81 reasons The Career Change Accelerator will be the best investment of your life

We reckon The Career Change Accelerator is the smartest investment you can make when reinventing your career. But we would say that, right? Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what 81 of our past members thought of the experience…

(N.B. Our Career Change Accelerator course is the evolution of our Escape Tribe programme. The support, mindset, objectives, and fun are just the same.)

81. It’s been an experience and a group of people that have given me more confidence in myself and the belief that I am more than a cog in a big corporate machine. I feel more confident that I can make the changes that I need to make and I am fairly certain I’ll be able to spot the potential to be hooked back into what I’m doing now. It’s also meant getting to know a group of people who are in the same place as me, who have broadly the same beliefs and values as me and who ‘get it’ – and, above all, who I know I can rely on for support if I need it.Alex, Nov 2016


80. It’s been a hugely empowering experience – really getting under the skin of some of my deeply held beliefs about myself and giving me new reserves of confidence and optimism. It’s gone far deeper than I imagined it could in changing my outlook towards my career – and that couldn’t have happened without the strong support and connection to fellow Escapees. Sarah, Nov 2016


79. It has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me besides getting married of course! To be surrounded by people who are positive, kind, enthusiastic and supportive – doesn’t get much better! – Christopher, Nov 2016


78. The opportunity to look within and think about what I would like from a “career” and from “life”. And to understand better what might make Monday mornings easier.Vai, Nov 2016


77. So much. The combination of internal reflection and knowing yourself, learning to take action and having a supportive group of amazing people has been a powerful combination for me.
I mentioned in my open mic that prior to programme, I thought I was bad at introspection; but not think it’s just because I was scared of the outcomes. That’s not the case any more.

Previously, I looked at “what do I do with my life” as this one massive thing, which makes it incredibly intimidating to tackle. I’ve learnt to break this down into smaller pieces, using a number of frameworks we’ve been taught, and take small steps towards these.

Finally, whenever I waiver, there is a whole group of new friends to help me (and helping them also provides me with confidence that I can do things).

No doubt so much more I can’t express adequately too…..  Nov 2016


76. Escape Tribe has given me hope. That the future can be bright when people come together and unite behind a common cause (to do something more meaningful), even if that cause looks differently to each one of us. Escape Tribe has meant looking within in myself – a damn scary task – and coming to terms with what was inside. Escape Tribe meant giving myself permission to think about what I wanted out of my life, rather than what others would want from me. Escape Tribe meant allowing myself to be me in front of other people, with all my baggage from the past, scars and struggles as well as my deepest beliefs and hopes for the future. Escape Tribe meant finding out how beautiful human connection can be between strangers if we let our guards down. Escape Tribe has meant finding brothers and sisters that I didn’t think I could find again. Escape Tribe has meant learning how to lead, experiencing first hand what being a great coach means (that means you, Sophie and Mark) and having the hope that I’d be able to provide others with a similar gift in future. – Joey, Nov 2016


75. The Tribe means to me support. I know that these guys are going to cheer me on and help. I know that I can lean on them. Tribe means no judgment, it means honesty and openness. It means connection at a deeper level.Marta, Nov 2016


74. It’s given me 35 amazing new friends and given me the basis to make the change I needed in my life. – Toby, Nov 2016


73. It means I try to put humanity, humility and service first. Not ideas and ego. – Thomas, Nov 2016


72. It’s meant a great deal to me in terms of how I think about my life in general. 6 months ago I could have told you that I didn’t like my job but that’s about as far as I could have gone.  Now I can elaborate on it for hours and bore my friends to tears about it!!! Seriously though it has really made me question why I have chosen particular paths before and has presented a way to consider potential paths in the future. It’s been really great. – Nov 2016


71. It’s has meant so much more than I ever thought it could!

This course is about life, not just about work. I have met 35 wonderful people, who I know pretty well, respect and love: yeah love! Not to mention having been taught by the wonderful Sophie and Mark.

