Over the past week we have launched some big updates to our main site.

The objective of this post is to talk you through what has changed – and why – so you can continue to get the most out of your Escape the City account.

Over the coming months the site will continue to change (for the better!) – we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop as to how this affects you and how you can benefit from the future changes and improvements.

As always, if you have any suggestions, questions or feedback please have a read, scroll to the bottom, and just let us know.

Home Page

Home Page – The first thing to note is that the Home Page page has had a complete facelift (you have to be logged-out to see it). We are aiming to do a better job of explaining ‘who we are’, ‘what we do’ and success stories. The same is true for our Employer Zone (the pages that sell Esc to exciting organisations).

Overall Site Layout

Logged Out View – By clicking various links from the home page you can also access a logged-out version of the site which shows a list of all our opportunities (including expired ones) as well as our directory of exciting employers and our hall of fame of success stories (people who have escaped through us).

Main Site Layout – The design fans amongst you will notice we have cleaned up our header and simplified the options at the top. Hitting the “Need Inspiration?” link in the top right corner shows a panel routing you to all the different ways in which our site and community can help you.

Jobs and Opportunities

Opportunity Searching – The search fields on the left hand-side of the Opportunities Index have also been updated. You now have Free Text Search on the entire opportunities list. You can also search on all the other tags, using the tick-boxes to continually narrow down your search.

Filtering – In the top-right corner of the opportunities list you can change the sort order from “By date” to “Most popular” and you can also “Reset Your Search” there.

Live / Expired – Also on the left-hand side bar you can toggle between “live” and “live and expired”. Our reasoning for this is to provide you with a reference library of the kinds of jobs that are out there – even if they’re not currently live. Obviously if you are actively hunting for a new role you will want to only view the live opportunities (this is the default view for this page).

Saved Content – Previously your “Saved Jobs” and “Followed Employers” were in the tabs next to Opportunities and Employers (immediately above the list of jobs). As these are related to your personal escape these now live in the drop-down in the top right corner of the screen along with your profile and account settings.

Your Escape Profile

Your Escape Profile is at the heart of what we are building. To get the most out of Escape, make sure you have this completed.  As we build out our service this profile will drive all your incoming opportunity matches and approaches from employers.

Everyone’s escape is different. One person’s dream opportunity is “just another job” to the next person. You can now use your profile to ensure we can match you with the right opportunities – leaving you in total control as to which to pursue and which to ignore.

The Community

The Community Zone – The Community Zone stays the same and can be accessed directly from the black menu bar at the top of the site. Within this section you can view and answer other peoples’ Questions as well as ask your own.

Escape Stories – Our list of 1,000 Escape Stories also lives in the Community Zone (these interviews are full of inspiration and advice from people who have already made the leap). You can write your own via the Escape Story link in the Community Zone too.

Your Community Profile –  Your Community Profile lives in the Community Zone. Within your community profile you can still access your Community Introduction as well as your list of Aspirations (your career goals) and access your Community Inbox.

The Escape School

The Escape School now has its very own micro-site dedicated to the production of world-class guides, essays, courses, and events on the over-arching escape topics of career change, entrepreneurialism and adventure.

Your thoughts…?

We’re building this platform and community for you, it will only be successful as long as it really works for you… If you have any suggestions or questions – at any time – please comment below, tweet us @escthecity, or use the blue “We Love Feedback” tab on the main site.

Speaking of which… here is the link to the main site if you want to head back there.

Thanks for taking the time to read through our latest site news – have a great day.

Rob, Dom, Mikey, Stefan, Lucy, Louisa, Adele, Matt, and Chris

[aka The Escape Team]


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