Braving Career-Change: Episode #12: A Leap Of Faith

12 weeks ago we asked two brave souls from The Escape Tribe to join us in our first ever podcast series. We had no idea then what kind of change either of them would make – if they would make any at all. Today marks the close of the Tribe and our final episode of Tribe Tales: Braving Career-Change, and I am thrilled to say that both Jerome and Effie have made incredible transformations. (To subscribe to this podcast series on iTunes, click here.)

When Jerome joined the Tribe he was really stuck. He’d experienced unfulfilling career, after unfulfilling career for 20 years of his life but had no idea which direction would make him happier. In his application for the Tribe, Jerome told us that by the end of the experience he hoped he would have started to make real change in his career; have a clearer idea of what jobs or organisations he would be happier in; have a different view and perspective as to what career and work means to him, and have found inspiration from those in the same situation going through this process with him.

In Part 1 we find out whether or not any of this came true. Listen below:

When Effie joined the Tribe she was an exhausted lawyer, working 70-hour weeks, utterly consumed by her job. The only training she had was in law and she believed this was the only box she would be able to fit into. In her application for the Tribe, Effie told us that by the end of the experience she hoped she would have learned the values that matter most to her; would know her strengths as well as her weaknesses (using them to her advantage to develop a firm foundation for an exciting career change); that she would have found out who she really is; and would have started living a life she wants to lead.

In Part 2 we find out whether or not any of this came true. Listen below:

The Escape Tribe is a 3 month learning-by-doing community experience that helps people to find more direction and more meaningful careers. For more information and details on how to apply, click here.

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