Our Team Manifesto

20 things we believe…

1. We believe that the best way to get results is if you give good people exciting problems and a licence to solve them creatively, on their own terms.

2. We believe happy people do the best work. We want Esc to be a really fun and rewarding place to work. In a real sense. Not a corporate sense.

3. We believe that we will be successful if everyone in the team is genuinely excited about our mission and feels responsible for our success.

4. We believe in working smart. Put all your meetings on one day. Answer emails twice a day. Plan your own week and be clever about it.

5. We believe face-time is ridiculous. Obviously there are times when we need to work together (Monday meetings) but otherwise work flexibly, remotely.

6. We believe that if it’s clear what everyone is on point to deliver (and by when) it’s up to them how and where and when they work.

7. We believe in delivering incredible customer service. Customer service that doesn’t scale. See negative feedback as an opportunity to impress.

8. We believe that speed is a competitive advantage. When we get back to people within hours not days it really changes their perception of us.

9. We believe in building a purple cow, a business that is remarkable. Literally worth remarking on. Not just our mission but in terms of how we operate.

10. We believe in transparency. Being open, human and honest will differentiate us from most businesses out there. It’s also more fun to behave this way.

11. We believe that we will succeed not only if our service is recognised as being exciting but also if the way we operate is seen as innovative and effective.

12. We believe that you should start small, try things, test, launch quickly, and react fast. Launch, test, improve, launch, test, improve.

13. We believe that the best way to spread the word about Esc is to share and spread our story to people we meet. We are all responsible for this.

14. We believe we should say no (inside and outside the team) more often than we say yes. Saying no more allows us to really deliver when we say yes.

15. We believe in doing the right thing. We all make hundreds of decisions a week – try and make the ones your mum would be proud of. Do good.

16. We believe in being brave. Esc stands for something, not everyone will agree with our philosophy. Be brave, have a point of view. Back ourselves.

17. We believe in being real people. Lets not hide behind professional masks, corporate speak, and info@ email addresses. Let’s be ourselves.

18. We believe in enjoying the journey and celebrating the small milestones. The process of building the company is fun in itself. A marathon not a sprint!

19. We believe in helping. The best businesses solve problems. Let’s help people even if it doesn’t directly benefit us. If they’re trying to escape, let’s help.

20. We believe that it’s all well and good to have a manifesto, but it’s up to the people in the team to work out what we really believe and how best to work.

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What is Escape the City all about then?

Frustrated by climbing the corporate ladder, we decided to build a community to help people build meaningful careers doing work that matters – to them and to the world. We help talented people find fulfilling work by making big career changes, building businesses, & going on big adventures. We’d love you to come with us on this journey.

How do you get involved?

1. Job Seeker? Create an Escape Profile to get matched to exciting jobs.

2. Aspiring Career Changer / Entrepreneur? If you’re in London, come and see us at The Escape School.

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