Do Cool Sh*t

We loved learning about Miki Agrawal – a former investment banker at Deutsche Bank. She also conceptualized and opened WILD (formerly SLICE) — a healthy, organic pizza shop offering gluten-free and vegan options — in New York City on a shoestring budget. 

She went on to co-found THINX with her twin sister, Radha. THINX is sexy, stain-resistant, micro-organism fighting underwear designed for “that time of month.” For every pair of underwear sold, the company funds seven reusable cloth pads for girls in the developing world.

She also wrote Do Cool Sh*tcheck it out.

She has some great advice:

“You are as good as the five closest friends you keep,” as the saying goes. If the people you spend the most time with inspire you to create, you will create. If they get drunk on weekends watching football, you will do the same and it will leave you uninspired, with nothing to show for your time. If they constantly put down your ideas, it’s time to move on in the matrix of your life. Once you eliminate negative, uninspiring friends, colleagues, and intimate relationships, you will have the room to invite in the people who will inspire you to build the life you want.

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