Curiosity got the better of me

Belinda’s story is a little different: she loved her job, it was something she fought hard to get and had gained a lot from. But a nagging little voice inside her head got louder and louder as the years went on. “Do it,” it said, “start your own thing.”

She knew that as long as she continued to ignore that voice, she’d never be entirely happy. 

It had been my dream job for as long as I could remember; managing the digital marketing at a live music promoter was one of those wonderful all-consuming jobs with incredible insights and moments of intense stress. But things began to feel stale. I could see how the next five, ten – even twenty years – were going to play out, and the certainty of the comfortable predictability that laid ahead scared the hell out of me.

I was stuck with two choices, both laden with fear: do I stay and live a life of predictability, repetition and boredom? Or do I go and leave everything behind that I had worked hard to achieve and all the financial security that came with it? Was I going to fall flat on my face just to look up and see everyone pointing, staring and laughing their heads off at me?

Thankfully, my curiosity got the better of me. I heard about the Tribes and next thing I knew I was building my startup alongside 50 others and handing in my resignation at work. It sort of just happened.

It was like, suddenly the possibility of change seemed real, accessible. The Tribe gave me the chance to delve into a journey of self-development with other like-minded people all in the same boat. It shifted my mindset in exactly the right way teaching me that no matter how many ‘how to’ guides or business books you read, conferences or webinars you attend, inspirational quotes you scroll through – no one else can validate you but you; the only person that needs to believe in you is you, and consistent action is the only thing that drives change.

Two years on…

Two years on and I’ve launched my own business consultancy called Cultural Agency Collective. I have managed to work on some amazing client projects, and have participated in the Social Starters Social Enterprise Consultant Immersion Programme in Brazil. I am a social enterprise supporter for a foundation called UnLtd, again working on incredible grassroots change-making projects. The current formation of my business is a culmination of all the activities that have made an imprint on me since leaving full-time employment.

It’s an incredible thing when you awaken to the reality that you are 100% responsible for designing your future – this is most motivating for me now. I used to find this same reality totally overwhelming, but now it’s actually comforting to know that the buck stops with me and I am the master of my fate.

I’m sure there will continue to be ups and downs, but I’m ready to ride the waves.


Belinda escaped a successful career in digital marketing to launch her own creative consultancy, Cultural Agency Collective.

You can find out more about her startup by visiting her website or by reaching out to her on Twitter.

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