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When we first proposed the idea at the start of this year of launching a crew of volunteers who would help to host events, we had no idea that it would evolve into the tight group of six that it is today.

One has left his job and is now learning to code full-time. One has left his job at a recruitment firm and is planning a global adventure later in the year. The others remain in their City jobs and still moonlight with us from time to time.

The team has been led by the wonderful Leah Cox, a bright spark whose bubbly voice and smiling face often opens the start of events.

And now, we’re searching for some fresh faces to join the team.

Just to rewind: at the Escape School, we run a number of fun and inspiring evening events featuring top speakers and panelists talking about career change, startups, and adventure (see the full menu here).

Each quarter, we select a group of 8 volunteer members to form the Escape Events Hosting Team. We will be recruiting our summer intake (July – September) during the first week of July.

Joining the Hosting Team means that you become part of our weekly events, which typically run from 6:30pm – 9pm near Bank. You mix and mingle with Escape members, help to get the space ready, and make the speaker feel welcome.

Additionally (or alternatively) – you might like to join our Blogging Team. This is a group of aspiring writers who write the “Notes from Last Night” blog post about the event (with a byline linking back to your own personal blog or URL).

We like to keep things relaxed but professional. Joining the team means committing to one or two evenings each week for the three-month period, although we understand that sometimes things change beyond your control. You get to choose which events you’d like to come to.

For any questions, just email Do fill in the form here by July 2nd if you’re interested and we’ll invite you along to a tester event in early July so that you can meet everyone else at the Escape School.

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