I love the way it covered so many things: forced us to open up and work together and give back to each other. Kuli, Nov 2016


70. It’s been incredible. I have had a massive internal shift. I look at every situation and interaction with a positive mindset. I have made time for myself to manage my energy and I feel positive about the world and my tribe 🙂 – Sarah, Nov 2016


69. It has meant that I now know in which direction to look for my next role. Also that I trust my own opinions a lot more and the confidence I have gained through this programme is huge.Nov 2016


68. It has meant a support system. It has kept me motivated during months where I would have been isolated and demotivated without it.Fran, Nov 2016


67. A rediscovery of my love for the world and for people. That it is possible to do something better and not just settle. – Andrew, Nov 2016


66. It has given me the confidence to start again and do something creative and purposeful that align with my values, after some horrific work/career experiences. I have also met some amazing people who inspire me, motivate me and support me.Claudia, Nov 2016


65. It’s been the most deliciously selfish time of my adult life. It’s allowed me the chance to think about what I want in a space I could never have created for myself. It’s given me tools, a network of supporters, a group of friends and a family who will be around for all that comes next.

It’s also been REALLY hard – in terms of time you need to dedicate to it, what it asks of you, the impact on relationships (both good and bad), and has stretched me in ways I didn’t think were possible.

Above all – it’s been entirely worth it – my shift has not been huge, but in many ways it’s been so fundamental, that it is giant. – Jacqui, Nov 2016


64. I could not have done this on my own. It gave me a chance to be around other people who what to change careers in a positive and open environment where we could explore our interests. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and feel better because of it. I have never been in such a supportive and positive environment where I could be honest with others and myself without judgement. – Nov 2016


63. 1. Re-establishing my self belief. 2. Meeting a new tribe of supportive like minded people. 3. A new way of thinking and seeing possibilities. It’s been brilliant. – Joe, Nov 2016


62. The other members have been by far the best thing. It’s been amazing having others to talk to who are in the same position, want the same things, to have the safe space to explore who I am and what I want to do in life. – Nov 2016


61. A lot. I really did not know how to approach a change, I had done so many before but for some reason this time was very difficult and I had lost my confidence. The escape gave me tools to search what I really wanted to do rather than just find another job. – Nov 2016


60. It has been amazing, I am genuinely very grateful to be part of such a wonderful organisation/group. It has given me a new perspective on life and hopefully a toolkit to help refocus many aspects of my life. – Richard, Nov 2016


59. It’s has meant everything to me. Reading that question actually made my eyes well up. It has meant absolutely everything to me.

I feel more myself right now than I can remember everI feeling. And it feels REALLY good. I feel like no matter what happens next, I’ll be okay. I trust myself, feel energized by what I’ve learned about myself, and that is just so awesome to realize.

I am so glad I found and joined the Escape Tribe. I am so energized and excited for this path I am heading down. I can’t imagine if I had stayed on my old path what that would mean for me. This has been such a game changer and pivotal in my life! Woohoo to that! – Katherine, July 2016


58. Community. I’ve gained a group of new friends who I have connected with so deeply and care so much about in such a short space of time.
It has also been the best opportunity for me to explore exactly who I am. What my strengths are, my values, my must haves. These are the things I wanted to get out of the tribe, and these are exactly the things I have got out of it. – Hunter, July 2016


57. An incredible journey, incredibly hard and beautiful! And such a beautiful group of people!  I feel so lucky and happy to had the chance to meet all these people. Since the last Tuesday evening, I feel I can count on my tribe whenever I will need them. I felt a great connection with everyone and this last day and the little cards everyone wrote, this is the most beautiful gift i received in a very long time 🙂

It helps me to take a few step toward a more fulfilling life, I feel I have the capacities to do it now, that I am not alone feeling this way.

