We recently received this poem from an Escape the City member. He wrote it whilst sitting in an all-day corporate client workshop.

He is trying to plan his escape into writing children’s books. Do you have any experience writing / publishing children’s books? Would you be willing to share some time and advice? He and we would massively appreciate it!

If so please email mikey@escapethecity.org and we’ll put you in touch.

“Bored and Driven”

Whilst sitting here I wonder why,
Another day has passed my by,
Business waffle, corporate speak,

Makes my will and focus weak,
I drift away, attention gone,
Considering where I went wrong,
Thinking through my options too,
Knowing what I want to do,

I’ve got ideas, I’ve got a plan [of sorts!],
Jotting concepts where I can,
Am passed the point of no return,
A likely chance I’ll crash and burn,

My drive is strong, I won’t concede,
Determined now, a stronger breed,
I’ll look back upon this rhyme one day,
Escaped the City? I hope and pray…..


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