To see things clearly

How do I quit? Is quitting a smart option? Do I even want to quit? What would my parents say? Who would I be without this job? What should I do next? What am I even doing with my life at the moment? Where do I go from here? What am I searching for? 

I often speak to members who are stumbling to settle on the ‘right’ answer. Perhaps a more realistic hope is a stronger ability to see things more clearly.

The older I get, the more I appreciate that there are certain things you can only see in hindsight. The best you can do in the present moment is to refine and repair the lenses that block you from seeing things as they are, as opposed to how you want them to be.

As James Altucher puts it here:

“I look back at where I have failed, where I have caused too much drama: with money, with relationships, with family, with friendships, with business partners. Each year I think I build a better and better bullshit detector, so I can avoid these situations. But each year I find more ways that my bullshit detector needs to be tweaked.”

“The best bullshit detector is silence. It’s accepting what you have, what you have chosen to have, this very moment, because you wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t chosen every step along the way. If you stop responding to the fleeting misery that surrounds us, stop fighting it, debating it, regretting it, analyzing it, arguing with it, and instead listen to the permanent empty spaces that lie in between, you’ll find the real love you were looking for. It’s everything you hoped it would be.”

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