And I learn a lot about me, i have been put in front of my fears and blockers. Even if don’t know how to manage them yet, they are more clear to me and it will help me in this path of transition. I hope it will help me to not tail off and go to the end of my wish in quitting my actual job and find a job with a positive impact on people and the society. – Fanny, July 2016


56. (The programme) has meant so much to me. It has given me a community that has allowed me to truly believe that there is another way and it is possible to follow the path less travelled by. It has freed me from the shackles of a job that, whilst I didn’t hate, was not right for me and was slowly grinding me down and making me miserable. It has given me a real core grounding in who I am and what I stand for, and has allowed me to be comfortable with who I am and what I have to offer and to know that that is enough. – Will, July 2016


55. It’s been a far greater personal journey than I imagined, which I’m glad for. It took me further than I thought it could and that’s a success to me. It’s meant re-connecting to people. I’ve known for a while that I’ve cut myself off from a lot of social interaction and this reminded me why it’s fun to be with people. That’s the main thing. On that front, it’s meant a great deal. – Claire, July 2016


54. I gained a lot of clarity and purpose through course.  The whole experience means a whole lot, as I’ve built a toolkit for defining a future on my terms. – July 2016


53. It was an experiment in waking myself up – working with different people than I would usually connect with, challenging my thinking. – July 2016


52. 1. Education to view the world of work in a different way. I have taken the ‘portfolio career’ phrase to heart as my ambition for 3-5 years time from now (and possibly a lot sooner!)

2. A space to be more introspective and to remind me to be so each and every day

3. Building relationships with people with different skillsets, views and ambitions and gaining positivity and inspiration from their goals and perspective.

4. A change in the way I view relationships with friends, family and my wife.  A reason to ask more meaningful questions and have better conversations. – July 2016


51. It’s given me the space to focus on my career change and in that way has legitimised the whole process for me. It’s meant new ideas, new people, and being able to be honest with myself in an open and supportive environment. It’s also meant new friends which is the thing I least expected. – July 2016


50. It’s been a trip that has been both internal and collective. The communication between my learnings from the collective and the internal has opened up so many GOOD things.

Having committed to the process, I have clarified what is important to me, have felt and given love to you wonderful new people, I feel the charge of hope and optimism that feeling connected with like minded others has re-ignited. I feel awake. Maybe with some glimpses of flourish!

The Tribe has woken me up to shining…I was on a path of diminishing and self critical smallness (relatively).

It has taught me that I need to be reminded and to continue to learn. – Jenny, July 2016


49. It has provided a steady constant through a huge time of self-awareness and growth. I have loved looking forward to every Tuesday to see a Tribe of like-minded people that I want to support and see flourish. Escape Tribe is what saved my sanity in the overwhelming city of London. It as given me the hope / confidence to make the next move (post-London) into uncertainty.Ben, July 2016


48. The Tribe supported me in this transition, gave me tools, confidence and a community of like minded people who helped become true to myself and my real values. – Andreia, July 2016


47. Different things at different points I think. It’s given me a starting block and a safety net and a group of people on my page always there to catch me. It’s been invaluable and it’s been exhausting. It’s been amazing and stressful. I loved it! – Olivia, July 2016


46. Wow – big question!  Without sounding trite, it meant everything. I feel such a fundamental shift in my thinking and way of being. The Tribe was more than about finding another career for me.  It helped me to work on some of my own social and emotional skills. I have made friends – good friends.  I have been vulnerable and I trust people in a way I would not have done before the Tribe.  On the career front – the Tribe has made me realise and therefore focus on what is right for me in my heart.  I have absolutely no qualms about living corporate life – in fact, if I could do it today, I would do (if someone would pay all of my bills and keep me in the style to which I have become accustomed!) – Christina, July 2016


45. It has meant new friends, new understandings and new opportunities. It’s given me permission to start living again. – Lisa, July 2016


44. The main thing it has forced me to do over the past 3 months is to carve out time to ask myself difficult questions. What do I really like doing? How do I picture my future work? How can I spend time following curiosities? What are my values? it has also been great to meet a diverse group of people all very different with a common goal. – Tanya, July 2016


43. It’s helped me understand myself better. Its helped me feel more confident, clear some blockers and understand the ones that still appear.

