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shed lifeI loved reading about the recent opportunity ‘Escape to the Shed’…… it reminded me about our escape to the shed five years ago.  I can’t recommend this highly enough, shed life is the place where dreams can become reality and the simple life IS the best there can be.

Sam and I had a vision for a business which bought all our passions together. Something we could see ourselves doing for a long time and a business which would have a strong environmental and ethical ethos – based around a community of people coming together to dream big!


How on earth can anyone these days take the jump from paid work to a season of no pay or little pay, whilst you create, innovate and dream? Unless you have a stash of cash hidden away, it can be really tough.

We had such a burning desire to go for our dream, we looked at any and every way we could make this happen.

I had an idea….

Newspaper clip BivMy parents had a garden shed which wasn’t used very much. It was a bit bigger than the average shed, measuring  5M X 8M. We put it to them that we would convert this space into a little home for us (including a 9 month old baby Martha).

They agreed!

We became experts at designing small spaces in the two years we were there. Adapting the space for each stage of family life, including another little baby, Elsie. We rented out our family home and lived with only the things we needed for daily life. We learnt to live on a tiny budget and our main focus and drive was building our dream business.

The business was launched in 2012 after three years of effort, sacrifice and adventure.

The Bivouac, North Yorkshire was the business we built…

It was a dream come true.

In its first year we won 7 awards and the business was a success. All the hard work, the sacrifice, the effort – had paid off. The business has now been handed over to the landowners to run and manage and we are onto the next adventure….

We looked hard for another shed as our old shed had been sold with a house move. We believe we have found that shed in an affordable Lincolnshire farm house and we are dreaming big once more.

As part of our new business venture we hope to build affordable space that others can enjoy whilst they create their dream business …. We are working with people to help them discover their dream job and lifestyle.

So watch this space.

Shed life will always be a place we return to in our hearts regularly, and one which we will be forever grateful for.

Have you got a shed you can offer someone? Do you know what you’d create in one if you were offered it?

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What is Escape the City all about then?

Frustrated by climbing the corporate ladder, we decided to build a community to help people build meaningful careers doing work that matters – to them and to the world. We help talented people find unfulfilling work by making big career changes, building businesses, & going on big adventures. We’d love you to come with us on this journey.

How do you get involved?

1. Job Seeker? Create an Escape Profile to get matched to exciting jobs.

2. Aspiring Career Changer / Entrepreneur? If you’re in London, come and see us at The Escape School.

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