Technical Co-Founders Seek Entrepreneur

Today, the team at Makeshift, a multi-product startup based in London, are launching http://win.bitsy.io/. Can you guess what it is?

That’s right! Makeshift are giving one ambitious entrepreneur the opportunity to join their team as an equal co-founder of Bitsy, the company’s peer-to-peer platform that allows you to sell anything digital.

Who They’re Looking For

An experienced entrepreneur who can define and execute a new, focused vision for Bitsy and move the product into a market you know inside out?—?audiobooks, 3D shapes, lesson plans… whatever industry you love most.

What They’re Offering

  • Become an equal co-founder of Bitsy with the Makeshift leadership team

  • Receive dev and design time from Makeshift hackers to move Bitsy into the market you understand best

  • Receive mentoring and support from the Makeshift network to raise investment for the newly focused product

  • A subsistence salary to keep you going for three months Additional funding for marketing and other costs

  • All shortlisted candidates will also receive a free Business Fundamentals class at General Assembly to help you translate your vision into an actionable business strategy.


The team at Makeshift had a go, but realised that Bitsy needs more focus and market experience than they have in their current team — hence this opportunity. Bitsy was their first product and they built Bitsy to a very high standard (2+ months of full time high quality design and dev). “We love the concept and we want to see if someone better than us can make a bigger success out of the work we’ve done to date,” says Nick Marsh, one of the company’s three co-founders.

Ready to join their team as CEO of an awesome tech startup?

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