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Introducing “21st Century Employers”

“21st Century Employers” is our new campaign to spotlight the kinds of organisations you’d like to work for. Here we are in the second decade of the 21st Century – faced with massive challenges and even bigger opportunities. The employers of the future are building organisations to meet these challenges.

In this series we are going to celebrate the startups, SMEs, social enterprises, NGOs, charities and corporates (yes them too) building progressive organisations with innovative ways to solve problems, consciously adding sustainable value to the world (through impact, profits & jobs).

Our objective with this campaign is to celebrate employers doing things differently. We hope that by showcasing these organisations (and their jobs) we’ll provide you with the inspiration and tangible information to make a viable career transition to work that matters to you.

21st Century Employer #1 – GSMA Mobile for Development

Headquartered in London with offices in Asia, North and South America, Africa and Europe, the GSMA is the global association for the mobile telecoms industry.

GSMA Mobile for Development is an entrepreneurial group dedicated to leveraging mobile technology for good in the developing world.

GSMA Mobile for Development brings together mobile operators and the development community to drive commercial mobile services for underserved people in emerging markets.

They identify opportunities for social, economic and environmental impact and stimulate the development of scalable, life-enhancing mobile services.

Mobile is the predominant infrastructure in emerging markets. They believe it is a transformative technology for enabling them to put relevant, impactful services into the hands of underserved people.

Since the creation of GSMA Mobile for Development they have partnered with 50 mobile operators, rolling out 104 initiatives, impacting tens of millions of people across 49 countries.

Some of their programmes include Mobile Money For The Unbanked, Green Power For Mobile, MWomen, MHealth, Mobile For Employment and Disaster Response.  You can read about them here.

Career Opportunities

GSMA has a huge variety of roles across Technical, Product Management, Programme Management, Data, Customer Insights, Advocacy and Strategy.

Two roles that GSMA Mobile for Development are currently offering to Escape the City members are:

  1. Project Manager – Exciting opportunity for an exceptional project manager, passionate about using mobile technologies to drive social and economic development
  2. Community Insights Manager – Seeking a dynamic and ambitious individual with superb analytical skills and a passion for social and economic development.

Our verdict?

Awesome organisation at the juncture of social development and commercial opportunity. A glimpse of the kind of progressive value that for-profit organisations can create (or associations representing for-profit companies). Really interesting challenges for professionals from the mobile / telecoms industries as well as the development / social impact sectors.

[Which organisations would you love to work for? Who would you like us to profile? Who deserves celebrating as a progressive organisation doing things differently? Comment below to us know.]

[View the 21st Century Employers directory here.]


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