101 reasons to do The Startup Accelerator right now

We reckon The Startup Accelerator is the smartest investment you can make when launching a business. But we would say that, right? Don’t take our word for it. Here’s 101 reasons to grab a place, in the words of our past members…

(N.B. Our Startup Accelerator course is the evolution of our Startup Tribe programme. The support, mindset, objectives, and fun are just the same.)

101. You can take weeks or months to learn some of things which are taught, but the support of the group is something you cannot do on your own. Having like-minded people around you, encouraging you, but also being brutally honest is soooo refreshing. Friends and family may tell you not to do something as they are worried for you, but it is misplaced good intention. Best thing I have done for myself in years!! GET INVOLVED!! – Scott, Nov 2016


100. An experience that will change your life and help you get stuff done. – Carla, Nov 2016


99. Life enhancing experience that repays you as much as you put in. – Liyun, Nov 2016


98. It’s like THE APPRENTICE meets FUN HOUSE. No seriously, if you want to scratch your entrepreneurial itch it’s the best place to do it. – Nov 2016


97. This is the kick you need to stop musing about all those ideas you have and actually get shit done. – Martina, Nov 2016


96. Life changing. – Hershil, Nov 2016


95. If you are feeling like a prisoner in your life. Feeling stuck and want to live your own life or have an idea you want to work on, I can introduce you to people who can provide you the support and tools you need. – Shahzad, Nov 2016


94. 12 weeks to change the course of next 4249.6 weeks of life (based on average UK life expectancy). – Usman, Nov 2016


93. Enlightening, motivating and liberating.Nov 2016


92. It’s not just a course about starting your own business, it’s also a course about enjoying your life. – Alice, Nov 2016


91. It’s all about the mindset, being surrounded by  a great group of people who can help you. – Nov 2016


90. An intense 3 month experience designed to teach you everything you need to know about starting a business along with 50 other like-minded individuals. – Tommaso, Nov 2016


89. If you have a  business idea you are really passionate about growing, the Startup Tribe will help you grow it and quickly. You will  meet an incredible group of people who you will help grow their ideas and they will help with yours. You will have fun, learn, realise more about yourself, passions and  ultimately what you want from your life. – Maddie, Nov 2016


88. A tribe for life, a proven toolset to apply to any business idea and a course full of curiosity and learning by doing. – Depesh, Nov 2016


87. A life changing experience that is hard to explain until you lived it. If you are even considering it, just do it, you will NOT regret it. Such a positive vibe. – Sophie, Nov 2016


86. A community of entrepreneurs, would be preneurs and overall great people to help get your idea and crystallize it. The stage before an accelerator, crystal-lator. – Ramz, Nov 2016


85. It’s a fantastic investment in taking positive action to make changes in your life and surrounding yourself with a community of supportive people. One of the best decisions I have made in years. Will provide you with an alternative route to that comfort blanket you call your existing career! – Catherine, Nov 2016


84. Community. It’s beyond words- something so great you have to experience yourself and may very well be the best community you ever come across. – Whitney, Nov 2016


83. If you’ve ever wanted to demystify what it takes to start a business, do this. If you’ve ever worried about doing it alone, do this. If you’ve ever wanted to break your mound and meet great people who could inspire you to wake up and get shit done… do this. – Andrea, Nov 2016


82. I have already been recommending it to friends – I just tell them they HAVE TO DO IT. – Cem, Nov 2016


81. A great investment…go for it! – Nov 2016


80. Inspiring. Gives a sense of reality. Increases your confidence and the tools you need to get something launched.Arthur, Nov 2016


79. A thought provoking whirlwind of discovery, for anyone that wants to scratch that start up itch. – Ashley, Nov 2016


78. You will learn your why, how and what if you only are open and willing to do something different then they will guide you through. You will learn a new way of doing things by simply trusting and motivating each other, community is the core value on this program. – Sara, Nov 2016


77. 3 months working with a big group of people to find your own way through starting a business. – Harry, Nov 2016


