Braving Entrepreneurship: Episode #11: Buzzing Connections

We’re so close to finishing the Tribes now that leaders Ben and Henry agreed it was time to slow it down and have some fun. So the Startup Tribe are off to Home Farm this evening- a beautiful glamping site just a tube ride away from central London. They are going to kick back, share some stories and just enjoy hanging out. Because of this, both Armin and Maria join me by phone. (To subscribe to this podcast series on iTunes, click here.)

In Part 1: thanks to all the AB testing Armin has been doing lately, he has built a very clear picture of his customer demographic, which is going to serve him well now that he is moving more into marketing Vitamin Buddy. Listen below:

In Part 2, Maria has taken the handbrake off. She has some big news to share with us that has really changed the game for her and her startup. Listen below:

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