Spoken by The Tribe: The End of Part 1.

That’s it. Part One is over. So what happens next? We are now at the hinge. This is the moment where our thoughts start to become actions and we take active steps to putting into practice some of the hard worked introspection of the last 6 weeks.

At least that’s the plan. But as we all know, it’s all well and good to have a cunning plan, but in truth nothing ever goes as you quite expect it. And for some of us the thought of hustling, of leaving, of taking the journey still brings us feelings of terror, dread and the cold sweat of deep rooted fear.

What happens if the next six weeks goes wrong? Or even worse, what if the big bottle of courage that set you out this path feels like it’s run dry? That you are suddenly on your own facing a very steep wall with no ladder, no rope and no help, questioning your entire Escape?


Would it not be easier to go back into your shell and pull the blanket over your head?

I’m sure I’m not alone in joining the Tribe naively believing that at the end of 3 months I would have magically changed my life, changed my career and become a completely different and better version of myself.

Rob told us the story of the perfect yurt; the search for the perfect holiday destination. You think you’ve found perfection but are then faced with the disappointment that you can’t have it. It’s been double booked. So you continue searching and a different yurt becomes available. This is when the universe steps in. Serendipity happens. This yurt is owned by someone who has made their escape from the city, notices your email address and wants to talk to you about Escape. A completely random connection is made. All because the perfect yurt wasn’t available.

The perfect yurt is a fantastical beast. We all have in mind our perfect futures but who knows what will come out of the random connections we will make on our search. In the next 6 weeks we don’t know what will come up, but we do get to react and respond to it.

The serendipity of crossed paths. The journey into the unknown. I had envisioned this perfect future, this fantastical beast, without taking into account the random connections I would make in the process. I thought I was on the road alone. I’m not. I have fellow travellers…


We are a diverse group of people and we are all going at different paces, at different points in space and time. We are not all in the same place and there is the risk that some feel it is easier to go with the flow of the others rather than acknowledge that some of this really just hasn’t had time to settle yet. The wobble of judging yourself against others.

For some, the WHY is shouting loud and clear and they just want to get on with action. For others, it feels like an elusive unicorn, another fantastical beast. But as Rikke told us, some of the tools we have been given might not ‘clunk’ until years from now- and that’s ok.

So to next six weeks. One Triber wisely said to me, “We are at the halfway point, but not halfway to the end. We are halfway to the next step.”

Let’s Tribesource™ the way forward. Let’s build our own Discourse. We shared our blockers about demons, money, choosing a specific direction, quitting with integrity, the hustle. Over 8 large white sheets we post-it noted our blockers.

“I’m terrified because I feel like an imposter.”

“I have no time to focus on this at the moment.”

“I don’t want to live like a student again.”

“Should I stay or should I go?”

“Massively struggling on my Big A.”

“How can I start something if I have no direction?”

“I’m terrified of hustling as I feel like an imposter.”

After the catharsis of seeing your own struggles articulated by others, and sharing the blocker that quietly keeps you up at night or wakes you from a dream, we then came together to suggest thoughts and behaviours to overcome them.

“Treat it as an acting job.”

“Start small.”

“Test drive.”

“Beginner’s mindset.”

“You don’t need all the answers today.”


There are no easy answers to the demons that still face us all. But what has become apparent in the time that the Tribe has spent together is that we are not alone. We have all wobbled and we will all wobble again. Many, many times over. That wobble may feel like a very lonely, isolated place. That wall may seem insurmountable.

Dear Tribe, Look Up.

At the top of that wall is a hand. It is the hand of love, of friendship, of trust and mutual respect. If you are facing that wall, take a big deep breath and reach out.

We will pull you up.

This is a guest post from Escape Tribe member, Daisy. 

For more information on The Escape Tribe, visit here.

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