76. An inspiring and practical experience – a time when you will make concrete steps towards getting out of your own way and making your startup dream a reality. With a good dose of magic and adventure mixed in! – Rachelle, Nov 2016


75. The pace is hectic, they move you along fast and you have to run to keep up. There is a mountain of support all around you though, which helps make it easier. You will learn an awful lot in a very short period, about business, tech and about yourself. – Asher, Nov 2016


74. The bucket list must to change the way you think about your career. – Patricia, Nov 2016


73. A practical experience for people who are keen to explore entrepreneurial ideas and actually do something about them, equipping you with tools and wisdom that could help on all future ventures. – Nikhil, Nov 2016


72. A complete priority for anyone feeling there is more for them and they are in any danger of not reaching their potential on their current path. – Alice, Nov 2016


71. The course starts out as an investment in your professional growth and ends up being an investment in your moral, social and professional growth. – Nov 2016


70. Meet your tribe, build confidence, find the tools you need, start something. – Nov 2016


69. A community experience of like minded crazy entrepreneurs all gunning for it! – Will, Nov 2016


68. One of the best things I have done. – Jack, July 2016


67. Life changing. – John, July 2016


66. It will help you clear your head, get shit done, and have fun along the way. – Sego, July 2016


65. I would describe it as a great opportunity to clear the way to your escape path. – July 2016


64. Kind of a startup accelerator with people from so many different backgrounds. From zero idea to an actual product in weeks. – Thomas, July 2016


63. To teach you to overcome all the mental steps and challenges you need to start your own business. – Vicky, July 2016


62. If you don’t know anything about business, lack the idea and want to surround yourself with like minded people then attend ETC you will learn all of these things and more. – Adelaide, July 2016


61. A programme that gives you a realistic view about what life as an entrepreneur might look like. How far you go on it is down to you. Worthwhile even if you realise that business is not for you, as no doubt you will make some other discoveries during the process.Roya, July 2016


60. It’s going to be super amazing, tough, challenging and totally worth it. – Anne-Laure, July 2016


59. We were shown lots of tools to use in a business, and reminded of the importance of action. Encouraged to take ‘3 small steps’ a week. Inspiring talks by all sorts of people, about different ways of earning a living that are not a standard 9-5, but seem to be really living a life. – Wendy, July 2016


58. A great crash course that will help with mindset and provide the tools required to generate, analyse and execute on an idea. – James, July 2016


57. Uplifting, inspirational, educational, confidence-giving, morale-boosting. – Claire, July 2016


56. A community that valued my skills and passions and helped me to explore ways to turn them into a job. – Andrea, July 2016


55. A useful way to get yourself into the swing of progressing your idea. – July 2016


54. An opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn the nuts and bolts of what it takes to turn an idea into reality, and have lots of fun along the way! – Fiona, July 2016


53. I would absolutely 100% encourage anyone to investigate. I really enjoyed it, met interesting people and gained highly relevant insights about the attitude and process for a start-up. The only caveat I would make is that only “radiators”  should apply (the concept being that the world is divided into drains and radiators of energy – or cynics and idealists). But you wouldn’t want any drains anyway! – Simon, July 2016


52. Practical, inspiring, opens doors and minds! – July 2016


51. A hands on, creative and dynamic course that will give you the prompt you need to get sh*t done. Expect some madness but mostly expect knowledge, fun and lots of support. – Sass, July 2016


50. Amazingly inspiring to take action yourself and a great to establish a network of friends and supportive people that know you on a completely different level than anyone else in your life. – Madlen, July 2016


49. A once in a lifetime opportunity. – Leila, July 2016


48. It’s an amazing experience, with evening workshops and weekend sessions, where you go from a business idea to a product and may even start making your first sales! It’s really fun as well, you have leaders, mentors and other participants to support you, and it’s very hands-on. – Justina, July 2016


47. In your words: “A Learning by Doing Community Experience” – Kate, July 2016


46. Will make you think differently and change the way you see start ups. – Mariana, July 2016


45. An amazing rollercoaster ride. I’ve been thinking about startups and ideas for years and this is exactly what I needed to kick start my journey. – Dan, July 2016