Its given me tools for moving forwards and helped me break down what felt like a huge shift into much smaller chunks and make marginal gains which give me energy rather than make me feel overwhelmed. – Ash, July 2016


42. To start with, it was like a reset button on a lot of things for me. It gave me time to explore my inner self and air my concerns in a judgement free environment. It was also a great place to make some great friends; like-minded people who are just truly awesome. Finally, it’s made me recognise the value of authenticity – Sarah, July 2016


41. So much! It was a community within which I could untangle and begin to address so many of the issues I felt were stifling my life. – Lidia, July 2016


40. I’ve had a few years of being quietly bored at work – decent money and at a point where the next rung(s) didn’t feel they’d be more interesting or better paid – incentive to progress had gone and that created a vicious circle.

Escape’s been a kick into action, there’s not a single ‘aha’ moment but being surrounded by people in similar positions is tremendously helpful in normalising your feelings, which lets you get on with next steps. – Duncan, July 2016


39. Support, understanding that there are different ways to relate to work, there are different paths. – Maria, July 2016


38. It has been a totally liberating experience. It transcends one particular action, activity or challenge, and I couldn’t put a finger on exactly when the changed happened, but it is the most important thing that could have happened. The most profound. – Pete, July 2016


37. Learning to be kinder to myself, learning to enjoy the process – the journey rather than where I’m headed. I’m happy to have found my tribe. – Sylvia, April 2016


36. Yikes! I’m not sure I have the ability to put it into words!

At times it’s felt like a millstone, but that’s only because it’s been able to shine a light on some well hidden patterns that I’ve been trying to both hide and ignore. The Tribe has been a comfort, a place of safety, a place of security, a place of trust, a place of hope and happiness, and most importantly a place where I’ve known that I am not on my own. It’s meant that I can delve into some deep recesses and face down my own demons, whilst knowing that I am surrounded by kindness and love. I’ve known that people have my back; they can’t walk my journey for me, but they can offer a light, a compass or a supportive hand whenever it’s been required. The Tribe has given me strength and courage; it’s given me the support to allow me to step into myself and be happy with who I am. The Tribe has encouraged me to spread my wings and be kinder to myself. The Tribe has meant everything to me – in it’s own way, it’s changed my world. It’s given me permission to let love into my life. – Louise, April 2016


35. So much! Difficult to put in words. A thought sprang into my mind yesterday: “I feel richer for the thoughts of all those on the tribe”. The connection to and affection for the group has done a lot for creating a small shift in my head about how I perceive the world- I’m not sure what it is, but intensity and true feeling feels within reach now. The wealth of experiences and stories I heard from others has left me enriched and FEELING more. – April 2016


34. Meeting like minded people. Being held accountable. Having my thinking challenged (gently).Ashlee, April 2016


33. It has been a lifeline to me, I was in a very dark place at the end of the year and meeting a group of like minded people was a bright light shining down. I have had an incredible experience, meeting what I hope will be some friends for life, and also others who I wouldn’t normally meet but have created some beautiful moments and pushed me to personal growth. – Kate, April 2016


32. A whole bunch of things: a place to be myself, to be vulnerable and brave. I’ve met people that have challenged me, inspired me, terrified me and made me feel loved and unique and special. It’s been good to prove to myself that I can commit to something and that I’m making a positive change rather than complaining about things all the time. – Olivia, April 2016


31. It’s been really eye-opening. The people, the tools, the work, the emotions…….I really feel I have made a big mindset shift.  Whilst I haven’t yet “escaped” I have much more awareness and understanding of where I am going wrong and what I should be aiming for. Above all the tribe is a new network of supporters, champions, people I can learn from, people I can get advice from and people who understand all the complications of getting stuck and trying to get yourself unstuck.  It was an amazing experience – I have learnt so much about myself and the kind of person I want to be, not just in my career but in my life.  I have laughed, cried, done crazy dancing, shared my innermost feelings, meditated, drawn monsters and bonded with a wonderful group of inspiring people.  Escape Tribe has brought back some magic into my life. – April 2016


