Braving Entrepreneurship: Episode #8: Asking For Help

The startup community is far more generous and supportive than you might imagine. Those who have done well in their own startups have done so because they have been bold enough to use that community to ask for help and support when they need it. Which is why this week in The Startup Tribe we have allocated each accountability group their very own entrepreneurial guru to mentor them through to the end of the Tribe. (To subscribe to this podcast series on iTunes, click here.)

In Part 1, Armin surprises us with his very first prototype for Vitamin Buddy and shares the latest on how he is optimising AB testing on Facebook. Listen below:

In Part 2, Maria and I talk about the importance of being open and vulnerable as a form of storytelling – particularly when trying to get new customers on board with your product.

The Startup Tribe is a 3 month learning-by-doing community experience that helps people to start their own business. For more information and details on how to apply, click here.

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