44. Incredible opportunity to learn in a safe space with other people who understand what you’re dreaming of and want to see you make it.  A chance to start-small and build up.  A lot of fun! – Dinny, July 2016


43. Empowering, inspiring, fun, thought-provoking, challenging, fantastic and it has changed everything! – Charlie, July 2016


42. An altruistic experience for those looking to begin a startup life but aren’t sure how to start it. It’s a support network which also guide you toward practical steps on how to begin your startup journey. – Laura, July 2016


41. A fantastic all round experience to learn practical skills of launching a business which you wouldn’t learn at say University. – Alex, July 2016


40. Insightful; motivating; great way to meet likeminded people; great way to consider other options. – July 2016


39. If you are confused or scared about doing something of your own, then this is the best thing you could invest your money in!Daniela, July 2016


38. It’s the best experience of your life. It will change the way you think completely. You’ll come out the other side feeling empowered to be you and follow your own path. – Jahaan, April 2016


37. Just fucking do it. There is no possible way you could not think it was awesome. – Grace, April 2016


36. I would say it is an amazing way of pushing oneself forward, great tools, great community (including speakers, mentors, …). – Virginie, April 2016


35. You’ll find supportive network of unique individuals with common goal. You will support each other and help each other to grow on whatever your mission is. You’ll get equipped with heaps of tools and tips and get to test it. You’ll get to execute, execute, execute. Try, fail, try, succeed in a safe, open environment. If you come from societies where individualism is supported more than community, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. – April 2016


34. A fantastic opportunity to gather and learn to use the mental and practical tools for anyone who is tempted to start a business or at least to explore taking control of their career path in a very different way. – Chris, April 2016


33. A bunch of crazy, driven, beautiful people coming together to change the world, or at least the work part of it! – Ben, April 2016


32. An amazing opportunity to expand your entrepreneurial mindset and grow, connect with a network of talented and inspiring individuals from all different realms of the workforce, and let go of the inhibitions that are hindering your progress. You’ll certainly leave a different person than you started. – Adria, April 2016


31. Puh…. If you are considering to start a business, you should definitely apply because you will get a group of likeminded people and a safe environment for testing your business idea. It was a remarkable period in my life and I will never forget this experience! – Daniela, April 2016


30. Do it! A great experience and one you won’t regret. You will learn so much about yourself and how you can change your life for the better. You will also meet amazing people that make the experience what it is. – Jo, April 2016


29. I’d say it’s not your average course. You will embark on a journey, that will change your perspective in life for the better. I’ve come out of the course feeling reborn. It depends on how much you want to put into the tribe, is how much you will get out of it. Immerse yourself completely, challenge your fears and show people the real you and you will reap the rewards. As soon as you enter the Startup Tribe, you’re exposed to the most fantastic network of contacts, mentors, successful entrepreneurs who genuinely want to help you and the energy that is created in just one room in the middle of Bank will blow your mind. I’ve never been amongst 50 people who just want to help each other succeed. – Jaz, April 2016


28. It gives you the knowledge to help you create your own thing – whether that be a business or side project but more importantly it provides you with a community who support you, call you out and push you to do more. – Charlotte, April 2016


27. What are you waiting for. Do it! – Michelle, April 2016


26. The best bunch of likeminded go-getters I’ve met.Valentina, April 2016


25. I already have highly recommended to 2 friends. I would say it is an amazing course designed to support you in taking solid, practical steps towards starting your own business. At the same time you meet loads of interesting people with fascinating backgrounds and even more exciting futures. And have great fun along the way. It’s an immersive Start-Up experience 😉 – Caz, April 2016


24. It’s practical, action oriented and you will see tangible benefits, but more than that, it’s a mindset, community, holistic experience that will change your life if you make the most of it. You are accountable to yourself and everyone else in the tribe and if you commit to that, you will achieve more than you thought you were capable of. Dive in. – Stacey, April 2016


