Pippa's Escape story

Pippa escaped a career in wholesale import and export of luxury goods. Midway through the Escape Tribe in 2015, she quit her corporate job, and began exploring her love of food and sustainability. Since finishing the Tribe, she picked up part-time work in venue and events to fund her exploration, which allowed her to start testing different recipes on real people. Pippa recently co-launched her own supper club with another Triber called, Escape the Onion, which provides delicious catering using seasonal, and sustainable produce.

Here she shares with us how she’s found the journey so far…

Describe your life before you ‘escaped’? What were you doing professionally before you ‘escaped’?

I was a classic people pleaser, looking for approval and reward. I would put this before asking for what I wanted or needed. This meant I did not do/get what I wanted and ended up in roles that I was good at but didn’t enjoy. I worked myself to the bone, never switching off, but only enjoying the work about 5% of the time. I attempted an escape three times before but undervalued my self worth and was looking for approval so kept following the same pattern.

How were you feeling at this point in time?

Depressed, worthless and trapped. I couldn’t see a way out. It felt like with every attempt, the idea that I wasn’t worth a lot to anyone was reinforced. I never felt like I had the power to ask for what I wanted.

What main blockers were stopping you from making change before joining a Tribe?

Perceived financial issues. Fear that no one would give me the chance and that I’d end up back at square one.

Why did you decide to join a Tribe?

I was desperate to get help to pull me out of feeling worthless. Everyone (including me), was sick of hearing me talk about the misery. I wanted to act rather than slip further into the sludge. The idea of becoming part of a community rather than a one-on-one scenario seemed like the key.

What did the Tribe mean to you?

The biggest mindset shift came from having it pointed out that I didn’t have to (couldn’t) rely upon anyone else to make my ideal career happen. It had to come from me. I wasn’t going to get any promotion that would somehow empower me. I had to take control, choose to do what I wanted to do and make it happen myself. And the whole way I had this huge community backing me and I was backing their journey. It is an amazingly empowering thing to know you can take control.

From the Tribe experience, which learning has served you most going forwards?

Build in recovery time. Get cheeky and ask for things regardless of what you think the outcome might be. Allow yourself time to play as you’ve still got a hell of a long time to work ahead of you.

How are you feeling about yourself now?

I feel like I’m making progress. I feel really excited about what I can make happen with the projects I’m working on. I know something will work.

Check out Pippa’s personal website here, and Escape the Onion’s yummy Instagram feed.

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