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Escape the City aims to connect smart, talented, ambitious professionals with new opportunities at genuinely exciting organisations. But how to define “exciting organisation”?

Introducing “21st Century Employers”

21st Century Employers is our new campaign to spotlight the kinds of organisations worth working for in the 21st century – it’s about social impact, entrepreneurialism and exciting, progressive brands.

Here we are in the second decade of the 21st Century – faced with massive challenges and even bigger opportunities. The employers of the future are building organisations to meet these challenges.

In this series we are going to celebrate the startups, SMEs, social enterprises, NGOs, charities and corporates (yes them too) building progressive organisations with innovative ways to solve problems, consciously adding sustainable value to the world (through impact, profits & jobs).

Our objective with this campaign is to celebrate employers doing things differently. We hope that by showcasing these organisations (and their jobs) we’ll provide you with the inspiration and tangible information to make a viable career transition to work that matters to you.

21st Century Employer #3 – GO Mammoth

Employer: GO Mammoth Mission: to remind people of the value of playing sport, meeting people and socialising – in short, to make life more fun. Location: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff and Reading (and expanding) – UK.

GO Mammoth CEO and founder Luke Mohr is clear on his org’s goal: to become the single largest offline activity and social club in the UK and beyond. What’s driving that objective? Put simply, it’s to make life more fun. “We want to remind people that true fulfilment doesn’t come from sitting watching reality TV or surfing Facebook every evening,” he says, “but rather from getting out into the real world and meeting people; playing sport and drinking with them.” This, he reckons, is what people are missing out on.


The ‘fun-factor’ is reflected in GO Mammoth’s values (“have fun, create fun!”) and through its social-focused activities, GO Mammoth gives people the opportunity to live this sentiment. With around 8,000 active weekly members across operations in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Reading and London, GO Mammoth is the largest provider of after-work and weekend sports leagues in the UK. Mohr characterises it as a “revolution of fun” and says that the org is railing against idleness among people who just move from screen to screen and don’t get out into the ‘real world’.

Annoyed by what he perceived as a correlation between an increased prominence of technology and the death of “old-fashioned social skills”, Mohr started GO Mammoth in mid-2010. And spurred on by a desire to help tackle the growing obesity epidemic, he has steered the company as it has gone from strength-to-strength.

Almost four years on, as well as being the UK’s largest sports’ league provider, GO Mammoth is also offering a host of after-work fitness classes. And as the GO Mammoth team continues to tackle inactivity among millenials, expansion pushes ahead as the programme of co-ed and single sex team sports leagues and fitness classes continues to be rolled out in new cities. GO Mammoth now caters for 10 different team sports (from the likes of netball and football to ultimate frisbee and dodgeball) and 6 fitness classes, with more in the pipeline.

As well as being anti-inactivity, GO Mammoth is also anti-antisocial (so that’s social then!). The other side to the venture is promoting social interaction amongst members through drinks events, costume parties and a range of other socials. As the geographic reach of the leagues grow, this is an aspect that Mohr fully intends to focus on.


Front and centre for GO Mammoth are its relationships with its employees, who buy into the product and believe in what they are working on – they compete in the GO Mammoth leagues and work out at their fitness classes. The emphasis in the office is true to the company’s values – it’s all about fun and having a good time. As a group, they’ve done two office Tough Mudders (also a 21CE – have a look below) and 2.8 hours later, and as Mohr says, “we try to enjoy the journey as much as possible and not take ourselves too seriously.”

And what’s the best thing about working at GO Mammoth?

“We truly believe in the product that we’re providing – there aren’t many comparable products that deliver such real positive impacts to our population’s mental and physical health.” And what about tangible impact? “Each employee has a real measurable effect on how quickly the club grows.” So GO Mammoth’s employees feel a sense of pride and ownership about the work that they do. Plus they love sport, and they love socialising. And just like their employer, they love lofty aspirations. In the worlds of GO Mammoth, “Go Mammoth or go home!”

Our verdict?

At Escape the City, we’re completely on-board with active and sociable lifestyles, and fully buy into GO Mammoth’s philosophy of combatting obesity and antisocial habits. The passion with which GO Mammoth pushes all of this is infectious. These guys have pinpointed values that they really believe in, and have focused on helping others to live these values. And as we’re seeing with the org’s fast-paced growth, their drive is leading to real social impact. You can’t argue with a job where the thing that you work on is the thing that makes you tick – so what’s not to like?

Check out their employment page here: http://www.gomammoth.co.uk/all-about-us/employment

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