23. A journey of invaluable lessons to help you build a business, an unexpected self discovery and deeper understanding of you. A community experience that goes beyond your expectations if you are willing to lean in. 14 weeks of fun and inspiration. And getting shit done! – Charlotte, April 2016


22. Startup Tribe helps you learn about yourself, figure out your passions and the directions you can take them in, and gives you the tools to create a new working life. It’s full-on and requires dedication, but it’s also full-on love, support, fun and knowledge. Embrace the occasional emotional roller coaster and you’ll get more out of it than you’ll ever anticipate. – Amber, April 2016


21. It was a brilliant journey learning both about yourself, what you want and how to start up a business, part theory, part practical and you get to meet an amazing group of people. – Jamil, April 2016


20. I have told a few friends about the course. What I say is: it’s a great experience, it forces you to open your mind and it’s a brilliant opportunity to meet like-minded people. The content is really useful and you meet some amazing people and hear some amazing stories. It definitely gives you confidence to start something without needing to be Richard Bransons. – Lisa, April 2016


19. Do it. Immediately. – Kate, April 2016


18. Great course to get you moving on your startup journey. Andrew, April 2016


17. Incubator for germinating your ideas and giving you the platforms to launch and test them. – Yvonne, April 2016


16. I would say go for it. If you are committed to launching a startup it really helps with support and gets you thinking differently. – April 2016


15. A three month programme to coach you through your startup journey alongside like minded, super smart and sassy brain jammers.Flick, April 2016


14. This is a place that will teach you the ropes for building a startup, both from a tool and a mindset perspective. You will also meet great people with very different backgrounds. This program will be very useful if you are at an early stage on your start-up path, do not mistake it for an incubator or an accelerator. – Louis, April 2016


13. Just do it and change your life. – Uppili, April 2016


12. It’s hard to describe just how incredible it is. You’ll learn the basics on every aspect of a start up. All of the information isn’t what’s so incredible about the program- because the information can be found anywhere. It’s the community, support and action-oriented classrooms/weekends that get you out of your comfort zone that are unique and priceless. – Martica, April 2016


11. Will make you realise more of your potential…The world is changing, get involved. – Holly, April 2016


10. A place of solace for those who want a change in their work life, where you can be regenerated, inspired, respected, and nudged supportively towards a happier, more fulfilled (work) life. – Peter, April 2016


9. One of the best experiences I’ve had. It’s the perfect place to get guidance and motivation to achieve your entrepreneurial objectives and change the way your live and think about many things. It’s like a business development course but way better. It’s the right place to meet the right people, to go through all the business basics you know but in a more practical and realistic way and definitely it’s the place to change your mindset, get more confident about yourself and your skills and get 100% into the entrepreneurial mood/spirit. If you want to start your own business, you need to join! – Dayana, April 2016


8. If you feel you want to create change in your work or career do the Startup Tribe. Worst case it’ll shift the way you approach change and how you estimate what you’re capable of. Best case, in less than 3 months you’ve made the change you were looking for and find yourself in a community of likeminded people who are bound by sweat and snot and help each other off the ground and further.Sepideh, April 2016


7. DO IT – Fizzy, April 2016


6. It’s like summer camp, but for adults who are looking to do something different. – Dann, April 2016


5. If you are even vaguely considering setting up your own business then you must do this. It will provide you with all the tools, contacts and inspiration to get started. – James, April 2016


4. Be bold. Take this chance to work on your actual aspirations with an inspirational bunch of likeminded folks. And then don’t look back.Paul, December 2015


3. That if you are really ready to get moving on your own business, but don’t really know where to start – you will get fabulous tools and support here to do it. – Suzi, December 2015


2. If you want a total mindset shift outside of your corporate career, to think more creatively and believe in your capability to set up a business, then this is the course for you! Also super community to support you on this journey, and an opportunity to hear from real-life entrepreneurs. – Elaine, December 2015


1.For people who want to free the entrepreneur trapped inside them. – Anthony, December 2015

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