30. The most safe harbour to start sailing from, I have ever experienced. – April 2016


29. At the start of the course I was completely stuck and felt there was no alternative way to what I was doing, no way out. Whereas now I can see all the possibilities and I’m trying to decide which ones I want to explore. The Tribe gave me the tools, the push and the hope (i.e. I’m not on my own doing this, it’s possible and other people are struggling but succeeding!) and opened up my mind big time! – Silvia, April 2016


28. It’s been the most beautiful, supportive atmosphere where people celebrate your successes, don’t judge you when you’re struggling and lift you up every week. The Escape Tribe feels like my family now. I miss it already (can I come back?!?!?!)! – Effie, April 2016


27. Normality, and a chance to learn myself, and more than a little bit of Hope. Also a good kick in the butt. – Meredith, April 2016


26. It has meant a huge amount to me. It has built my confidence and given me the practical tools and the insights around mindset to help me design a life and career that is aligned to who I am and what I want to do. Nuff said! Escape fucking rocks! (sorry… but swear words used sparingly can be good). – Daniel, April 2016


25. Gained a new family with a shared vision and a framework and tools to make a difference. – April 2016


24. It has been the tool to unlock the positive me who wants to approach change head on and take risks. The essence of Tribe is its community, the power of which you can’t really understand until you are in it. Being able to share your experience and know that in some way everyone there gets it in an almost universal way is powerful.  Knowing that you are not alone is huge for each and everyone on the Tribe.  I’m still working on who I am but I feel I have a stronger defined values system and can rely on my gut instincts/intuition more rather than simply following a plan. – Reshma, April 2016


23. It has meant having a tribe of people around me who are on a similar journey of finding meaningful work, allowing me to free myself from the expectations of my usual crowd. A space where my small steps towards a life I’m happy with were celebrated, no matter how small. Accountability to keep finding ways to move forward. Support from like-minded people who understood the downs as much as the ups through that journey, and never judged. – April 2016


22. It’s been a whistle stop tour through career change with passengers all feeling that we want to do something different. The Tribe has been a space where I have been able to make some connections, and get some answers to some questions i have had, also has made me challenge some preconceptions of mine, and become more confident and proud of myself and what I have achieved and a platform to take small steps forward in. – April 2016


21. I am sure this answer will evolve with time but the Tribe has meant simultaneously a new window on the world and my life, the ladder to reach it and the friends helping me put the ladder at the right place and hold it tight whilst I was climbing. – Jerome, April 2016


20. The programme has given me a sense of clarity as to what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. It has also given me confidence, either through increased belief in myself, practical tips and tools, or a combination of the two, to start doing it in both expected and unexpected ways.

The shared sense of unity and purpose from a group of emotionally and spiritually disparate people from a wide range of backgrounds has been a powerful and profound experience to undergo. Life can be hard sometimes and it takes a special setup to allow individuals to open up to their hardships, share and then work on them. Escape facilitates that in a way I haven’t observed before.

Escape gives people freedom: to dream, to believe, to fail and to care for ourselves and others. – Paul, April 2016


19. It has been an incredible journey. I’m still blown away how Esc have created an environment where the tribe can be so open and honest with each other. Working with a group of like minded individuals looking for something more to life has been a very special experience. – Richard, April 2016


18. The tribe was a safe lab to experiment and discover different things about myself through others. It was a great environment to be a part of, always brought me positive energy even when I wasn’t feeling positive. It was also a chance to meet other people and their stories and see alternative ways of living – this was very important because it made me believe in my change and in not having a set path. I met incredible people, it brought me back the faith in mankind and in myself. – Ana, April 2016


17. It has given me the space and time to enable me to focus on what else could be out there beyond the “normal” job. And enabled me to do this with a fantastic group of likeminded people, sharing in our views that there should be something better out there. – April 2016


16. A huge amount – given me great support to make progress in making a change and also given me the time to focus on myself. – Lindsey, April 2016


15. It’s meant sooooo much to me. Its incredible the power of having a group of like minded people who are behind you who also want to change, its taken me from doubt to action. Its helped me become alive again and be confident to be me. Its opened my eyes to infinite choices and possibilities. before I had no idea what I wanted to do, now I have so many things I want to explore and learn about.Adelaide, April 2016


