Spoken by The Tribe: Shifting to a New World View.

Talking to a potential customer the other day, I realised how far I’d come – both practically and mentally – since the beginning of this journey. For me, it’s a quantum leap in understanding and progress. And I’m not alone. One Tribe member recently compared it to being in The Matrix – we can’t help but see everything differently now.

So what exactly – in barely two months – has made such shifts possible? Firstly, there’s the course content. Rich, anecdotal, humorous and seriously useful – it sticks with you. And you don’t even realise you’re learning until you emerge with a whole new list of ideas and things to do the following week. For me and many from the Tribe, the weekends are thick with little eureka moments. What’s more, Rob Fitzpatrick – one of the course leaders – is warm, approachable and genuine. You feel you can ask him any question (no matter how idiotic) and get an excellent answer.

Far from rigid, we’re encouraged to engage with the content and guide it in useful directions for the group. The less technical of us have even managed to get Rob to take us for an extra weekend of handholding through tech – a godsend for a technophobe like me. It’s this collaborative atmosphere that makes it such fertile ground for learning and progress. We’re all in it together – openness and this spirit of sharing are key to our joint success.


Which leads me on to the people. With Escape the City at the helm, this was bound to be filled with good people doing good things. Their generosity of spirit and dedication to empowering progress shines through everything they do. Our Tribe leader, Matt, the Startup Tribe team (and all those from ESC we care to pester) are always on hand to lend support. It’s the community that makes the practical stuff easier to execute and tangible progress possible. Whatever skills, tools and strategies we learn remain purely hypothetical if we don’t take any real world action.

It’s easy to get pumped up and inspired over a weekend or Wednesday evening, but what keeps you focused when you’re alone, faced with the scariest to–do list you’ve ever written?

Accountability is a huge motivator. Aside from the fact that you actually want to build something successful, when you’re surrounded by smart, talented and inspiring people it’s difficult to go back to them after a week away with zero to report. And of course, any progress you make just spurs you on to create more.

Then there’s the positive motivation of being inspired by other people’s development. It’s exciting to support each other through testing and feedback – Shannon McKeon’s Shea’s Kitchen was one particularly enjoyable example. Skills swapping, introductions to useful friends – you get all the benefits of being in a collaborative environment with a shared goal, inside and outside of the sessions.


Just over halfway through, I now see how clueless I was before starting this. I’ve learnt more about value in these last two months than I have on my own in the past year. Setting up and running a successful business – something I’d previously thought of as an arcane art – has been demystified.

But more than that – there’s this seismic shift in perception. I’ve started to see everything in a fresh light, to realise there’s an abundance of business possibility and opportunity out there.

I started off with one idea and one way of going about it, and I’ll emerge from this experience with the knowledge that there are countless ideas and many ways to approach them. It makes this whole startup journey a lot less terrifying.

And for me, that’s quite a revelation.

This is a guest post by Zita Moran, from our Startup Tribe. Zita escaped Responsible Investment to find more meaningful work. She is currently building a searchable directory of fitness classes and gyms in and around Clapham. You can visit her blog, Frisk Fitness here.

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