuals who know positive change is possible no matter where you are in life or what’s happened to you. It means that I can take action now even if I haven’t before and that I shouldn’t stress however long it’s taken to get to this point. I feel like ESC has given me the jump-start I needed to work on things I had only thought about or brainstormed about before.”

Ariel Rivera escaped working full-time in Human Resources Assistant and Operations for a nonprofit performing arts centre to start a health care accountability blog, speaking about social issues and exploring new career opportunities.

If you’d like to know how you can get involved with our community in New York, visit here. We’d love for you to join us.

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