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Meet the Shed Finalists

After 3,026 votes we have selected our favourite finalists. We initially wanted to select just 3 but ideas and stories behind the people were all so good we’ve decided to meet the top 7. The winner will be announced in early June. A big thank you to the community for showing your interest and support for the shed shortlist.

The finalists:


Selina & Emma: 651 likes (22% of the likes)


Charlie: 622 ‘likes’ (21% of all votes)


Pippa: 536 ‘likes’ (18% of all votes)


Megan & Michael: 378 ‘likes’ (12% of all votes)


Harry: 320 ‘likes’ (11% of all votes)


Rebecca: 120 ‘likes’ (4% of all votes)


10250315_10152332580648190_3533977378633939854_nNatalie: 111 ‘likes’ (4% of all votes)