14. A huge new perspective to change my life and career path. Met amazing individuals. – April 2016


13. It’s been a place where, after a long time, I finally felt I belonged. I was accepted for who I was, and that gave me the strength and courage to start changing the things in my life that were making me unhappy. – Susanna, April 2016


12. Before I left for my career break, I felt completely lost. I was unhappy, dissatisfied and if I’m honest really angry about how I had let myself get to where I was (despite the outward success). I was so far adrift from who I thought of myself as being, that I wasn’t sure I could find my way back. I did a lot of work before starting tribe on reconnecting to who I am, but Tribe was a focused period of time to really work on who I was, being challenged about what my values where and what I wanted to do and test stuff out. Tribe provided me with the space to do that, with the support and community to help. I’m excited and filled with possibilities now in a way I wasn’t for many years and that is amazing. – Marta, April 2016


11. Life-changer. It’s been many things, from the highlight of my week and a catalyst for a different way of being. It’s introduced me to like-minded people that are now dear friends. I feel part of community. It’s been a lighthouse in a difficult time, always lighting the way. From introspection to taking action, it’s encouraged me to experiment and to be kind to myself. It’s been a real eye-opener. – Abby, April 2016


10. It was the most valuable experience and best thing I could ever have done for myself. The people made it for me! – Elize, April 2016


9. It has helped me not feel alone on the journey, connect with a group of like-minded people, and given me the tools to keep trying.Jessica, April 2016


8. It’s given me the opportunity to learn even more about myself. I feel like I started the self-development journey a couple of years ago but Esc has given me the chance to take it up a gear (or five!), which I hadn’t thought possible. As I said in my open mic, I still don’t know what it all means but I feel like Esc has almost given me permission to peel back some of the layers and see what might happen. – April 2016


7. It’s given me time and space to get closer to myself again out of a state of numbness and disconnect with myself. It gave me the courage to try out new things, to be more demanding and to let got of seemingly indispensable things and wants. It got me in touch with a bunch of wonderful people out of which I learned to actually deeply love some. Tribe has given me access to tapping “swarm intelligence” in peer-to-peer consulting within a group of great diversity. It has also taught me methods, exercises and theoretical know-how to become more in control of my own life. – April 2016


6. It’s been the big push I’ve needed for a long time to start taking some steps away from the career treadmill I’ve been stuck on. I’ve had wonderful friends who have pointed this out to me for a long time (Mark St), so it’s been good to show that I am doing something about this. The tribe has helped me take stock of my capabilities and start to see what they could look like commercially and push me towards doing things for myself. The group  has been incredible. – Sandra, April 2016


5. A very well supported journey into my values and needs. – April 2016


4. Everything. Adrian, April 2016


3. The biggest thing for me has been a shift in my perception of work and also what matters to me in a career.  It’s also helped me greatly increase my confidence in trying new things that I’ve always been interested in but have never explored.  Personally, I’ve also changed for the better in not caring so much about what others think of me and I’m also able to approach life with less anxiety. – April 2016


2. The world. I could feel that it was what I needed, and I wasn’t wrong. It will forever be a point in my life that I look back on. My Dad lent me the money to take part in tribe, as I was waiting on an overdue sum of money which I’d expected 12 months prior, and was being careful (well, I have a new definition of that now.. I was still spending hundreds a month on clothes :S). After the last day I sent him a text which read along the lines of “this experience has put me on a new course in life; one you could see I was meant for and one that will make you proud; because I am honouring myself. I will never be able to thank you enough. – April 2016


1.-A space and framework to help me to the journey of taking control of my life and do what I want to do, not what I’m supposed to do.

-A group of people with a similar mindset to talk to and support each other.

-A guide to a deep introspection to set the base for what I want my future to look like, combined with a set of tools to take those findings to action step by step.

-A life changing experience, a weekly inspiration and motivation boost and a network of amazing people to go through my journey with. – Maria, April 2016

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