No longer wasting my talents, my time or our planet’s resources

Lucy’s escape took her from the centre of planning events for law firms to skirting the edges of our planet for craft pieces that used natural resources to set up Crafty Nomad. It’s an escape made of exploring curiosities, rebuilding her confidence and multi-coloured flip flops. And like all good escapes, it’s a work in progress.

I was miserable. I’d been in my corporate role for five years and had been unhappy for at least that long – probably longer if I’m honest. I was frustrated, unfulfilled and trapped. I knew there was a life out there that was more than the one I was leading. More than anything, there was an itchiness inside me to use my passions and creativity, in ways I just didn’t have the freedom to do in my corporate job.

The funny thing was, I had tried to escape before. I had gotten a massage diploma, and quit my job to go travelling. But the fears inside my head kept me from ever being able to make a change I could commit to.

I was afraid. Worried about how I’d pay the bills or manage the debt I had from travelling. Different ideas bumped into each other in my head, and deep down inside I was terrified of what people like my friends, family and my partner would think.

One day, on a beach in the Philippines, I came up with the idea of Crafty Nomad – a platform for upcycled gifts from around the globe. I loved the idea of people all over the world using their natural resources and the waste of our planet to create something beautiful. I wanted to surround myself with these products and I had a feeling there was a market for it. The next day I signed up to the Startup Tribe.

In the first few sessions, I sat there just nodding in agreement to everything anyone said. I had this overwhelming urge to whoop… Finally, I was in a room with like-minded people who got me.

The damage of working in a toxic workplace hadn’t quite left me and it took time to realise how important my confidence was in setting up a business. The support and strength of being surrounded by positive people was powerful. I had found my Tribe.

Since finishing the Tribe I have handed in my notice, set up Crafty Nomad Ltd, arranged to feature in an exhibition brochure, and have a repeat order in the pipeline for corporate merchandise. The first batch were kind of a hit.

Instead of worrying about which idea to focus on, I am doing a bit of each; like giving massages at various Escape events, working part-time at an events company to cover the rent and bills, and phasing myself out of my corporate job to work on Crafty Nomad. I’m doing something I love, and I’m able to help promote the communities that produced them.

Fear is natural and it’s only by embracing it that we will progress. Perhaps the greatest challenge will always be pushing through the discomfort.


Lucy escaped events management to launch Crafty Nomad (a startup focused on up-cycling corporate merchandise) while freelancing as a massage therapist.

If you’re looking for seated chair massages at events or interested to hear more about Crafty Nomad, get in touch with her through her website.

If you’re curious about our Tribe programmes, click here to learn more.

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