Meet James - Esc investor, marketing escapee, artisan food entrepreneur!

[Note from Rob: Building a business is hard. Sometimes you forget what drove you to start it in the first place. Hearing from James reminded me exactly why we’re building Escape the City. The guys met via a ‘connection’ posted on our site… and now they’re launching Epicora together. Please go sign up to their newsletter and buy one of their foodie boxes when they launch!]

Over to James and the story of Esc and Epicora

I slowly worked my way up the corporate ladder over the past 15 years,  and built a successful career in marketing strategy and data.  Despite this I suffered itchy feet syndrome for years, and had long harboured ambitions to start my own business.  I did a good job of burying my desire to break out of corporate life for a number of years, but to no avail – the urge grew stronger and stronger and I knew I had to face up to reality.  My first port of call was to establish whether I had gone mad, after all I was surrounded by people who seemingly didn’t appear to share my jaded view of corporate existence.

Then during a late night trawl of the Internet I chanced upon Escape the City and I had my light bulb moment.  There were lots of others just like me, and many were doing amazing things with their lives, and building great start ups.

So I bit the bullet and posted a rather woolly worded connection on the site asking if there was anyone else out there like me who fancied setting something up. It was literally that straightforward. At the time I had an idea to set up a business helping start ups establish themselves.  I had a good few replies, but one stood out from a chap called Simon Dunn.

It turned out we had worked in a similar industry (retail) and were at similar points in our lives – both of us knew it was time to work for ourselves, both had families to support, and had complementary skill sets.  We also discovered a shared passion for food and retail – and it was from here that the seed for our start up was sown.

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8 months later we are just about to launch an exciting venture (check out our interim site while we build the main platform). Epicora is a unique online retailer, which brings customers the best artisan food made by small Producers and start ups.  We make this available through a dynamic food hall, artisan food boxes, and a showcase where we champion really special start ups and Producers.

Epicora helps foodies get their hands on great produce that can be hard to find (certainly not in a supermarket), but also helps small Producers meet their customers and develop their businesses.  Epicora will also bring Foodies and Producers together through a Forum, so that they can mingle and discuss all things artisan!

If it hadn’t been for that late night discovery of Esc, then we wouldn’t be where we are now.  It is an incredible way for like minded people to meet – and to borrow Esc’s mantra – do something different!




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