Pip & Nut Is Fully Funded!


It’s been just under two weeks since Pip & Nut fully funded on Crowdcube. And I’m now just coming down from what’s been a totally amazing few weeks.

Reaching that 100% mark in just eight days and then overfunding by another 20% in just 24 hours completely blew me away. Was I expecting the pitch to generate so much interest? Nope. Had I expected it to fund so quickly? Absolutely not. Did I go out and celebrate with copious amounts of fizz when the pitch closed in just 9 days? Absolutely!


Pip & Nut raised £100k in just 8 days on Crowdcube

Pip & Nut raised £100k in just 8 days on Crowdcube


Now, don’t get me wrong, I was confident about the business and the opportunity that it held for investors but I think there is always that niggle of self doubt that lurks at the back of your mind. For me, I was afraid of the public failure of not funding the business and worried about what my plan B would be if I didn’t hit 100%. And, to be honest, that anxiety really didn’t shift until around the 80% mark once the investment started flooding in and I was pretty certain I’d complete the round.

I think generally as creatures of habit we are always going to err on the side of caution and sometimes pay too much attention to those negative voices but when starting something up, whether that be a new job or business venture, it’s vital to push yourself to do things that make you feel a bit uncomfortable because only by trying something and putting yourself out there can you really change your circumstances. Certainly you can coast and avoid taking those risks but it also means missing out on those incredible highs that you experience when something you’ve worked so hard on finally takes off. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so elated as I was when Pip & Nut funded and it’s completely overshadowed all those darker moments which I had gone through to get to where I am today.

The moment Pip & Nut funded. Yipppee!

The moment Pip & Nut funded. Yipppee!

Now that the dust has finally settled, what’s next?

What’s weird now is to have all those doors which just a month ago were firmly closed instantly open up.

At the moment I’m busily placing orders with suppliers to get packaging made and printed in time for the first production run. Full factory product recipe trials are scheduled in a couple of weeks. Confirming orders with customers as well as going out to get more. Reserving spaces at upcoming trade fairs. Planning marketing activities for launch and beyond. Even recruiting someone to work with me from December. And sadly, but inevitably, looking at office space for my departure from the Escape HQ.

Anyway before signing off I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Crowdcube, in particular Paul and Alexis, who did an awesome job of walking me through all the prep required to get the pitch live, from all the due diligence to cap tables and more, I learnt a lot! Thanks to Escape team for sharing their experience and tips from their fundraise, as well as being really supportive throughout the whole process and in some cases investing. And last, but by no means least, a big high five to everyone that invested to make Pip & Nut a reality. I’m really looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

News from outside the shed (and inside Escape the City HQ)

Since I last wrote on the blog the Escape School has been totally transformed and opened with a bang with a launch event that was filled with some amazing events, interesting people and yummy food. In fact I’d like to do a personal shout out to the alcoholic cupcakes made by Sweet Hangovers – WOW they were super tasty. I’ve started to feel a little chill in the shed as the nights draw in. And the Escape Team all found out what personality types they were. The office is filled with a nice mix of Enthusiasts, Loyalists, Peacemakers and Achievers – I’m in good company it seems!


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