Shed Tour: Small But Perfectly Formed

Escape the city shed with Pippa

I’ve had some requests asking to see inside the shed. So I thought I’d do a little video tour of my new home. Needless to say this isn’t going to take long but I’ll do my best to capture the space in all it’s glory.


Small, yet perfectly formed, right?

This got me thinking that I probably needed to do a little bit of home decorating to make it a tad more homey.  A quick Google for inspiration and it turns out that I’m not alone in my rather compact / strange living situation.  There are lots of people downsizing and taking up residence in more humble abodes or even more crazy arrangements like these treehouses; all of them showing just how much you can do a lot with a little amount of space.

In fact when it came to moving into the shed it was actually pretty gratifying being forced to de-clutter my life; as you’ve seen there isn’t a whole lot of space to work with so I needed to streamline!

And so when I got down to packing up my belongings what amazed me is just how much stuff I had acquired without even trying most of which I found I never used.  So culling all that unnecessary stuff was in actual fact incredibly cleansing.

But having said all that whilst getting rid of all my junk felt great mentally I’m also conscious of how spaces have a real impact on your mood and general outlook. It always make me think back to when I used to play Sims (I was addicted when I was younger) and how their ‘mood bar’ would go up and down when walking in and out of different rooms; sometimes slipping dangerously into the red when things were truly depressing.

So, whilst the shed is small, and pretty cosy already, I think there are some renovations to be had to make the shed a little less of shed and little more like a cabin. Perhaps putting up some more pictures, a lick of paint maybe, or a few more potted plants to keep my ‘mood bar’ in the green.

Ultimately though keeping positive is so important when launching a start-up. You experience some serious highs and lows whilst on the journey so anything you can do keep spirits high to keep things moving in the right direction. So whether that’s Feng Shui-ing your room, putting a plant on your desk or in my case decorating the shed.

If you’ve got any suggestions of ways to spruce up the shed I’d love to hear them. Drop me an e-mail: or tweet me @pipandnut.

News from outside the shed (and inside Escape the City HQ)

Dom and Mikey (and some friends) bought a boat, well a dinghy really, got very excited, pumped it up and it’s now waiting for it’s first outing on the river. The Esc team went to Secret Cinema and dressed up in 1950s attire a la Back to the Future. I cooked my first team lunch, it was a stunning caramelised onion and goats cheese tart. And we all enjoyed the sun out in the back garden.

Until next time.

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