The #1 lesson we’ve learned about changing careers

Hands down, the most honest lesson we’ve learnt at Escape the City is this: making a big transition is tough. Whether you’re thinking about changing careers or want to try your hand at starting a business, going it alone can be a lonely journey. It’s especially difficult when you’re surrounded by people who don’t get it.

When colleagues, friends and family don’t understand the discontent you’re experiencing inside or don’t understand why you want to do something different, it can make things worse. You might feel stupid for wanting something more. It might feel like you’re being ungrateful to want to leave “a good job.” With few people in your corner, you may feel even more confused or fearful than when you first started thinking about making a change.

Fortunately we’ve also learnt this: change is completely possible when you’re surrounded by the right people. It’s much more doable (and a lot more fun) with a group of likeminded souls. When you shift your community, you shift what you can achieve.

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This is the reason we’re launching two new Tribes in May 2016 at The Escape School (our HQ 100m from the Bank of England in London).

They are for professionals who want to “do something different” with their careers but feel stuck and are looking for support making a viable transition.

We have spoken to thousands of people on this journey. We’ve helped almost 500 people accelerate their journey through our Tribes programmes so far. Everything we have learned about career change and startups has gone into building these two programmes.

Both Tribes have max 50 people in them, run for 3 months, and are designed to be taken alongside a full-time job. They are based on principles, tactics and tools that work. They are both learning-by-doing community experiences that help you get over your fears and gain the confidence you need to get started. 

They’re the most powerful thing we’ve ever done.

The Escape Tribe helps you find direction and transition towards more fulfilling work.

The Startup Tribe helps to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey and launch the first version of your business.

For the first time ever, we’re going to share some of the most powerful lessons we’ve learned in Tribes so far. Lessons in how to get unstuck, pursue meaning, and build a career and business on your own terms. Lessons which include real Escape stories, tactics, tips, and tools that work.

Including Escape Tribe topics such as:

  • The psychology of stuckness: why we get stuck and how to get unstuck.
  • The 1-minute Strengths trick to shine light on what you’re great at.
  • The Tennis Ball Technique to help you uncover your curiosities and potential new directions for yourself.
  • How to create exciting opportunities for yourself (ones you won’t find on a jobs board).

And Startup Tribe lessons like:

  • How to identify the right business for you to start (and demystifying the entrepreneurial process).
  • How to quickly launch your business idea without spending any money.
  • Tips to build your personal Escape Fund and transition intelligently (including a template to help you plan and budget).


  • A peek inside Tribe life and what it’s like to be on a Tribe.
  • Why community is the secret sauce to any big transition or startup.
  • My own Escape story from IBM consultant to professional writer, traveler and Education Director at Escape the City.
  • And a lot more.

If you want to get these lessons (for free), please let me know here:

Sign me up: Lessons from the Tribe (it’s free)

If you have any questions at all, just shoot me an email. I’ll get back to you asap.

MattMuch love,

Matt Trinetti (@trinetti)
Education Director & Tribe Leader at Escape the City


escape-tribe-06-1The Escape Tribe is a 3 month learning-by-doing community experience that helps people to find direction and pursue more meaningful careers. More information here.

The Startup Tribe is a 3 month learning-by-doing introduction to entrepreneurship that helps people to start their own business. More information here.

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